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24th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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The course on AGE problems in English is available in the following link.
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check this link
sir 11 august k bad ki pdf share kar do
  1. Tilting at windmills The Hindu Donald Trump's trade war ignores the complexity of world supply chains and glosses over issues within U.S. industry UBHODEEP

  2. Trump's simplistic world-view, slapping tariffs on the U.S.'s main trading partners - Canada, China, the European Union, and Mexico will reduce U.S. trade deficits, bring back well-paying manufacturing jobs, and make America great again This has such populist appeal-some 73% of Republican voters support the tariffs according to a PEW Research Center poll support the to a PEW Research Ceter With China Since China, for instance, exported some $505 billion worth of goods to the U.S. last year but imported only $130 billion, Mr. Trump assumes that China could not match the escalation in tariffs since it has a weaker hand. S. UBHODEEP

  3. This approach simply ignores the complexity of global supply chains. It also glosses over underlying problems with the U.S. industrial structure. These changes, rather than globalisation, are responsible for the stagnation of average U.S. wages in real terms for almost 40 years Non-Chinese owned companies account for almost 60% of Chinese exports to the U.S Much of this consists of very specialised parts required by U.S. factories to make a variety of products ranging from out-board motors for boats to computer routers. UBHODEEP

  4. Since these non-Chinese companies cannot easily relocate their operations to other countries, the net result is that the burden of the tariffs will be felt by consumers in the U.S The Trump administration's imposition of a 20% tax on washing machines in February led to its price going up in U.S. stores by 16.4%. U.S. imports from China also include products which contain parts made in other countries. The Peterson Institute for International Economics estimates that 87% of mputers and electronics, which constitute the largest share of Chinese exports to the U.S., includes parts and financing from other countries like South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. itself. S. UBHODEEP

  5. According to Professor Mary Lovely of Syracuse University, U.S. merchandise exports from China account for only 3% of Chinese manufacturing revenue. And the impact of tariffs on a potential reduction of these exports is further diminished by a 7% fall in the value of the Chinese currency. Beijing also has more than $1 trillion in foreign currency reserves to cushion the brunt of a trade war with Washington. China By raising duties on soybeans and pork, it has struck at Mr Trump's key constituencies of support in the U.S. midwest. Instead, these tariffs by raising the cost of production compelled U.S companies to reduce employment! UBHODEEP

  6. When computers and numerically controlled machines are progressively inducted into production, constant upgrading of labour skills is vital to preserve well-paying jobs. Washington has made no systematic effort to upgrade skills UBHODEEP

  7. Geography NCERT Geography NCERT The Earth: Our Habitat MAINS ANSWER WRITING Our Environment For IAS / UPSC Class-7 Class 6 By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class7 (Hindi) NCERT Geography - Class 6 (Hindi) GS Answer Writing Practice for UPSC and IAS.. Specturm Beek World Straits Geography Optiona HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Chapter 2 argrted Students UPSC/IAS State PCS MODERN INDIA Models, Theories and Laws UPSC /I 5sc State in Human Geography By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) Major Straits of World By Subhodeep Das Religious & Social Reform Movements Modern Indian History... (Hindi) Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UBHODEEP