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12th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Article 371A {Special provision with respect to the State of Nagaland}

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  4. Article 35A Article 35A li Critics of Article 35A forget that it was introduced to bring J&K closer to India, not tear it further apart S. UBHODEEP

  5. The Supreme Court is asked to declare it void for violation of "the basic structure of the Constitution". Article 35-A was inserted into the Constitution in 1954 by a presidential order made under Article 370 on J&K's autonomy The controversial Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1947 which brought the State into the Union of India gave New Delhi control only over Kashmir's defence, foreign policy and communications On all other matters, the State government retained powers. UBHODEEP

  6. For Article affords Jammu and Kashmir undue powers, particularly by preventing non-State residents to own land in the State. Government jobs Government schools and institutions Vote in Panchayats Loosing property rights (Women) UBHODEEP

  7. Against The threat to Article 35-A poses an existential threat to J&K. This right of occupancy is hereditary; but it is not alienable either by sale or mortgage." It would be "dangerous" not to impose this curb In 1922, the princely state's council of ministers imposed curbs on employment of outsiders in administration, as well as "all grants of land for agricultural and house-building purpose and grant of houses and other state property shall be made to state subjects only". A notification in April 1927 defined them S. UBHODEEP

  8. Larger Picture The Article was introduced in May 1954 as part of a larger Presidential Order package, which made several additions to the Constitution (not just Article 35A) The overall gist of this Order was to give the Government of India enormously more powers over the State than it had enjoyed before. For the first time, India's fundamental rights and directive principles were applicable to Jammu and Kashmir and the State's finances were integrated with India. UBHODEEP

  9. Importantly, the Order also extended the Indian Supreme Court's urisdiction over certain aspects of Jammu and Kashmir. It was clear that these powers were Jammu and Kashmir's to give, not India's to take. India's tenuous grasp over Jammu and Kashmir was further complicated by New Delhi's international commitment to hold a plebiscite in the State to decide its eventual fate. Should Article 35A be removed, it must be removed as an expression of the will of the people, through a political process which includes the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the discussion. UBHODEEP