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25th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
I want a suggestion frndz that as i will try in upsc at next year thn is it good for my daily schedule that i spend 2-3 hours in current affairs relate different source s u all r more experienced thn me will i m new born here????
Aaisha Madaan
2 years ago
Yes, if you are appearing next year then focus on building your base. the exam has becoming more and more current affairs oriented so it is must that you should be updated with everything. But at the same time try not to just learn things. have a fair understanding of each topic. And one more thing don't rely on too many sources. Newspaper is must, choose one or two other current affairs' sources There are hell lot of sites. choose wisely. Do read yojana though :) and once you have enough grip on the subjects, start practicing answer writing.
Aaisha Madaan
2 years ago
is becoming*
Aarzoo Khanam
2 years ago
Assad Aaqib
2 years ago
Arzo u r on right platform at right time so first you need to go through the basic courses of roman sir available on unacademy ...
aarzoo..just start learning basics of every from ncert and see here lec for understanding and for it all in 3months max. start reading hindu..yojna..kurukshetra...and keep up with daily 10mcq's...and start learning new words everyday..then by next will be prepared..once you cover basics in 3months..start detailed studies of each subject first complete ncert..then go to detailed books..and refer lec. here or other lec for revision..also learn logic and a bit maths..for ckearing csat paper2..otherwise every other effort will go in vain !!
Aarzoo Khanam
2 years ago
tysm friendz to all of you

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  6. The State governments that are mainly responsible for the Western Ghats - Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharashtra - must go back to the drawing table with the reports of both the Gadgil Committee and the Kasturirangan Committee, which was set up to examine the WGEEP report This is not going to be easy, given the need to balance human development pressures with stronger protection of the Western Ghats ecology The issue of allowing extractive industries such as quarrying and mining to operate is arguably the most contentious A way out could be to create the regulatory framework that was proposed by the Gadgil panel, in the form of an apex Western Ghats Ecology Authority and the State-level units, under the Environment (Protection) Act, and to adopt the zoning system that it proposed S. UBHODEEP

  7. This can keep incompatible activities out of the Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZs). Report - calculation of what constitutes the sensitive core and what activities can be carried out there. The role of big hydroelectric dams, built during an era of rising power demand and deficits, must now be considered afresh and proposals for new ones dropped A moratorium on quarrying and mining in the identified sensitive zones, in Kerala and also other States, is necessary to assess their environmental impact. UBHODEEP

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