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4th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Excellent explanation mam
just because of you i have beeb regular with editorials
Zimbabwe lies above tropic of Capricorn
going great thank u
plz upload 3 Aug pdf
  1. Will Imran Khan's win further set back Indo-Pak ties Will Imran Khan's win further set back Indo-Pak ties? YES I KANWAL SIBAL ONO | SUDHEENDRA KULKARNI IT'S COMPLICATED | PALLAVI RAGHAVAN S. UBHODEEP

  2. ng Naya Pakistan Engaging Naya Pakistan Imran Khan offers a chance to deal with Pakistan's deep state, but no outcome is likely before the Lok Sabha polls S. UBHODEEP


  4. OYES | KANWAL SIBAL Several issues account for the dismal state of India-Pakistan relations: the wounds of Partition, the chronic Kashmir issue, four armed conflicts, jihadi terrorism against India, the increasing radicalisation of Pakistani society, water-related differences, Islamabad's nuclear posture, the military-civilian equation in Pakistan and the Army's control over policymaking towards India. UBHODEEP

  5. The military's backing Mr. Khan, while addressing the nation, focussed primarily on resolving the Kashmir issue what is unclear is what that first step is that Mr. Khan expects from India. India has made eschewing of terrorism essential for resuming dialogue Mr. Khan will have to curb jihadi groups (and particularly Hafiz Saeed) if he means business. Mr. Khan's Afghanistan policy can be expected to put Islamabad even more at odds with India's interests there S. UBHODEEP

  6. Mr. Khan looks to the Medina model for Pakistan's economic well being shows a deep and complicating Islamic outlook. CPEC Moreover, neither he nor the Pakistani military will want to seriously move forward with India, especially on terrorism, as that would give India a diplomatic victory UBHODEEP

  7. ONO 1 SUDHEENDRA KULKARNI Hostility ends only when both sides begin to talk peace with sincerity, commitment, determination and mutual trust. One: "Peace is the only option we have. And dialogue is the only way to resolve all our outstanding issues. We've fought many wars. But the path of conflict offers no solution." Two: "I had high hopes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to drive the peace process. He is a strong leader, but he has not been consistent." Three, when asked about terrorism as a hurdle in talks, he replied, "It's a complicated problem. Pakistan is also battling terrorism. India should recognise that Kashmir is the core issue. We should resolve the core issue. If we begin talking seriously about solving the Kashmir problem, I am sure our relations will improve rapidly." S. UBHODEEP

  8. The Kashmir issue predates the problem of terrorism by many decades. Stop blame game Let there be national consensus in India on engaging both sides of the civil-military power centres in Pakistan, and on how India should resolve the Kashmir issue through talks with Pakistan UBHODEEP

  9. IT'S COMPLICATED PALLAVI RAGHAVAN Mr. Khan - modern, cosmopolitan and westernised identity and a socially conservative and increasingly religious one. Mr. Khan is also a relatively unusual politician, at least by South Asian standards, for he does not have a dynasty behind him His entry into politics was not because of any need for financial gain. While his critics accuse him -probably justifiably military, such accusations do not necessarily indicate a neat differentiation between democratic candidates and military-backed ones of proximity to the UBHODEEP

  10. His main pledges were about representing a brand of aspirational politics and attacking the forces that benefit from and maintain the status quo promises to eradicate corruption and deliver a better model of governance in Pakistan Mr. Khan's 'victory speech' - logically followed up, could potentially yield long-term benefits for the two countries Mr. Khan's persuasiveness in fashioning a consensus around the desirability of increased trade - within a platform that promises to deliver better economic conditions so that Pakistanis can finally liberate themselves from bad governance by the ruling elite UBHODEEP