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21st August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-3(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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sir 11 August k bad ki pdf share kr do group me
you are great sir 🙏🙏 and thank you
  1. A brief history of the rupee Mugada's turn As the currency trades at around 70 to the dollar, a recap of its revaluation soon after Independence S. UBHODEEP

  2. OPED9 r Educating people about cimate c What Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ignores The profession of of waste removal needs to be made caste-neutral through adoption of technologies S. UBHODEEP

  3. Cleanliness: promoting the tourism offers jobs to the poorest of the poor Vision of a clean India by 2019, on the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi. nationwide initiative aimed to inspire the public to voluntarily clean public spaces Celebrities "voluntarily" sweeping the streets, in protective gear. Although stopping the spread of disease was the primary intention in the West, sanitation is now largely an extension of visual aesthetics - sanitation means the absence of "filthiness all around us". UBHODEEP


  5. West holistic sewerage plan, which would become part of the London water infrastructure, to remove filth and treat waste from the river Thames in a sustainable way. The Swachh Bharat campaign hardly addresses a reworking of the underground sewerage system This is a cause for grave concern, since many labourers have died recently while cleaning jammed manholes that open into the sewerage system Most disturbingly, these deaths have a caste pattern UBHODEEP

  6. According to a reply by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to the Lok Sabha in December 2017, over 300 cases of deaths due to manual scavenging, mostly from particular caste groups, were reported that year. Punitive measures should exhort the public to learn where and how one should urinate, defecate and dispose of garbage. The campaign, however, burdens the contractual labourer with an 'exclusive' right to cleaning public spaces In India, waste carries the stigma that is attached to pollution and caste, as does the process of removal ('scavenging'), and the occupation (scavenger') UBHODEEP

  7. The waste remover in India is not a professional, like in the West. All of these are considered to be contaminated by caste pollution. In short, stigma resides in the profession, the labour, the body, and in the space. In the past, municipalities erected bins in common places for shops and households to dispose of waste. These bins were the first to be removed, as the mission offered door-to- door collection. Workers are now expected to whistle to announce their presence upon arrival in their designated areas. S. UBHODEEP

  8. Thereafter, members from the households bring unsegregated garbage, workers collect those in a sack, and store garbage in a designated place from where it is taken to the composting yard. The workers, as per the campaign, have to go to the yard to segregate the waste. Manually segregating the waste at the landfill compromises their hygiene and health. The whistle does not merely announce the presence of the worker: it also announces the presence of a lower caste body from whom al contact has to be avoided. As much as the waste itself, it is the presence of the body of the 'scavenger' which is seen as polluting by the larger publioc. UBHODEEP

  9. Temples usually did not construct toilets. And when they are constructed, they are built away from the boundary. Addressing the stigma Any tangible achievement of a clean India is possible only if the stigma attached to sanitary labour, place and waste are critically addressed by .caste-neutralising these professions and through adoption of technologies UBHODEEP

  10. What Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ignores atee abour Educating people about climate change Vulnerable populations should be made aware of the potential risks and how to cope with them S. UBHODEEP

  11. Need Awareness about its causes, especially about anthropogenic contributions Create awareness about climate change - about how to mitigate it and adapt to it. compulsory environmental education to all students in schools and colleges. Most of the country's plans for vulnerable populations are directed towards poverty alleviation, improving living standards, enhancing access to education, sanitation, healthcare and ensuring human rights. Climate change finds little mention. UBHODEEP

  12. Geography NCERT Geography NCERT The Earth: Our Habitat MAINS ANSWER WRITING Our Environment For IAS / UPSC Class-7 Class 6 By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class7 (Hindi) NCERT Geography - Class 6 (Hindi) GS Answer Writing Practice for UPSC and IAS.. Specturm Beek World Straits Geography Optiona HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Chapter 2 argrted Students UPSC/IAS State PCS MODERN INDIA Models, Theories and Laws UPSC /I 5sc State in Human Geography By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) Major Straits of World By Subhodeep Das Religious & Social Reform Movements Modern Indian History... (Hindi) Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UBHODEEP