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5th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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 Indian economic growth is comfortably good among various developing countries, but the growth of the country should not be measured by GDP alone, but by the quality of jobs, livelihood and jobs that are created; in present it appears that Indian economy growing but not creating employment in the proportion of growth, which is known as jobless growth.  This tends to happen when a relatively large number of people have lost their jobs and the recovery is insufficient to absorb the unemployed, underemployed and new members entering the work force.  In the absence of jobs and income, domestic consumption expenditure will fall and it will have an investment depressing impact; a strong correlation existed between informality of jobs and poverty; In organised industries, the jobs have shifted from regular to contract work resulting in casualisation of labour; severe unemployment is a social catastrophe.  At the individual level, increases in suicide, homicide, cardiovascular mortality and mental illness to high unemployment.  However, NITI Aayog has dismissed concern over jobless growth, saying the real problem is underemployment rather than unemployment.  India should aim at growth that is driven both by improvements in productivity and modernisation of its labour force — especially since better jobs are crucial to improving the lives of millions who are employed, indeed underemployed.  Jobs can be created when growth comes from the transition of labour from informal sectors like agriculture to the more formal manufacturing and service sectors. • First require labour reforms — ones that can both boost labour mobility within the formal sector and bring down the barriers businesses face in hiring labour. • But labour reforms alone won‘t work unless these are combined with a step-up in government spending on asset and job-creating areas such as infrastructure, which in turn inspires private investment; Manufacturing and service must become the engine of employment growth; Encouragement of small scale industries; Reforms in education sector etc. are few steps which would help to prevent jobless growth. • Job-creation needs to be an essential axis along which economic and social policies are formulated. o The government launched many skill development programmes like : o Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojna (DDU-GKY) o Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) o Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) o UDAAN, which would be positively effects on the growth of employment.

  2. Mainstreaming Adivasis? Fellow Adivasis are competing against each other assuming that the well-being of Adivasis is their individual responsibility. In this competition, Adivasis themselves are gettin killed. S. UBHODEEP


  4. The one who understands the ways of nature is a scientist. Newton figured out gravity, he was called a scientist. However, Adivasis, the original inhabitants of the Earth, who lead their lives living by the rules of nature, are labelled superstitious. In 2005, when earthquake and tsunami rocked the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, scientists from across the globe expected that the Jarawa Adivasi tribe would be washed away. However, members of the tribe emerged from their forest habitat and announced that all their fellow tribespeople had survived. The scientists were taken by surprise. And once again the need for studying Adivasis was debated. UBHODEEP

  5. Evolving Scenario: Fellow Adivasis are competing against each other assuming that the well-being of Adivasis is their individual responsibility In this competition, Adivasis themselves are getting killed. Today, among Adivasis, a certain one claims to be a Hindu; the other says he is a Christian; and someone else has adopted Islam. They also talk about political preferences, some have become Congressmen, some have chosen the BJP and others claim to be Communists In this struggle, Adivasi brotherhood has been broken. UBHODEEP

  6. The people who work for the betterment of Adivasis are also the ones seeding politics and religion among the community. It is seen that instead of making Adivasis self-dependent, these people are taking away their independence and establishing their own dominance. It is usually said that India is on the path of rapid development and progress. What does this mean? At the foundation of this rapid development lie exploitation, oppression, dominance, and inequality. If Adivasis blindly accept this recipe, they are lauded, otherwise they are cursed UBHODEEP

  7. In order to work out the right model for Adivasi development, one must take a deep dive into history. One has to learn about their way of life, their values, and figure out an approach for their all-round development In that sense, Birsa Munda called for Ulgulan, which refers to simultaneous and overall development of the economic, social, academic, cultural and political facets of the community. The Tribal Development Department employs several programmes for the development of Adivasis. For cultural development, Adivasis were provided musical instruments for bhajans and kirtans UBHODEEP

  8. And sets of band-baja (orchestra) were distributed among youth in order to make them employable As a result, Adivasis are getting more fascinated towards band-baja, so much so that the significance of traditional dhol in their cultural programmes is plummeting. Handing band-baja to Adivasis is in a way an attack on their culture. If the government wishes for cultural development of Adivasis, provide them traditional musical instruments like dhol, biri and toor. If they are not well-versed with the instruments, teach them how to play. UBHODEEP

  9. Everybody assumes Adivasis are incapable of enriching their lives. That is why people from different religious sects try to woo them and make them take up a religion The attempts to make Adivasis part of the mainstream are attempts to destroy the their culture, that is driven by hard work, collective action and cooperation. Therefore, it is necessary to define 'mainstream'. Do they who are building this so-called mainstream feel the need for Adivasi participation in the building process? The stream that enables freedom from this exploitation and inequality is the mainstream. UBHODEEP

  10. Adivasi culture existed long before religion found its roots. It is a rich culture of human values. It is important for human beings to protect these values We all have to work together to build a mainstream that embraces human values and eliminates hatred, violence, injustice, corruption and belligerence, and then will human life become peaceful, trustful, and filled with love and affection towards one another. Such a mainstream will lead to human development in the true sense of the term. Let's endeavour to build this mainstream together. UBHODEEP