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20th August - Answer writing
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
Please send me material am readying for PSI
You can download that on Unacademy itself ramesh
Sir it's very good..pls keep on sharing this type of's like fodder for thought for us...Very good approach to write answers....pls keep it up n if possible than keep it sharing with us on weekly basis..
thank you so much sir for this innovative way!! Me and my friends regularly follow your courses and we would really like to have many of this kind of sessions in upcoming time. :) Thanks a lot again :) :)
This idea of helping us in mains answer writing is very good. It will help us a lot. You are doing a great job sir thank you so much.
it's too good sir. I request you to continue this in a daily basis and 1 question for the day will be sufficient to analyze.. thanks
Thanks Sir . This course was very very helpful . Request you to continue this course with 1 question on daily basis .
  1. Mains Answer Writing Subhode

  2. Disclaimer: Personal approach to the Question Subhode

  3. MAINS ANSWER WRITING For IAS / UPSC bhodeep With Subhodeep Das

  4. 1. ICT tools offer huge scope for rural development. Discuss. Also, discuss the recent related initiatives by Gol with regards to rural development. 250 Words Subhode

  5. ICT tools offer huge scope for rural development. Discuss. Also, discuss the initiatives by Gol with regards to rural development. 1. ICT tools. 2. Its scope for rural development Benifits 3. Initiatives by Gol for Rural Development Challenges amid Subhode

  6. The rural areas-70% of India's population. facing problem of lack of basic resources Information and communication technology set of tools using Internet, computer & Electronical instruments Bring efficiency, transparency and reliability Subhode

  7. Benefits: Fertilizer seasoned cropS Better Knowledge gathering - CropsInsurance Yojanas Telemedicines Online Checking Health shortage of quality doctors 'll be fulfilled Education - High quality video lectures Vocational Training Reduce Corruption - reduce Physical interface b/w Gov and citizen Subhode

  8. Empowerment tool - Womens, Reduce Leakage - target Benificieries. PDS JAM MGNREGA Funds Employment For Disaster Management in Rural Areas Subhode

  9. Gov. Initiatives: Bharatnet. PMGDISHA Common Service Centre. Kishan App. Tele services. Subhode

  10. Challenges: Lack of physical Infrastructure. Electricity. Unethical Use of ICTs Need: Awareness generation. Digital literacy. Rurban Mission Subhode

  11. 2. Indian farmers suffer both during surplus production and deficit production. Examine the reasons why and evaluate whether increasing MSP for crops would address the issue? (250 words) Subhode

  12. Causes for low income: 1. middlemen. 7. Absence of good marketing strategy 2. Lack of proper infrastructure and logistics: Ex: cold-storage facilities. 8. In-complete implementation of Swaminathan Report 3. Ineffective and improper implementation government policies. 4. Vagaries of monsoons and climate change. 5. Prevalence of corruption. 6. use of low class technology in agriculture. Subhode