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27th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : Subhodeep

Unacademy user
preferential share aadmi kyo khridega mam kya isme us aadmi Ko profit bhi milta h ya nhi
Saumya Pandey
2 years ago
Preferential shares hum logo k liye Nahi hote Hum log bas equity shares khareed pate hain Preferential shares us company k promoters, board of directors ya fir bade banks k liye open rakhe jate hain!
jo us company ke promoters honge unko iska kya fayda milega mera question ye tha vo thoda glt likh diya tha
pls describe me
mam banking ki or video bnaye. thanks
Saumya Pandey
2 years ago
Preferential shares bada fund instantly uthane k lie issue kiye jate hain Aur preferential share holders ko profit share kiya jata hai But ownership aur voting rights Nahi milte hain Aur agar company insolvent hoti hai to pehla payment debenture holder ko kiya jata hai Aur uske baad preferential share holders ko payment milta hai
thanks mam
Funny picture and good explanation. Thanks
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