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15th August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-3(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : UPSC360

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Sir please be regular with your mcq series..They are worth it ...
Great explanations. Connecting dots!

  2. Geography NCERT Geography NCERT The Earth: Our Habitat MAINS ANSWER WRITING Our Environment For IAS / UPSC Class-7 Class 6 By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class7 (Hindi) NCERT Geography - Class 6 (Hindi) GS Answer Writing Practice for UPSC and IAS.. Specturm Beek World Straits Geography Optiona HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Chapter 2 argrted Students UPSC/IAS State PCS MODERN INDIA Models, Theories and Laws UPSC /I 5sc State in Human Geography By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) Major Straits of World By Subhodeep Das Religious & Social Reform Movements Modern Indian History... (Hindi) Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UBHODEEP


  4. taneous polls can be done, but all parties have to agree Simultaneous polls can be done, but all parties have to agree ringng up ascience The Chief Election Commissioner il S. UBHODEEP

  5. OPED 15 Simultaneous polls can be done but all parties have to agree Bringing up a science The lack of research in evolutionary biology in India is a matter of concern. il S. UBHODEEP

  6. The marginalisation of research and education in evolutionary biology in India has justifiably been a matter of concern for some time. Evolutionary biology is important in understanding multi-drug resistance in microbes, for instance The Nipah virus outbreak, which was traced to the habitat destruction of fruit bats, is also a study in ecology and evolutionary biology. In the Indian context, it sadly remains untapped as an approach to diseases that spread from animals to humans UBHODEEP

  7. Reason: In education, too, evolutionary biology is at a disadvantage. For one, there are no postgraduate departments of evolutionary biology in any university. The single, small post-graduate training programme in the field an Integrated Ph.D. course in Evolutionary and Organismal Biology, conducted at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru was abruptly terminated after a few years, despite appreciative student responses DNA fingerprinting is a technology that has now caught the popular imagination. Using DNA fingerprinting and DNA statistics for forensics requires a nontrivial understanding of molecular population genetics. UBHODEEP

  8. Do we have sufficient numbers of researchers working on these areas and training future generations? A group of evolutionary biologists have recently established the Indian Society of Evolutionary Biologists (ISEB) This is a significant development because the ISEB hopes to not just bring together practitioners and senior researchers from the field UBHODEEP