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22nd August - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Thank you sir. All the best to you
2 years ago
best of luck mary
Mary Agnes
2 years ago
Thank you sir ,revising environment and ecology 4 th time still it is bit confusing .....
Thanks a lot sir for your efforts sir..articles helping a lot
Thank you sir for answering my question.
  1. High science with low development High science with low development Strengthening the federal link Promising the moon with tech dreams while ignoring human development leaves India at the mercy of the mob S. UBHODEEP

  2. Modi announced that by 2022 we may expect the Tricolour to be unfurled in space. Victims are from the most marginalised sections of the country, left without protection by the state. country were faced with flooding Lynchings victims have been Dalits and Muslims cattle trade, witchcraft, and migrant labourers allegedly trafficking in children. UBHODEEP


  4. These incidents are incongruous with the claim of India being a long-lived civilisation For while civilisational norms may place restrictions on individual action, democratic norms singularly protect the individual's inalienable right to life and liberty and place upon the state the responsibility of advancing it The democratic agenda Emphasising a space programme as an objective while failing to highlight the multiple failings of public policy in India makes a mockery of the democratic project, the principal object of which is the creation of enabling conditions for a valuable life. S. UBHODEEP

  5. -protecting natural capital, -building public goods in the form of physical infrastructure, -providing a public education and -health service, and creating institutions that support individual aspirations This is the democratic agenda. The pursuit of high science by the Government of India had started quite early after 1947 when it embarked on a programme of harnessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes UBHODEEP

  6. The Atomic Energy Commission was formed and treated with reverence. The difference this has made to the power situation in the country is not clear. But we also know that the alternative- of burning coal - is not just polluting but contributes to global warming and climate change, with catastrophic consequences. However, we need to rely neither on nuclear power or fossil fuel, for we have abundant sunlight in India and some wind power. And the cost of generating solar power is reducing rapidly due to advances in storage technology. The only question is whether we have a science policy that is focussed enough to monitor and exploit these trends and a government machinery that is both motivated and adept at facilitating a mass transition to cleaner fuel. S. UBHODEEP

  7. India was then emerging from colonial rule- scientific accompalishment role for science was the launching of the Green Revolution in the mid-1960s - Self-sufficient in food. scientific leadership in the agricultural sector, administrative ability and political acumen, but above all by the genius of India's farmers We have not seen national will on a similar scale since. This when we urgently need an agricultural initiative comparable in its transformative capacity today. Given the scale of the public science and technology apparatus in India, especially of agricultural research institutions, there is a visible lack of response to this situation, if not crisis S. UBHODEEP

  8. Promising the moon by courting high science while ignoring human development leaves some Indians at the mercy of the mob and India's democracy diminished in our own estimation. UBHODEEP

  9. High science with low development Strengthening the federal link There must be recognition of the potential of State Finance Commissions in building regional equity S. UBHODEEP

  10. While the UFC is tasked with rectifying vertical and horizontal imbalances at the Union-State level, the SFC has to perform the same with reference to State/sub-State-level institutions The State Finance Commission (SFC) is a unique institution created by the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments (CAs) to rationalise and systematise State/sub-State-level fiscal relations in India. Its primary task is to rectify growing horizontal imbalances in the delivery of essential public services to citizens. But there has been inadequate appreciation of the significance of this institution by the Union, States as well as the professional community. Till date, only Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have submitted their fifth SFC reports. Many States are yet to cross the third SFC stage S. UBHODEEP

  11. Geography NCERT Geography NCERT The Earth: Our Habitat MAINS ANSWER WRITING Our Environment For IAS / UPSC Class-7 Class 6 By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class7 (Hindi) NCERT Geography - Class 6 (Hindi) GS Answer Writing Practice for UPSC and IAS.. Specturm Beek World Straits Geography Optiona HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Chapter 2 argrted Students UPSC/IAS State PCS MODERN INDIA Models, Theories and Laws UPSC /I 5sc State in Human Geography By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) Major Straits of World By Subhodeep Das Religious & Social Reform Movements Modern Indian History... (Hindi) Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UBHODEEP