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25th August - Answer writing
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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : UPSC360

Unacademy user
You explain nice, but you're very fast like you want to complete your exercise and not for others, explain the examples by taking time and repeat it at least twice to assure that the viewers are understanding the examples or not.
Sir in analyse question on case study, can we add a point that a person u depicted in case about ias aspirant...He can also do a phone call to his fast friend so that he may come to help and the aspirant can easily go for an interview.
Subhodeep Das
a year ago
sure you can, but calling a family member will be more apt decision. But you can take this point too
Shivangi Saxena
a year ago
ok..thank you sir.
Sir I saw ur plus course of Directives of mains was very helpful and I really want u come up with more Directives..Thankyou for such initiative by u. Great effort. Pls do enlighten us. The way u explain things is really I need it. Thanks.
  1. MAINS ANSWER WRITING For IAS / UPSC bhodeep With Subhodeep Das

  2. 1. The court can strike down an unfair law but it cannot reform the society. In the light of the recent Delhi HC judgement decriminalising begging, Comment (250 words)

  3. MAINS ANSWER WRITING For IAS / UPSC bhodeep With Subhodeep Das

  4. Recent bold judgement of Delhi HC (Harsh Mander vs Union of India) striking down the Begging Act while citing the violation of Art-14 and Art-21 of the Constitution is a step forward in dismantling colonial legacy. The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act or the Begging Act was passed in 1959 by the state of Bombay and has continued to exist in as many as 20 states and two UTs. The act criminalises begging and gives the police the power to arrest individuals without a warrant. Its harsh provisions; Beggers -certified institutions for three to ten years Can give punishments The Act consists vague defination of Begging.

  5. Reason behind HC decriminalising the begging act: Against right to equality u/a 14 and right to live with dignity u/a 21 Fingerprinting without consent violates right to privacy of an individual Persons who collect alms by singing, dancing and fortune telling can be penalized

  6. Not sufficient ground to reform the society: Court can only interpret the constitution but the parliament can amend the unjustified laws. Could have played - supplementary role of courts in reformation as seen in triple talaq, women's entry into temple issues. Afterall, social customs and behaviors can not be changed by changing text. Administration, Ngo - Skill india, Vocational training Integrate society

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