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Understand The Study Plan For Prelims And Mains By Ghandarva Rathore (AIR 93)
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Gandharva Rathore who has scored AIR 93, begins this lesson by telling her strategy for the Prelims of UPSC CSE. She tells about the various books and sources she referred from for each subject and her entire process to go about the same. She also shares her strategy for the Mains of the examination for each Paper.

Gandharwa Rathore
Secured AIR 93 in UPSC CSE 2015. Pursued UG & PG from SRCC, New Delhi.

Unacademy user
mam please PDF me aap questions bhi de dejiye
Hii.. thanks for the guidance Gandharva.. needed a suggestion, that I am in CA final , have given my attempt. Should I start my preparation with my CA final or should I start my preparation for Civil services exams after my CA. And also, will my studies done I CA Course help in the preparation for civil services exams? Would be greatful to you if you shot out my query.
It would be great if you can share your short notes. Just click pics and club in pdf and upload on google drive. Thanks in advance.
plz tell about comm and acc ountancy
Sapna Sahi
3 years ago
Hi. . U might be having commerce and accountancy as your optional ! Can you please share your strategy
Rohit Maurya
3 years ago
i have done cs final and MBA in Fin and HRM and UGC NET in commerce so i am aware of this optional. But no guidance on how to approach a5 UPSC level. So was requesting for course.
Rohit Maurya
3 years ago
u tell me ur strategy
Rohit Maurya
3 years ago
any doubt query u can mail on rohitpursuingcs@gmail .com
Hello mam, could you plz share ur notes? Thank u
Thank you so much mam for this video. It is really helpful.
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