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Strategy for Answer Writing - CSE Mains by Meena Uppaluri AIR 326
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In this lesson, Meena Uppaluri has shed light on the approach which one should have to write awesome answers in UPSC CSE mains. She explains the major aspects which one should focus and implement while writing answers. Based on her personal experience she also explains the style of writing answers in GS1, GS2, GS3, and GS4.

Meena Uppaluri
AIR 326 - UPSC CSE 2015 (IRS - IT), Electronics Engineer from IIT Kharagpur

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Mam, How many months of Current Affairs should I read for Phase 1 and Phase 2?
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
cover news from past 7-8months preparing for civil services.right now i have cleared jpsc prelims.i want my answer writing to be checked for mains.whether it is appropriate or it will get checked.
Thank u mam...i m really thankful to unacodemy team...who is most useful for as us who is in rurle area where is no idea about upsc.
thanks mam...what is acceptable range of deviation from the required word limit? for example if they are asking to answer a question in 200 words then what should be the safe range.....
can someone please help with the below query? I have been preparing for civil services for 2 years (first year- i was working, didnt do much), yet i have lot to improve. Though i am fine with basic knowledge, I lack answer writing skills and additional knowledge which is required for mains.Sir, i will let you know here my strategy, please look into this and let me if i am in a right track. 1) 3 hours - static portion- world history, ethics, post ind consolidation 2) 3 hours - optional 3) 4 hours - answer writing practice and taking notes from newspaper 4) 1 hour - debates and video analysis on news Sir, I have been writing 2 answers daily in InsightsonIndia forum from last year. but i feel lot to improve. sir, could you help me with some tips? and also, I am not reading any books/materials for mains separately except basic books we read for prelims (though for world history and ethics i read books and watch videos).
Hey can you help me as i am also in deliema .please just msg me 9953010844
Awsome videos bought by Unacademy and helping really well ..nice job..
  1. Strategy for Answeir Writing: CSE-Mains By Meena Uppaluri

  2. About Me AIR 326 -UPSC CSE 2015 (IRS-IT) Electronics Engineer-lIT Kharagpur, 2014 . Course Fees Contribute


  4. Other sources The Hindu newspaper - everyday Insights Secure compilations + lasbaba daily current affairs( for any new points/topics) Monthly Policy Review from . Vision IAS Monthly Current Affairs Magazine(during last few weeks) 9pm daily brief from (followed this as an alternative to The Hindu during last 3-4 weeks before mains) Mains Test Series SriChaitanya Academy(HYD) mainly for time management

  5. Answer writing Introduction & Conclusion - desirable Use paragraphs/points as per demand of question side headings Underline important points (caution: don't overda e Underline important points (caution : don't overdo) All parts of question to be answered Multiple dimensions

  6. Answer writing - GS1 History-to the point answers, no beating round the bush Geography - draw diagrams wherever feasible (practise from NCERT Class 11 books) Sociology part quote statistics wherever possible, small flow charts can be made, India maps can be drawn (For eg. In 2015 : migration, spatial distribution of sex ratio)

  7. Answer writing- GS2 Quote articles from Constitution o SC judgements (eg Shah Bano case UCC, Art.356- SR Bommai case etc) Mention new schemes/policies wherever needed (eg NITI Aayog for coop. federalism) e Mention survey reports, global rankings, committee reports, statistics, etc wherever applicable (eg Global ranking of universities, poverty committees, public health expenditure etc) Maps for IR question IF feasible (eg : Project Mausam- can show India, SouthAsia, Africa map + China string of pearls Gwadar, Chabahar ports etc for strategic dimension)

  8. Answer writing - GS3 Statistics + GDP figures (expenditure of various sectors as % of GDP, contribution of various sectors to GDP etc) Multiple dimensions for Science& Tech. qns. Can draw figures only if feasible Dig deeper for hot topics in news Eg: For AFSPA qn : the controversial sections were: SECTION 4 enables security forces to fire upon or use force, even to the causing of death, where laws are being violated (assembly of 5/more persons; or carrying of weapons) SECTION 6: No criminal prosecution against any personnel who has taken action under this act

  9. PROVIDES INDIA WITH ASSURED INAVIGATION SERVICE FOR VITAL CIVILIAN&MILITARY APPLICATIONS WITHOUT HAVING TO DEPEND ON ANOTHER COUNTRY:FIRST SATELLITE TO BELAUNCHED ON JARY LRZEMAINING 6 BY 2015 IRNSS:INDIAN REGIONAL NAVIGATION SATELLITE SYSTEM 3 extremaly Covers Indla and up to 1500 carate nsidium GPS receivers wis not work; need special receers Oet to be m beyond 4 borders each satelite RNSS provides Standard Positioning Service Opnn to all users Accuracy better than 20 metres rO 4 satelites n gegmnronms orbits . appear from rd to traved in fgre -asut in accurate position determitation O 3 satellites in geotatiorary oreit appear from to be at fod ositions in the s y

  10. Answer writing - GS4 . Be thorough with keywords in syllabus Give logical solutions for case studies - don't state too obvious ones which cannot be acceptable at any cost) Keep the reasoning of case studies simple