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Booklist and Resources for Economics by Pulkit Garg (AIR 27)
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This lesson provides an insight into the most important topics of Economics one needs to focus upon. Pulkit also tells about the Booklists and sources for Economics- 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. He also lists out the most important topics for UPSC Mains and gives amazing tips for attempting Paper III.

Pulkit garg
AIR 27 (UPSC-CSE 2015), IIT Delhi Graduate, IRTS (Rank 490 in 2014). Love listening music.

Unacademy user
hello sir I ask some questions for you please reply all so my question is Kya economic survey ek book Hai Jo market may available hai.and bankruptcy law kon say book may milega . and government budgeting-strengthening financial management report kaha say available hoga.please sir reply
sir economics optional ke liye kuch alag booklist cahiye ya yehi se clear ho jayega..
Your inspirations always good for IAS aspirants,particularly for Kashmir,v are very very thankful to you for uploading such videos.
Thanks for giving nice idea
Everyone suggest Mrunal videos but his videos are very fishy. Do we have any other alternative. Plz suggest
Pooja Banga
a year ago
unacademy 😊
  1. Coursez Demolish uPSC CSE Lessonc Booklist& resources Lesson: Booklist& resources for Econo'n cy r Economics Presented by Pulkit Garg (AIR 27, CSE 2015)

  2. About me AIR 27 (UPSC CSE 2015) AIR 490, CSE 2014 . Alumni Of IIT Delhi Course fees: CONTRIBUTIE Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. Booklist for Economics - 1 NCERT 11th and 12th are very important Important topics in 12th NCERT: Repo rate *Reverse repo rate SLR

  4. Booklist for Economics 2 . Sriram IAS is a very good source Two booklets Useful for Prelims as well as Mains

  5. Booklist for Economics 3 Economic survery Minimum of two to three times of reading . Direct questions from Economic survey c survey

  6. Booklist for Economics - 4 Mrunal Economic articles Easy to understand from Mrunal compared to NCERT Easy to understand topics like Capital market, Primary market, CPI, WPI and topics lile Capital market, Primasy market, CPL, W etc. Economics page in newspaper

  7. Booklist for Economics - 5 .Not many difference in syllabus of Mains and Prelims Indian economy related issues like planning, growth and development 5 source for Prelims are very important

  8. Important topics for Mains Government budgeting - Strengthening financial management report Cropping patterns -Vision IAS Diet and farm subsidies . Food processing industry - M runal and Vision IAS

  9. Land reforms in India - 'India since Independence' by Vipin Chandra ' Current affairs - Newspapers Current affairs - Newspapers Bankruptcy laws

  10. Paper III Writing practice A minimum of 4 to 5 practice papers Major section -111 marks Answer writing practice