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Smart Strategies To Crack UPSC-CSE By Ravindra Goswami (AIR 152)
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Dr. Ravindra Goswami has added another feather in his cap. Last year he scored a rank of 1059 in UPSC and this year he has cracked it again by securing his position at 152. He is discussing his strategies that how you can crack one of the most difficult and prestigious exams of the country, by preparing for it in one year's time. He provides an insight into the necessity of coaching and how to gain mental strength for preparation. Most importantly he also discloses the various materials to refer from and the method of preparation.

Ravi Goswami
AIR 152 in UPSC CSE 2015. AIR 1059 in UPSC CSE 2014. Cleared NEET Pre PG in first attempt.

Unacademy user
Good job mam... Your lessons very helpful for me.. I am waiting next paper....plzzzz continue...
2 years ago
Sure sir
thanks sir for your smart advises.
It would be better if you have mentioned the sources by taking from the syllabus in a bit comprehensive manner for both prelims and mains Thanks for video . Please make above improvement Thanks for considering it
Also need your guindance for working professionals
sir my name is karthik krishnan. thanks for such an inspirational lecture. i am also working as a s assistant professor. However due to my job,i am unable to study for more than 3-4 hrs per day. please advise on some suitable strategy.
Just heard u cracking thr code of cse, I must tell you sir that it was very very good, a confident booster and reassuring too(esp. for me). Thank you sir, congratulations for your sucess, and Irequest you to expand it to ethics paper too. Sahi hai sir, "" jhonk do"".
  1. Smart Strategies to crack UPSC CSE Presented by Dr Ravindra Goswami (AIR 152, CSE'15)

  2. About me AIR 152 (UPSC 2015) AIR 1059 (UPSC 2014) Cleared NEET Pre- PG in the first attempt . Course fee: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Strategy to demolish CSE in one year I will discuss with you the shortest pathway to demolish CSE o This might help many who are not able to devote more time due to their tight job profiles but an aspirant of CSE Believe me I was not able to devote more time for the preparation due to my profile as a doctor, but this shortest pathway will bring you closer to success

  4. Mental Strength o The very first strategy that matters a lot is the Mental Strength The way you perceive yourself is the key to success The moment you start thinking of CSE, you should believe in yourself, which will surely earn you a place in the history and future The way you perceive yourself is the key to success So believe in yourself is the first strategy to be mastered

  5. Should we take Coaching? The second thing which to discuss here is about the role of coaching which people often asks me o The long debated question is that "Should we take coaching?" I personally did not take any kind of coaching, I prepared for myself o But if you feel that, coaching will earn you something you should definitely go for this

  6. Materials for Reference The next thing is the books used for reference, I hardly used any books except for Lakshmikanth in Polity Shankara's notes for Environment and ecology Niti! Singanya for art and culture I prefer internet over books as it is an ocean and you can find questions, answers, e I prefer internet over books as it is an ocean and you can find questions, answers, opinions and what not!

  7. Continued o I restricted myself to two blog sites : IASBABA and MRUNAL o For economy and geography, I din't consider anything else other than Mrunal Believe me, Mrunal is more than enough if you revise them and understand them properly for this course o I watched the video lectures of Unacademy. in for improving Essay writing skills, understanding of art & culture as well as environmental ecology

  8. Prolonged Myth Myth says that if you don't read India Yearbook you wont clear Prelims, but Believe me I never read India Yearbook even though I bought it twice Shear size of the book made me wonder, If I am going to invest my time in this what will really happen? o Instead I could devote my time on areas that are more concerned to me

  9. Time of your lifetime If you ask me, what I will say from my experience is the time required to demolish this toughest exam is just one whole year of devotion Believe me, you will not be left behind

  10. Method of Preparation People often asks me whether to separate the prelims preparation with that of mains I will say, you should master your optional at first What ever be the optional you decide for yourself, chose it wisely and don't pay heed to anyone's word in this case Don't go by a myth that says this optional gives you more mark and all that

  11. Continued Please tell me the areas that needs improvements in my lectures o This is all about demolishing CSE in one year sure shot