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Tips to Write Awesome Essay in UPSC CSE - Chandra Mohan Garg (AIR 25)
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In this lesson, one will find tips to write awesome essay in UPSC CSE by Chandra Mohan Garg (AIR 25, CSE 2015).

Chandramohan Garg
AIR 25 CSE 2015, IAS Officer trainee at Government of India

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Sir. Increse the sound i cant here ur voice properly through head phones also chnge the sound system plz
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
Check recent videos , u will see voice quality has improved
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Sir from where I can read good model essay? To develop a clear idea...
kindly provide us the sources(coaching materials,magazines,online websites) from where good and standard essays can be got,,,
Sir you said that you will be sharing your essay... Where can we get it from? If possible please do share some of your practice essays sir

  2. ABOUT ME AIR 25, CSE 2015 IAS Officer Trainee at Government of India Follow me on Unacademy

  3. INTRODUCTION . Often the most taken for granted section of Mains preparation . Remember, one essay paper can fetch you marks that 1.5 GS Paper can . am talking out of personal experience . My strategy worked and I got 30 marks more as compared to my previous attempt

  4. MYTHS BUSTED . You need to have a very good command over English language to ace in this paper . It doesn't require preparation. The knowledge of GS Papers will suffice for Essay . If you are bad at it, it cannot be improved.


  6. CHOICE OF TOPIC See if you have a holistic understanding of the topic Level of comfort Don't think of standing out and opting for unconventional topic . If you know it well, its ok go for it, you can produce your best

  7. UNDERSTANDING THE TOPIC Take time out See f you actualy understand what is being asked tor See if you actually understand what is being asked for .Pay attention to the theme of the topic .Create a mental framework before you take the plunge

  8. BRAINSTORMING .Identify keywords and frame questions in mind to give direction to your effort . Make sure you approach it multi-dimensionally .While brainstorming, recall any quotes, examples, events, illustrations, government initiatives, etc, that can come handy in the course of the essay .Plan a structure and how plan how much time you are going to take, approximately to write every section of the essay approximately, to write every section of the essay

  9. STRUCTURE Flow of the essay (coherence from beginning to end) .The essay should have three parts Introduction: make it as simple and crisp as possible Body: Should present a balanced view point with relevant examples. Interlinkage is very important here . .Conclusion: summarize the topic, present your stand and suggest what can be done about it in the future

  10. CONTENT Write simple and clear No technical knowledge show off .Flow is more important than dimensions .Give an argument and give illustration or examples to substantiate it

  11. TIME MANAGEMENT This is what I followed: . Selecting the topic: 5 minutes Brainstorming/ framework/ outline: 15 minutes Writing the essay: 60-65 minutes Revision: At least 5 minutes