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Strategy to Crack UPSC CSE/IAS Exam - Chandra Mohan Garg (AIR 25)
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In this lesson, Chandra Mohan Garg (AIR 25, CSE 2015) has shared important advice and strategy which CSE aspirants can use to crack one of the toughest exam in the world, UPSC CSE.

Chandramohan Garg
AIR 25 CSE 2015, IAS Officer trainee at Government of India

Unacademy user
Thank u sir for providing us very useful strategy building up a positive aspect for UPSC...!!
hmm.....seems inaudible dude 😅i think u need a more stunning voice
I have one question....I have also taken risks....and my current job is also is on stake.....I want your opinion.....should I also appear in other job exams because my preparation is going on....or I should focus on only preparation right now?????.....plz answer.
Mohit varma
3 years ago
same question here... plz chandra mohan answer
If you guys are appearing for the forst time then better concentrate on civils only. But if this is ur subsequent attempt and u are satisfied with ur prep than yes you can
Kunal Kashyap
3 years ago
Sir it is a very common question but it matters the most. Kindly suggest some books to prepare for UPSE.
sir please explain how to frame answers like elucidate,explain,comment,discuss questions in mains by making video with respective examples.
Rao Deep
3 years ago
Please make a strategy course for Sociology optional.
Rao Deep
3 years ago
Please make a strategy course on sociology optional. Thank you
Hello Mohan sir, This is Pranay. I am prepariing for Civils. As of now i am unable to understand the editorial and Op-Ed part of Hindu . How can i solve it and overcome from it. ?
Sir , i am currently in my second yr of graduation in Chemistry....but i am extremely determined to prepare myself for the UPSC examinations... my professor is suggesting me to go for a management course aftr my graduation and i am also a bit confused abt what subject i should choose for my optional paper . So i will b really grateful if you could advice me on how should i take up my course
Ujjawal Km Yadav
3 years ago
What you like most go for that
Sir I have taken sociology as an optional and sir I need some help from you .sir I have gone through your blog site and I get everything thing besides which book to read for sociology as an optional.Sir it is my humble request to you that please help me with that .

  2. ABOUT ME AIR 25, CSE 2015 IAS Officer Trainee at Government of India Follow me on Unacademy

  3. TOPPERS ARE ALWAYS AMONG ONE OF US . Anybody can make it. It is more to do with the right attitude Don't let this thought take away your strength You too can make it

  4. PROPER GUIDANCE Everybody is directionless in the beginning . Go easy on yourself . Clarity of mind and proper strategy are the solution Read success stories, topper's blog, not senior bhaia's strategy e Read success stories, topper's blog, not senior bhaia's strate .Keep yourself acquainted with what are going take up

  5. CLARITY OF GOAL . Ask yourself if lts just an infatuation and not your aspiration No superficial reason or motivation So why are you preparing for it? Look at the opportunity cost, why Civil Services and not anything else? . Have a single minded thought and focus There is no going or looking back

  6. TAKE RISKS . You have some time to experiment and should pursue your interests Give yourself that luxury Do not regret

  7. INTEREST IN THE COURSE OF PREPARATION The journey is tough and you cannot ace it without that Enjoy the process . It is not just cramming information It will nurture your personality and make you a complete person . That will come with systematic preparation . If you see results for your hard work, then it will motivate you to do just do better

  8. ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOUR PREPARATION Ups and downs shouldn't boggle you down You should get used to the challenges the exam posed . It is a part of learning, face it and you WILL over come it

  9. OPTIMISM Close your ears to all negativity . A positive perspective Normal people who do abnormal things . Right perspective +attitude + effort

  10. FOLLOW YOUR INTEREST . Can you do it? Single focused mind to crack civil services . Mentally prepared for the challenges/ ups and downs Not forcing yourself in the process but having a self interest in the journey . Optimistic and self confident .Burning desire and will If all ticks then yes, you are apt candidate for this preparation Average IQ but very disciplined and hard working