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(AIR 106) Naman Upadhyaya: Strategy and Booklist for Public Administration in CSE Mains
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As this lesson starts one will come across the books which were preferred and referred by Naman Upadhyaya who himself had secured an AIR 106 in CSE 2015. He has done the comparison of some books and has explained which of them will be beneficial for Paper 1 and Paper 2 in CSE. Lastly, he explains the strategy one need to adopt for being proficient will all the topics pertaining to Public Administration.

Naman Upadhyaya
AIR 106 in CSE 2015.

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Jagat Chaudhary
a year ago
Sakshi, very good. your answer is right.good job. keep learning 😊👍 and please rate the course and write a review. you are a fast learner. happy to see that.
Hi Naman Sir. Thanks for this series,,Sir now I'm Studying BCA 2 nd year I want give upsc exam in 2020 so now can I start Public administration as my optional subject??
Sir is there any book or notes for state administration of madhya pradesh topics such as district administration, local administration, role of district collectors and various committies of Madhya Pradesh. Sir please let me know about same.
Naman Upadhyaya
3 years ago
Hello akash. Actually I didn't prepared specifically for m.p. I actually read arc relating to district admin. The duties,roles and responsibilities etc.of d.c and local administration is mentioned there. Further you can look for previous year question papers.
Ok... Thankyou sir for your time
Disha Rajpal
3 years ago
sir ply.. provide video lessons for public administration for upsc mains
Akarsh Khare
3 years ago
hello sir, if u could provide video lesson about your strategy to crack mppsc then it will be very beneficial for all the mp aspirants, because there are very few educators for mppsc. we also want to know about differences in strategy for mppsc & upsc & also the level of dificulty between these two xams.
Hi..sorry for replying late. Will definitely try to make a video on basics of
Hi Naman, Thank you for making this video but I would be more beneficial if you can provide us the order in which these books have to be read.Also, for the candidates who do not have coaching notes, how they prepare for this optional and the order in which these books have to be read.
sir Plz provide some videos of public adm as there is lack of material fr pub ad
  1. ABOUT ME About me . Rank in CSE-2015- 106 29 year old . 5 attempts - Maritime Engineering, 8.9 .Course fees: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy:


  3. BOOKS x Class Notes x Standard Books + Paper1 Prasad and Prasad-Thinkers x Stephen robbins and Nicholas Henry Mohit Bhattacharya New Horizons in Public Administration Mohit Bhattacharya-Social Theory, Development Administration, and Development Ethics (1,2,3,4,16,18) - Restructuring PAd.A new look. Mohit Bhattacharya Restructuring P.Ad. A new Look. IGNOU books x Sharma and Sadana (few chapters) x ARCs x DOPT PDF on Administrative Law Search on google.

  4. Paper 2 + IGNOU books. + Arora and Goyal + DD Basu + ARCs and other committees reports + News Paper + Yojana + New Syllabus - Net.

  5. STRATEGY x Read class notes and basic books thoroughly. x Make notes only after 2 readings+ Club some chapters (Fin.Ad and Fin.Management) x Study optional regularly 4-5 hours x Join test series complete all the papers diligently at class not at room. xStudy thoroughly about the unit which is mentioned in the test. x Multiple revision of Tests. Prior to Mains revise them

  6. x Don't read just recommendations of ARCs but the reasons for them also x Incorporate Examples in Paper 2(Eg. PRAGATI- video conferencing) + make it more look like Pub.Ad. (Smart Cities) % Link some concepts from Paper1 to Paper 2 + Eg.Likerts Linking pin Model to be used in police reforms t Corruption - Use of F.W.Riggs. x Use Citations of Cases x Prepare examples from Internet eg. Choo lo aasman - Chattisgarh etc.