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Perfect strategy, Booklist and Resources to prepare for UPSC CSE by Shashank (AIR 5)
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In this unit one will come across the booklist and resources which were referred by Shashank Tripathi who has secured 5th rank in CSE 2015. Shashank explains all the books which he referred for prelims general studies, he also throws light on the strategy to prepare for the same. He then describes his preparation for the mains and suggests the aspects which one should focus while answering​ in mains. One will also learn strategies and approach which will beneficial to crack CSE.

Shashank Tripathi Tripathi
Secured AIR 5 in UPSC CSE. Pursued B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur. Loves to watch biopics and be part of adventure sports.

Unacademy user
Pls repair your michrophone...........
Seems like someone's promoting Vajiram! I too joined it, and wasted 8 months.After misspending 1.35 lac i realized that NO coaching is needed, self study is the key. Talking about class notes, all of mine are stuffed in a box. Go for notes which suffices your particular subject/topic. Example, for economics- Sri ram, Current affairs- Vision, Geography- ALS, polity- vajiram, etc. this would help a lot.
Aswin Martin
3 years ago
would you please share the notes for gs it will be helpful for us who can't afford coaching and my mail id is
Pushkar sharma
3 years ago
U perhaps were not good enough to take advantage of vajiram then, feeling sorry for u
Aman Raj
3 years ago
Self study is the secret of success M k gandhi
Rangrezz Vrez
3 years ago
Abhishek Bharti
3 years ago
Can u please suggest me some tips ? I'm doing ECE in 3rd ? How should I start my prepation ? Should I join chankya coaching ? My mail is Abhishekbharti260 Plz ma'am tell me something ...
Pushkar sharma
3 years ago
no chanakya please...
Hi..i aporeciate ur point abt d coaching, even me i had a trouble joining Vajiram, Vision notes n all, wher can i get it? Is it available in the market??
To kya coaching bilkil jaruri nahi h
Pushkar sharma
3 years ago
coaching karo to sirf vajiram se anyatha mat karo
Am new for preparation of IAS exams ,what should I do to clear in first attempt
optional technical or geo which will be more scoring
Please share your optional strategy and resources..
4 years ago
+1 yes plz share ur strategy and book list for SANSKRIT LITERATURE. as u said very less guidance is available for this optional. so plz plz help
geo r technical which will be more scoring
  1. Booklist & Resources for Prelims & Mains Presented by Shashank Tripathi (AIR 5 CSE 2015)

  2. About me . Rank in CSE 2015 -5 . 2 attempts 92% in 12th grade .Chemical Engineering in IIT Kanpur, 2013 . Course fees: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy:

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  5. PRELIMS ACCURACY "I did attend Vajiram's test series in first attempt. However, I think Visionias is conducting the best test series for prelims. In 1st attempt (2014) I had good marks in Prelims GS while in 2015 I just cleared the cutoff due to indecisiveness about giving the 2nd attempt. I got lucky, but I would advice the aspirants to prepare very well for Prelims GS" the aspirants to prepare very well tr Prelins Gs

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