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The UPSC CSE Interview Of Ghandharva Rathore (AIR 93)
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The educator in this lesson has shared her own experience of her interview. As the lesson instigates she says how did she prepare for this interview and she takes us through the interview questions and the way she answered for the same. In the conclusion of this lesson, we will learn how we can stay positive, calm and composed while attending the interview. Please note that this lesson just describes the experience and it is not necessary that the questions discussed here will only appear in your interview. So, just take the motivation out of it and stay focused on your preparations.

Gandharwa Rathore
Secured AIR 93 in UPSC CSE 2015. Pursued UG & PG from SRCC, New Delhi.

Unacademy user
Dear Madam, I am no one to judge you, but one important thing is that you should be more careful in pronouncing the words properly instead working more on your accent...which is of least importance in comparison to the info we require.
Navdeep Kaur
2 years ago
okay thanks for suggestion will be careful next time
One of the best short and sweet video . i am so happy for you it went quite well . After listening to your video I am a bit of confidence since I am doing Chartered accountancy and I M able to answer those ones for the kind of questions was asked by the panel members U rightly mentioned about purchasing power parity theorm Thank you!!
Just for information about bullet train project if your answer is this way you could have got much better projects Using social cost project analysis the technique will be used for evaluation of the government projects
I hav confusion please council
I started from class 6th geography .first chapter is our solar system so as i started reading i found full moon and new moon there ,i noted it down and then googled about it den there was a defination and other things .now my question is if see so many keywords there in defination like ecliptic longitude ,lunar phase etc should i note them all with thier definition and their key words too? If i do so material will get lengthy . So what is the best way to make notes .pls answer
Mahesh Chirmure
3 years ago
I would like to have an answer to this question too. Please moderators.
Vikas Kumar
3 years ago
That's the mistake everyone commits when he/she tries to prepare on own. But that's OK. Now to answer your question, I'd suggest you to go through GS paper 1 since 2011 and get a sense of the questions being asked. Keep an eye on current affairs places in news and try to locate them on map. Revise and understand natural phenomenon. Try to co relate things. Seriously guys NCERT and GC Leong +an atlas is more than enough for pre and mains GS. And remember: no one can know everything. So first consolidate then expand. Hope that helped.
hey gandharva thanks for the valuable information!it will helps a lot!if it is possible for you then please give some informations about subject wise ncerts which to follow!or we should go for all,lots of confusion about it.congratulations for success!
  1. CSE INTERVIEW Presented by Gandharva Rathore (AIR 92 CSE 2015)

  2. ABOUT ME CSE Rank (2015): 93 . Total attempts: 2 Age: 24 years UG & PG from SRCC, Delhi Course fees: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. BEFORE THE INTERVIEW One or two mock interviews Interview location: Sisters place at Gurgaon Newspaper for revision

  4. DURING THE INTERVIEWW Chairman of interview board: Mr Saxena . .Duration of interview: 40 mins Why civil service? Best job opportunity,a sense discontentment, impact a lot of people

  5. COMPLETE INTERVIEW Chairman: So, Gandharva what are your goals in life? I mean leave aside UPSC and everything, what are your goals in life? I: Sir, after a substantial period of time in my life, I aim to have no regrets. I live in the present and everyday the goal is to live to the fullest. Chairman: Moving on, you must have heard about this bullet train project, government is spending more then 1lac cr in that project. Don't you think its wasteful? I mean one can always increase the speed of existing ones and not waste so much money in a poor country like india? l: Sir, I'm in support of bullet train project as it would bring in technology. The cost can be covered in a number of years but if we miss out on technology we will lag behind. Tweaking will narrow our minds and we will not be able to think forward. If today we think we think of super fast only than can we think of even faster trains ahead.

  6. CONTINUED Chairman : Alright, so you must have heard about India-Pak relations. Whats your take on that? How do you handle difficult issues with them? I: Sir, the only way forward is talks. In order to move ahead, we must ensure talks never get stalled. Also we must try to open up trade with them first instead of always focusing on terror- issiues, as economic interdepence creates mutual stakes and if pak has economic interest it will try to itself counter terror so that trade isint hampered. Also, people to people engagement must me enhanced. It's the people who can sensitize the government. Chairman: But how do u think the army will allow this? It has a role in pak polity. I: Sir ultimalely, with time, peace will increase via the people to people talks, army does yield way as has happened in Mynamar.

  7. CONTINUED Chairman: You're in the right direction, but one point you should know is that even the army is funded by commercial money, so it has stake in commerce as well Interviewer 1: You're from commerce, why are loans and advaces on assets side of balance sheet? I: Said something, (messed up I guess) Interviewer 1: What are debentures? Special features of them in accounting? I: They are method of raising money via debt. Separate DRR ACCount is created. Interest is credited every year. Interviewer 2: What are indirect taxes and examples?

  8. CONTINUED l: These are those the burden of which does not fall on the payer, regressive, eg- service tax, excise. Interviewer 2: With the budget released recently we see indirect collection is more. Do you see equity in this, how can this be corrected? I: indirect tax collection is more because base is broad, everyone has to pay, while direct tax is hardly born by a few percentage of people. The equity I said is maintained as among the indirect taxes also there is a bracket, luxury goods are taxed more than basic and necessity goods. Interviewer 3: Ok, so you're from commerce, how in commerce do you judge the viability of a financial project, whats that technique called? l: Capital budgeting

  9. CONTINUED Interviewer 3: Name so techniques. I . Interviewer: Which one is better and why? l: IRR is better. Because it has a more rational assumption as to its discount rate. Interviwer3: So you've participated in high jump in school. Now a days athelets use l: NPV, IRR, ARR ETC this technique in which they jump, jumping from back? l: Slopsburry

  10. CONTINUED Interviewer3: Flopsburry" Interviewer 4: You're from Jaipur, when was Jaipur built? l: 1727 Interviewer 4: Date? I: I'm sorry sir, I don't know Interviewer4: It's okay, you're right about the date. Ok so , you've been to Lond for exchange in school. Which airport did you land at?