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Comprehensive Study Plan For UPSC Mains Preparation​ by Rohan Botre (AIR 187 CSE- 2015)
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This lesson deals with the discussion on the study plan which Rohan Botre followed and secured AIR 187 in CSE 2015. As the lesson starts one will find a brief suggestion on how to prepare for mains language paper. Then he shifts his focus on explaining the resources which he used to prepare for general studies paper 1, 2, 3, and 4 of CSE mains examination. Lastly, he suggests the books which one can refer​ and crack Public Administration.

Rohan Botre
Rank in CSE- 2015: 187, B.E in Civil from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, MS in Civil Engineering.

Unacademy user
Hello Sir, you have completed btech and ms in civil , then there is any specific reason for not choosing civil engineering as optional in cse? I am also from civil engineering background and want to take civil engineering as optional.
If possible please do share your strategy for public administration.... How u faced the new subject being with science background.... Especially answer writing ...all about thinkers and theories etc...
Rohan Botre
3 years ago
yes ill make a video on pubad for sure.. ill discuss in detail the strategu for pub ad
Manoj Rajapurkar
3 years ago
Thanks a lot sir.... Congratulations on your success and all the best for your future... Sir please help n guide us about answer writing and how you skilled yourself in answer writing
Hello sir, you were btech and ms in civil engineering. Then why did you chose to take pub ad as an optional why not civil engg ? Please reply i am also from engg. background studying in iit kgp and want to take maths as an optional. So i would like to know your views of not chos?ing technical optional .
sir please share ur public administration strategy.....plese..........i have no such guide for it...............please hlp in htis regard sir.....................
sir please make a strategy for public administration plzzz
  1. Prelims and Mains Study Plarn Presented by Rohan Botre

  2. About me . Rank in CSE 2015: 187 B.E in Civil from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune MS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, USA . Course fee: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Mains: Compulsory Language Paper Compulsory language paper Your preparation strategy / booklist? Did not prepare any specific thing Newspaper would be the best source for preparation English paper marathi... Read marathi newspaper for 2 months before the exam and wrote a page daily from that newspaper. Your regional language

  4. General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 Topic How did you prepare? CCRT+NCERT (fine arts ). This area can fetch good marks if studied well. Culture is a neglected area by most of the aspirants. I focussed on these two sources and tried to revise them before the mains exam.. Plz complete culture part during prelims stage itself. Culture Spectrum for modern history. If reading is done in between Indian history the lines of this book, an aspirant can write good answers for the modern history part.

  5. General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 Topic How did you prepare? Book by arjun dev.. According to me this is the single best source for world history. World history Post-independence some notes that i got from old Rejoinder nagar book India Indian society Role of women, poverty etc. store pradhanmantri series. Online articles+ Newspaper Online articles+ Newspaper

  6. General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 How did you prepare? Topic Globalization on Indian society Communalism, regionalism, secularism NIL Online articles+ Newspaper Resource distribution Khuller and majid hussain

  7. General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 How did you prepare? G .C leong + NCERT (11TH AND 12TH) majid hussain for selective part...Geog is a very imp part of the mains paper.. so tried to prep this part well during the prelims exams itself. Topic World geo physical Factors for industrial location Khuller and majid hussain Earthquake tsunami etc. Internet and NCERTs

  8. General Studies (Mains) Paper 2 Topic Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressal etc. How Did You Prepare? Indian Constution, Comparing Constitution with world Laxmikant polity and public administration + newspaper + insightsonindia Parliament, state Legislatures Executive-judiciary

  9. General Studies (Mains) Paper 2 Topic How Did You Prepare? Welfare schemes, bodies Internet PIBOnline articles Social sector, health, education, HRD Online articles insightsonindia ARC reports ARC reports ARC reports Governance, transparency, accountability e-governance Role of civil service

  10. General Studies (Mains) Paper 2 How Did You Prepare? Topic India & neighbors Bilateral/global grouping Effect of foreign country policies on Newspaper + Indian interest Diaspora International bodies- structure mandate

  11. General Studies (Mains) Paper 3 Topic Environmental impact assessment How Did You Prepare? gk today + unacademy + insightsonindia relevent documents from the internet. Most imp are the stages of disaster management economis survey+ Disaster Management Infra

  12. General Studies 4: Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude How Did You Prepare? prepared 6-7 thinkers from online pages... Plz undertand the crux of these thinkers thoughts. This crux can be used in several answers. Several test papers that were available in the market. Topic Moral thinkers of India and world Case studies on above topics

  13. Booklist for Public Administration . Fadia and fadia for selective chapter. Arc reports ( local self gov, financial mgmt, law and order mgmt, district adm, social capital, disaster mgmt) . Arora goel . Stephen robins: Organization and other related topics. . Mohit bhattacharya . prasad and prasad (thinkers) Laxmikant for PA (must read)