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Success Strategy and Words of Wisdom by Naman Upadhyaya AIR 106 (CSE 2015)
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In this lesson, Naman who himself secured a rank 106, in CSE 2015, has shed light on this basic strategy to crack CSE. As the lesson starts Naman speaks on how he preferred electronic as well as the paper material during his preparation. He also emphasized on few important materials which the aspirants can refer to. Then he has briefed about the routine of his preparations which ultimately led him to succeed in his endeavours. Lastly, he has shared his thoughts on the result which obtained and the things which he learnt during this time.

Naman Upadhyaya
AIR 106 in CSE 2015.

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My all time fav teacher..
I'm new student in CSE
Very Useful for aspirant who are doing self study!!!
Very Useful for aspirant who are doing self study!!!
Gap in daf? meaning.
Naman Upadhyaya
3 years ago
For example you graduated in 2013 and didn't do anything except prep. So there is gap from 2013 till 2017.

  2. About me . Rank in CSE-2015 106 . 29 year old . 5 attempts . Maritime Engineering, 8.9 Maritime Engineering, 8.9 . Course fees: CONTRIBUTIE . Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. ELECTRONIC VS PAPER MATERIAL It was combined-microsoft one note + cam scanner Day was divided into 4 slots Morning-news paper-The Hindu extensively,Indian express (quickly),feedly, Gs static portion. Afternoon and evening - optional Night-revision Night revision In between videos - mrunal/Rstv/pradhanmantri,samvidhaan Anwer writing on daily basis + weekly Gs Test / P.Ad tests

  4. TEMPO AND STYLE hours daily only during the Consistency is the key because momentum cannot be sustained for more than a year. Never ever miss news paper and create backlog. Family,friends,yoga and meditation helped to cope up with mood swings. I readIR related news/videos/books keep my mood refreshed as it was period between pre and mains (sept-dec) 14-15 s. 7-8 hours. 2. keep my mood refreshed as it was my hobby,

  5. INSECURITY ABOUT PROFILE x No. I didn't suffered from any. * my father advice me not to worry about the gap in daf. s I had almost 6 years of gap. Don't be apologetic. be honest and tell the not say anything which you cannot defend. s Only write things which you can say with CONVICTION. Don't fill up your daf with inconsequential things.

  6. WISDOM- WHAT HAVE I LEARNT? Don't have ego and always be open to criticism. Never get demotivated or disheartened. Exam is more about mental strength. Focus on 3 things x x + Consistency + Revision + time management. x Base books ncerts/no coaching material only GOI publication IYB/Eco.SURVEY/ARCS/YOJNA/WEB SITES x Don't be Insecure. No single strategy