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Strategy to Crack Geography Optional in UPSC CSE by Meena Uppaluri (AIR 326, CSE 2015)
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In this lesson, one will be able to learn on how to ace Geography optional paper in CSE by Meena, who herself cracked CSE and secured AIR 326 in 2015. As she begins she gives a brief overview of Geography subject as optional. Then she shifts her focus on explaining success strategy to crack this subject based on her personal experience. She also suggests best reading material available for cracking this subject. She provides tips to approach paper 1 and paper 2. Lastly, she also shares words of wisdom for all the UPSC CSE aspirants.

Meena Uppaluri
AIR 326 - UPSC CSE 2015 (IRS - IT), Electronics Engineer from IIT Kharagpur

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Mam u cracked cse 15 exam.... But u started preparing geo from June 15... How u made it within gap between pre and mains... Did read all standard books that u listed.... And pls reply. And am going to attempt cse 19... Help me
mam ..can you suggest online or pendrive course for geography optional..from delhi ?
Mam tell me about the book of geography for optional in upsc. Is the preparation of optional subject can be done at home wihout taking tution? How much time is required for this?
Too much artificial language you are using. Definitely westernization have power to capture any culture. A clear example of inferiority complex in our mind.
Too much artificial language you are using. Definitely westernization have power to capture any culture. A clear example of inferiority complex in our mind.
  1. How to tackle Geography Optional for CSE By Meena Uppaluri

  2. About Me AIR 326 -UPSC CSE 2015 (IRS-IT) Electronics Engineer-lIT Kharagpur, 2014 Course Fees : Contribute

  3. Geography as optional Very popular .Vast course syllabus Unpredictable + open-ended + unconventional questions every year My credentials with Geo: First timer with Geo, novice Scored 109 + 109 in CSE, 15 No coaching, solely self prepared Started preparation for Geography in June,15

  4. My Mantra "Read LESS, practise MORE" Basic Strategy: Cover all standard books e Write answers Do previous year questions

  5. Reading Material Book List Physical Geo-Savindra Singh Human Geo 3 books of Majid Hussain: Evolution of Geographical Thought e Models in Geography Human Geography Indian Geography Khullar Other sources: MrVP Gautam geography notes uploaded on Ms Rajtanil geography videos on (to understand few concepts) . Internet

  6. Topics to focus - Paper 1 Physical Geography Read the conventional topics thoroughly along with diagrams. Read Environmental Geo part with open ended perspective

  7. Topics to focus - Paper 1 Human geography: Very important, helps when physical geo questions are out of the box! Models, Population & settlements: mostly static qns, prepare all theories well along with diagrams Regional Planning qns asked in a very general way. Study each topic w.r.t geo perspective. Search for case studies & examples wherever possible Economic Geo: open ended qns being asked. Prepare each topic with current examples, case studies & maps. (Eg For a qn on man induced famines asked last yr, I explained it with a case study of Sahel region) Perspectives VERY VERY Important Topic Max. chunk of questions " Read thoroughly all topics with contemporary applicability Be very thorough with the timeline of evolution of different theories & branches of geography.

  8. Topics to focus : Paper 2 Map : don't spend much time, just do the previous yrs locations Khullar alone is insufficient, search for new maps, current examples, latest statistics to enrich the answer Open ended questions in 2nd part - try to answer in a geographical way - using maps, theories of paper 1(preferably by Indian geographers), lots of examples wherever possible I drew at least an India map for every qn. in Paper 2

  9. Answer Writing Did not join a test series Wrote answers on a daily basis on lasbaba(online site)- my handle (mu_11) Did all the previous yr. Devoted 6 hours everyday for Geo until Mains. ans. (atleast frameworks)

  10. Words of Wisdom No such thing as an easy optional Every optional has its ups & downs, so does Geography Consistency, Perseverance & Smart preparation can help one sail through (with a bit of luck of course ;))