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Time Management To Improve Efficiency During Preparation By Gandharva Rathore (AIR 93)
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We’ll have enormous quality resources while preparing for an examination but at times, we’ll miss out the most important topics without knowing the proper skills of managing time. This lesson will shed light on the keys where you will be able to know and learn time management to improve efficiency during the preparation. This lesson helps you to know what mindset you need to embrace during your preparation, know what routine you should adapt, learn what best you can do in free time and what you can restrict, and other motivational practices which will help you face exam without any negative thought.

Gandharwa Rathore
Secured AIR 93 in UPSC CSE 2015. Pursued UG & PG from SRCC, New Delhi.

Unacademy user
Thank you so much for this guidance. It is more helpful than any other videos.
I have also watched ur videos list u have shared,ur interview ur note making process that really helped me a lot.and today u have made such an awesome video which is necessary for every candidate to make them pushing themselves. Thank u so much mam..keep uploading more videos on so many important topics..
Thank you very much ma'm. You have shredded out many doubts of mine.
mam,i am a beginner,so,i m reading ncert but facing difficulty in what 'fact' to learn and what to not.please,guide me
Ishan Sharma
3 years ago
you don't have to learn , read it , understand it .. understanding should be very clear
Siddharth Singh
3 years ago
if i don't learn the facts,then,how will i be able to remember the things
Jasleen Natt
3 years ago
see the syllabus for UPSC
I started from class 6th geography .first chapter is our solar system so as i started reading i found full moon and new moon there ,i noted it down and then googled about it den there was a defination and other things .now my question is if see so many keywords there in defination like ecliptic longitude ,lunar phase etc should i note them all with thier definition and their key words too? If i do so material will get lengthy . So what is the best way to make notes .pls answer

  2. ABOUT ME CSE Rank (2015): 93 Total attempts:2 Age: 24 years UG & PG from SRCC, Delhi Course fees: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. TYPICAL DAY Wake up at 8.30am First study session at 9a . Lunch at around 1pm 2.30pm - Random videos from Unacademy Second study session from 4pm to 7pm Third study session from 9pm to 11pm Sleep for 8 to 9 hours

  4. TEMPO AND STYLE 9 to 10 hours of studying 6 hours of free time Motivational videos A hobby class for 15-20 days Yoga classes for a month A strict no to facebook/WhatsApp . . Motivational videos . .

  5. STRUGGLE AS A SENIOR PLAYER Learnt from mistakes in first attempt Stopped relying on luck Started from ground zero Semester exams every 2-3 months

  6. BACKUP AND INSECURITIES NET-JRF and lecturing Another attempt in case of not qualifying Stressed on knowledge, body language and confdence

  7. MESSAGE Self reliance Don't waste time on worrying Stay motivated .

  8. CREDITS . Mother helped with tea and breakfast Motivation from Rachit Rawat (CSE 2015, Rank 140) for booklist, topper interview and other course related videos