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How to crack UPSC CSE 1.2 Mains by Pulkit Garg (AIR-27)
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This is the part 2 in the Study Plan for UPSC CSE by Pulkit Garg (AIR-27) in UPSC CSE 2015. He provides an exhaustive topic wise breakdown of important sources from where you should study these topics. He covers everything from paper 1 to paper 4. He has given an extremely candid advice and has talked about only realistic tips which helps in the exam.

Pulkit garg
AIR 27 (UPSC-CSE 2015), IIT Delhi Graduate, IRTS (Rank 490 in 2014). Love listening music.

Unacademy user
Thank you sir... For your kind and helping suggestions, and for motivation... Looking forward for more such videos.
Sir,kindly make a separate and detailed video regarding chemistry optional and give us a 360° view of it.That will be very helpful.Thanks in anticipation.
Sarthak Gupta
4 years ago
Yes, please do this. It would be very helpful !
Pulkit garg
4 years ago
definitely..would do that very soon :)
Pranoy Banerjee
4 years ago
Sir ,what's the update on that?
Pranoy Banerjee
3 years ago
Sir,there is no update and its august.
Thank you Sir , your videos are awesome.I am a novice right now and i am yet to start my preparation for CSE. As you said strategy matters, and i have a basic question regarding it.If you study a subject would it be better to approach the subject with prelims and mains point of view together or should i first read for prelims point of view and then mains(that is after i complete all my subs for prelims). I know my question is too novice but i need your help.
Are vajiram's yellow books available in markets of other states? Can we order online?
AK Verma
3 years ago
maybe by post you cn call vajiram Delhi office & ask no. z available on d internet
Mainak Ghosh
3 years ago
I am also confused about the vajiram yellow books availability in kolkata..& ABHAY ji I think u r talking about their Postal Notes Service..but is it easy to search in market..plzzz help me
3 years ago
Generelly its not easy decision to quit a good job.the positive attitude bring u to beat such a toughest exam.
  1. Study Planfor UPSC CSE Presented by Pulkit Garg (AIR 27, CSE 2015)

  2. About me . AIR 27 (UPSC CSE 2015) . AIR 490, CSE 2014 . Alumni Of IIT Delhi . Course fees: CONTRIBUTIE .Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 How did you prepare?" Almost left( No depth preparation), Nitin Singhania,CCRT,NIOs,1 1th fine arts book Topic Culture Indian history World history Bipin Chandra+NCERT Norman Lower+Roman's Video( For key ints) Post-independence India Indian society Bipin chandra/Vision IAS not es 11th & 12th sociology, current affairs, common sense Role of women, poverty etc Globalization on Indian society Communalism, regionalism, secularism World geo physical Resource distribution Factors for industrial location Earthquake tsunami etc Impact on flora-fauna Vision IAS notes NCERT (1 1th & 12th )+wiki NCERT+Mrunal NCERT+Mrunal Vision IAS notes General

  4. General Studies (Mains Paper 2 Topie Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressak etc Comparing Constitution with world Parliament, State Legislatures Executive- Judiciary Ministries Departments Pressure group,informal asso Representation of peoples act Various bodies: Constitutional, statutorv, NGO, SHG etc Welfare schemes, bodies Social Sector, health, education, HRD How did you prepare? Laxmikanth Vision Notes Laxmi Current Affairs (CA) Wiki Vision Notes Vision Notes Vision Notes Vision NotesN ewspaper Current Affairs-- newspaper+mrunaltinsights+vision ias (Made notes of Important schemes) Current Affairs Vision NotesCurrent Affairs Governance, transparency, accountability E-Governance

  5. General Studies (Mains) Paper 2 How did you prepare? Vision Notes Rajiv Sikri-IR book+CA+Vajiram book on IR+ Vision notes on IR -do- -do- Topie Role of civil service India and neighbours Bilateral/Global Grouping Effect of foreign country policies on Indian nterest Diaspora International bodies Structure Mandate -do-

  6. General Studies (Mains) Paper3 How did you prepare?* Mrunal+Sriram's notes Economic Survey+CA Vision+CA Vision Vision + Geo NCERT MrunalVision+CA do -do -do Topic Indian economy, resource mobilization Inclusive Growth Budgeting Major crops, irrigation Agro produce - Storage,marketing E-Technology for farmers Farm Subsidies, MSP PDS, buffer, food security Technology mission Animal rearing economics Food Processing Land Reforms Liberalization do- Mrunal Mrunal Mrunal+Bipin Chandra 1 1th NCERT Eco

  7. General Studies (Mains) Paper3 Topic Infra Investment models Science tech day to day life Indian achievements in science and tech Awareness in IT, space, biotech, nano, IPR Environmental impact assessment Disaster Mgmt Non state actors, internal security Internal security - role of media,social networking site Cyber security Money laundering order Mgmt Organised crime, terrorism Security agencies- structure mandate How did you prepare? CA Vision Vision CA NIOS culture Last chapter Vision Vision 2nd ARC report Vajiram book on Internal security Vajiram Vajiram Wiki

  8. Genera Studier4 : ETHICS, INTEGRITY, APTITuDE Topic Ethics and interface, family, society and all the hathodaa topics Attitude, moral influence etc Civil service: integrity, impartiality, tolerance,weak etc Emotional intelligence,its use in governance Moral thinkers of India and world Ethics in pub, ad, accountability, laws, rules etc Corporate Governance Probity in governance, work culture Citizen charter, ethics code, work culture ow dial you prepare Chronicle Lexicon+Vision Lexicon Lexicon Lexicon Prepare Tagore, Plato Socrates Lexicon Vision Lexicon Vision Vision Challenges of corruption Case studies on above topics Past year papers mock tests

  9. OptionalSubject (Chemisty) Paper1 er l >Puri,Sharmav and Pathania (PSP)- will cover first 11 topics of paper-1 rv, out of total 15 topics >Notesby Brilliant Tutorials- cover all the topics brut aure too extensive at sometopics Notesof R.K. Singh Sir (DIAS foculty) >Notesof AbhijeetAgrawalSir CAIR-24 CSE 2009) which are available onhis blog athttp:/labhijeetagrawal

  10. > K.L.Kapoor: Volume-1 for States of the matter, Volume-2 for Thermodynamicsand Chemical equidibrium, Volume 3 for Phase equilibriumand Electrochemistry, Volumer4 for Quantum Chemistry, Volume-5 for Dynamics of Chemical Reactions Cue ChemicalKinetics) and Statisticalthermodynamics > InorganicChemistry by J. D. Lee for Inorganicportion (topic 12,13,14 and 15 of syllabus) > InorganicChemistry by Huheey et al an excellent book for Coordinationcompounds, Chemical Bonding, Main Group Chemistry and Bio-InorganicChemistry. Concise and conceptually very solid >Malik, Tuliand Madan Good for Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry,f-blockcompounds Boranes, Inter HalogenCompounds and Paurtof Electrochemistry