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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for UPSC CSE - Ansar Shaikh (AIR 361, CSE 2015)
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In this lesson, Ansar throws light on the mistakes which UPSC CSE aspirants commonly commit. He also explains how one can avoid it.

Ansar Shaikh
1st Graduate of My Generation, IAS (Rank 361, CSE 2015)

Unacademy user
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Akhilesh kumar
a year ago
your words means alot
Ansar.. amazing guy....things which u shared it is relatable...and by listening u...feel so good.. positive... and am thankful to u..for these real problems sharing...
sir please tell us some online websites sir unacademy is alone enough ah? or we have study some other stuffs?
Hai sir my name is Ravitej and I am from udupi dist in Karnataka. Now I am 18 yr and I am studying 1st yr b. Com degree and I would like to get started my UPSC journey now itself. So I am requesting you to provide me total info about how you studied and also please provide us the appropriate list of books as per the exams which would reduce our confusion. Please give us the right direction sir. Give us info about books by the name of author and the title of books under the appropriate name of the exams. For example, for Prelims which books and for mains which books and other journals or newspapers etc. Plzz remember to provide information sir.
oh my god you completely changed me .your views ,your thoughts and perspective brings something new to my life .your way of thinking and understanding the truth of examination really boost my confidence.
Thank u very much sir for sharing ur experiences with us really got very inspiration do make such videos again plz sir we really love ur guidance n need ur help
  1. About Me S. Ansar Shaikh BA pol sci. Fergusson college, Pune 1st graduate of my generation 2015-AIR 361 IAS @ 21 Marathi medium Pol sci.

  2. Common mistakes made by UPSC CSE ASPIRANTS

  3. Reading n number of books for a single topic For example Current affairs- my experience . GS- History . Websites

  4. Solely relying on Coaching Facilitator-Bhag milkha Bhag > Number of students attending- success ratio self study

  5. lgnoring boring but important topics Definition of boring vary! For me- science tech- GS3 79 . Don't do it If u ignore it, you will be ignored

  6. Studying irrelevant topics UPSC-CSE = Ocean So you cannot prepare for everything People reading Sarva shiksha abhiyan- is it in news? If you try to hold EVERYTHING, you hold NOTHING" o ii

  7. Reading without analyzing UPSC-CSE How to read? Which are the most important topics? (perpetual state of confusion) = what UPSC CSE is? 1 month- analysis i.e Syllabus + Previous years question paper

  8. Motivation Hard work Focus Consistency Patience & so on

  9. answer Why do you want to join Civil services?

  10. Wasting time - Gossips - Social media He did this n that Oh he is having reservation