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Strategy, Booklist and Resource of Shalini Duhan (AIR 21 CSE 2015) to Crack CSE Prelims
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This lesson highlights the strategy of Shalini Duhan, AIR 21 (UPSC CSE 2015) to crack CSE prelims. She speaks about the preference of choosing proper resources, both online and offline. Then she sheds light on the booklist which she referred to Crack prelims General studies and aptitude. She also has explained the etiquettes which you can follow to yield a good score in mains essay writing. She also speaks about the positive approach which she had while writing CSE. She ends this lesson by stating a meaningful quote " It's better to try and fail rather than not trying at all", which is sure to boost your confidence for accomplishing your dream to crack CSE. ​

Shalini Duhan
AIR 21 CSE 2015, Bio Medical Engineering

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awesome course ????????
Srinidhi s
2 years ago
thank you
Did you take coaching ?
Thank you very much for your inspiring and informative presentation madam. I work in an PSU bank as Asst Manager. I had read The Hindu for three months. Even though I enjoyed reading news paper, it consumed lot of time and I could not spare time for reading Ncerts. Hence I wanted to skip news paper and study Vision IAS for current affairs. Is this a good move?
What's ur booklist for pubad??
Pls tell me about medical sciences for pre and mains
Thanks a lot. I think proper guidance and encouragement is very necessary to achive goal.
  1. Strategy For Cracking UPSC CSE Presented by Shalini Duhan

  2. About Me AIR 21 (UPSC CSE 2015) AIR 100 IPS (UPSC CSE 2014) . AIR 190 IRS (UPSC CSE 2013) B.Tech Biomedical engineering ,83%, DCRUST Murtha!, Sonipat. 2011 . Course fees : Contribute . Watch awesome courses for UPSC CSE at Unacademy

  3. Electronic Vs Paper material My main source material for preparation was paper material especially the newspapers, which I supplemented with online information Considering the huge amount of material available on web, it is important that the aspirants are not baffled by it and utilize it effectively and smartly. It can prove to be very useful if one knows the art of using it. So, my preparation mainly revolved around newspapers, standard reference books like NCERT's. magazines like Yojana, Down to Earth, concise study material like vision IAS test answer sheets, Current affairs booklets and very selective web sites like mrunal, IDSA etc. and answer writing through test series.

  4. Career Backup I decided to appear in the UPSC exam after I had cleared SSC. I always had a job to fall back on. I think it was a major factor for me to appear in the exam without much stress and l could clear it in the first attempt itself.

  5. Words of Wisdom Topic Strategy/booklist/comment History Ancient History Medieval History Modern (Freedom Struggle) Culture society Polity (theory + current) Economy (theory + current) Science (theory+ current) Environment (theory + current) Geography (Physical) Geography (India) Geography (World) Other National/International current affairs NCERT NCERT NCERT Modern India Bipin Chandra Nitin Singhania, NCERT-Art Laxmikant, Sriram Material Economic survey, Sriram Booklet, Ncert Class Notes, Current Affairs Booklet Vajiram Booklet on Env., Shankar Booklet NCERT, G.C.Leong, Class Notes NCERT NCERT Newspapers, Vajiram & Vision IAS Current affairs Booklets, IDSA, Yojana & Frontline-selected articles Same- Schemes, Policy & Filler

  6. Prelims (CSAT) General studies My preparation of Prelims has not been separate from that of mains. It's just that before Pre, one has to read material in specific details and practice accordingly. Go through previous year question papers.

  7. Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude I practiced sample tests at home only. Yes, Practice is very important for both time management as well as learning how to apply the knowledge in solving questions.

  8. MAINS: ESSAY Fetching marks in Essay requires two things: 1. Knowledge Base 2. Presentation/writing Skills. I believe reading all the material for Mains preparation creates a strong foundation in terms of Knowledge base. So, first part is done automatically if one has prepared thoroughly For Second part, it varies individually. One should analyse where one stands in terms of writing skills and work accordingly. Can write one or two essays and get them checked and work on the feedback.

  9. MAINS: ESSAY I wrote on Science and technology is the panacea for the growth and security of the nation. This was in 2013 Mains and had secured 135 marks. I prepared the framework for almost entire essay in first one hour( since only one essay was there) Started and ended with a quote. covered all aspects-historical, international, administrative, economical etc Sketched it on 4G-Growth, Green ,Governance ,Gender Included lots of examples, some facts and indices rankings for India etc.

  10. Insecurity about profile I am not from a big college. I have done major part of my schooling in Hindi Medium and was not working when I appeared for the first UPSC interview. In fact if one is appearing in interview with such background, he/she should be feeling very confident and aware of their capabilities and not insecure. That's how I always felt. Unnecessarily thinking about all this affects the morale and lowers the confidence. So, focus on the preparation, give your best and stay optimistic.