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Tips To Crack UPSC CSE In Your First Attempt by Debotosh Chatterjee (AIR 406)
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In this lesson, you'll know the experience of Debotosh on how he succeeded to crack UPSC CSE in his first attempt. He begins his talk very vital aspect determination and explains how crucial is for anyone to be self-determined. Then he sheds light on his keys which made him clear the UPSC CSE in the very first attempt. He then provides suggestions which he feels will help you to crack UPSC CSE in the similar manner as he did. The things which should be avoided during the preparations have also been discussed.

Debotosh Chatterjee
Chemical Engineer from Jadavpur University. Secured AIR 406 in UPSC CSE 2015. Loves to read books.

Unacademy user
at 5.49 why is R*B wrong?
Siddhant Jain
a year ago
$ ka reverse Karo box dekhke.. Toh * nhi aata Isliye ye galat h
10 days ago
but sir $ ka reverse Karey toh % ayega so * or % Ek he family k ha so * ko preference dengey na than sahi ho jaega
Sir, i am very sure about everything that i can get through this exam but one major hurdle in my way is the answer writing part in mains. Can you please guide me with answer writing like hiw should i articulate my knowledge onto paper.
Read this -
Thanks Sir Can u plzz tell me sources of environment
Vikash Rajput
3 years ago
is there any source to study at unacademy ncert books in hindi medium completely
Sir, Pleass give a complete book list for preparing CSE. How to get mock series for prilims & mains as I am from bengal,hoogly district.How can I get those mock series & it can be checked by any authentic platform??? Please help me.
Many congratulations to dear Chatterjee sir for your grand success on very first attempt. Your video is very helpful and inspiring and it is full of positive energy for those who thinks that carcking the exam in one year with a course curriculum of preimer college is next to impossible, but you did it and I hope many more will follow from next year onwards. In your video you said you worked as a free lancer for 5 years and that helped you to buold up your writting skills. I request you to make a special video over it so that many college students and others who lack in writting skills can follow your path and build their skills of writting. Thanks a lot for telling your inspirational journey.
नमस्ते sir.. Thanks for this amazing video.. If possible, then kindly provide some information regarding PHILOSOPHY optionals through someone as I also belong to a small town with no proper guidance.. I will be utterly grateful..
How to Crack UPSC in the very first attempt? “Right strategy and Guidance is what makes the difference—the only thing that makes the difference.” <a href="">Read More</a>

  2. ABGUT ME AIR 406 (UPSC CSE 2015) . B.E Chemical Engineering, Jadavpur University . Course fees: CONTRIBUTE . Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. STAY ETERMINE! Preparing for UPSC Civil Service exam since December 2014 Time was always at a premium Steadfast determination to clear it in my very 1st attempt at ALL costs

  4. WHY I SUCCEEDED? Developed writing skills working as a Freelancer (5 . Crucial element made me confident about clearing Mains .NO other distraction w.r.t Career choice Did not appear for college placement Introvert by nature, followed my own instincts . Doing more with less resources . No coaching, no social life for 18 months vorking as a Freelancer (5 years) No coaching, no social life for 18 months

  5. THE FIRST ATTEMPT? . Firm belief and determination about cracking the exam . Do not research too much, focus on understanding if you are really interested in Civil Services Syllabus MUST be completed smartly . Not more than 1 or 2 books for any subject in Prelims Revise more than 5 times before the exam

  6. CUNTINUED . For mains, dedicate 75% of your time on current affairs . Restrict yourself to a few trusted websites/online platforms Mrunalng, nacademy in, IDSA, RSTV Dedicate equal time to GS& Optional

  7. CUNTINUED . Practice answer writing with full dedication " Practice answer wniting with full dedication Time management skill improve Time management skills improve .CSE Mains - Motto of your life Take a day off every one or two weeks

  8. PITF ALLS MISTAKES TU AVUID Wasting time in online forums and groups in the name of p . Buying too many books, and feeling overwhelmed and losing way in the middle listening to too much gyaan, from too many friends and well wishers . Ignoring answer writing . Wasting time in online forums and groups in the name of preparation Worrying about which coaching to attend . Performing regular treasure hunt on internet

  9. P.S. If you are afraid of failure, then CSE is a risky venture. Once you take the plunge into the uncertain world of UPSC give your best but always be prepared to face the worst. And yes, Karmanve vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana