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Part 2 - Today's Lab Assistant Answer Key(In Malayalam)
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Answer key of Lab Assistant Exam held on 28-07-2018(51 to 100)

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
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Unacademy user
Thanks sir... It's really helpful
88 nte eqn aarelum paranj tharumo pls
sir. English & maths explain cheythu tharuvo? lab nte question paper ans matre parayunnollu.namuk ariyathe ond sir plz.
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  2. Answer Key

  3. Answer Key Lab Assistant Exam 28-07-2018

  4. jo @os10m'a lsoojam (unna ( (A) aio9o (C) uorl (B) 1956 DOlosrii 1 (D) 1956 osno 11 (C) 1947 mp1011 (B) ajg (S) @ ag gl( 8 (C) @OM 03 nDoave

  5. 61. Identify the part of speech that is underlined She has a beautiful handwriting. (A) Adjective (C) Noun (B) Adverb (D) Verb 62. Roy stood first in the test 2 (A) hadn't he? (C) won't he? (B) didn't he? (D) wasn't he? 63. Shreya is the student in her class. (A) clever ( ) cleverest (B) cleverer (D) more clever Change into reported speech. Anu said to him, "When'll you marry me? 64. 9 (A) (B) (C) (D) Anu asked him when would he marry her. Anu asked him when he would marry her. Anu asked him when would he married her Anu asked him when he would married her. 65. If he hadn't fallen sick, he the exanm (A) ( ) would has written would have written (B) (D) would have been written would write She comes to school (A) by (C) to 66. bus. on (D) in 67. How much is a baker's dozen? (A) 12 (C) 24 13 (D) 20 68. Choose the synonym of- ludicrous (A) absurd (C) abjure (B) (D) absolve None of the above 69. What is a female sheep called? (A) Ram (C) Ewe (B) Lamb (D) Calf 70. Antonym of - bravery (A) courage (C) conceal (B) cowardice (D) construct

  6. 71. Select the idiom which means unable to reach a decision a 1. (A) ( ) Miss the boat Sit on the fence (B) Once in blue moon (D) The last straw 72. It is difficult to his rude behaviour (A) put on (C) put into (B) (D) put up with put in 73. He will do the work. (Change into passive voice) (A) (B) (C) (D) The work will done by him The work will be do by him. The work will be did by him The work will be done by him. 74. Choose the correctly spelt word (A) Twelfth ( ) Twelvth (B) (D) Twelveth None of the above 75. What do you call a group of owls? (A) Pride (C) Party (B) Pandemonium (D) Parliament 76. Fools rush in where angels fear to (A) tread (C) threat (B) thread (D) treat 77. Pick out the one word for - think about something for a long time. (A) Contempt ( ) Confront (B) Contest (D) Contemplate 78. He fell ill after contaminated food. (A) eat (C) eaten (B) ate (D) eating 79. The meaning of the word - debauch ery (A) immortal (C) immoral (B) immaculate (D) imminent 80. John as well as his parents coming. (A) are (C) has (B) were (D) is

  7. 81. oj m0LDAo rosso al de Rormon m2 4 m. cno o oo3 @o long 0 vooroSexg (A) 4 mu, an (A) I (C) 3 (D) 0 (B) 7 (A) 160 al. dl (B) 170 al. l (C) 180 al. cfi (D) 190al. n)(a)? (A) 110 ]i (B) 108 ojni (D) 104 cojni (C) 106 (A) 2 (C) 5 (B) 10 (D) 24

  8. (A) 2 (C) 10 (B) 4 (D) 15 (A) 5 (B) 6 (C) 7 (D) 8 (A) 150 (C) 250 (B) 200 (D) 300 90. 74088-ooioenajelo n)o)'? (A) 22 (B) 32 (D) 52 ( ) 42 91. eo (A) 150 oxru. ci. (C) 160 sru. ci. (D) 170 au. (B) 4 (D) 6 (A) 3 (C) 5 93. 15.000 org 10% (9) 3.150 (A) 3.000 a (C) 3250 nJ (D) 3.500 ni

  9. 94. 5+115... +100 ))? (A) 1000 (C) 1100 (B) 1050 (D) 1200 124 x 93 x 4 63 82 27 95. (A) 162 (C) 172 (B) 168 (D) 180 (B) (D) 20al.onu. . 100a. m. an. (A) 14 (C) 12 (B) 13 (D) 11 (A) 400 ojJi (C) 450 oni (B) 425 oJJ (D) 500 onl (A) 2:3 (C) 4:6 (B) 4:9 (D) 8:27 (A) 2 (C) 8 (B) 4 (D) 16