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(6-7-2018)Recently asked Constitution Questions(In Malayalam)
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Constitution questions from Block Panchayath secretary held on 25-06-2018

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Mansoorali Kappungal
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Plz make the next video of one word substitution course.
സാര്‍ മുത്താണ്.... ❤️
sir in your previous video you have mentioned it as article 19-1(A-F).But in this video you have mentioned G instead of F.which is crct ??
f deleted
a year ago
ok thanks sir
Noufal Armi
a year ago
Praveen Jose
10 months ago
Ok thanks sir
OOps somthing went wrong ennu ezhuthi kanikkunnu
Super class thanks sir
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions By Mansoorali

  2. Question41:-Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the provisions as to State emergency? A:-Article 356 B:-Article 352 C:-Article 354 D:-Article 360 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question42:-The Directive Principles of State Policy isin A:-Mandatory B:-Challengeable C:-Right D:-Directory Correct Answer:- Option-D Question43:-Part IV of the Indian Constitution deals with A:-Union and its Territory B:-Citizenship C:-Directive Principles of State Policy D:-Fundamental Rights Correct Answer:- Option-C Question44:-Article 19(1)(c) of the Indian Constitution deals with A:-to freedom of speech and expression B:-to assemble peaceably and without arms C:-to form associations or unions D:-to move freely throughout the territory of India Correct Answer: Option-C Question45:-The tem "Secular" was added to the preamble of Indian Constitution by the Amendment. A- 42 (nd) amendment B:- 43 (rd) amendment C:- 44(th)' amendment D-45 (th) amendment Correct Answer:- Option-A

  3. Question46-The power to amend the Indian Constitution rests with A:-The Parliament B:-The President C:-The Prime Minister D:-Governor Correct Answer:- Option-A Question47:-On the Constitution of India came into force. A:-22-6-1948 B:-17-2-1956 C:-25-6-1947 D:-26-1-1950 Correct Answer:- Option-D Question48:-The age of retirement of a Supreme Court judge is years A:-65 B:-68 C-60 D:-62 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question49: person. an order from a court to free a person who had been illegally detained by the police or any oth A:-Quo-Warranto B:-Prohibition C:-Mandamus D:-Habeas Corpus Correct Answer:-Option-D Question50:-Which trial court can award capital punishment? A:-Munsiff court B:-Sessions court C.-Sub Court D:-Magistrate Court Correct Answer:-Option-B