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(6-7-2018)Recently asked Constitution Questions(In Malayalam)
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Constitution questions from Block Panchayath secretary held on 25-06-2018

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
8/10, In last question..........ANY CITIZEN...??? (citizen of india may be below 18 or higher then 40 year, then how he is eligible..?), please sir clear me.
Rahul Nayan
2 years ago
Yeah it would have been better if age would have mentioned.
സാര്‍ മുത്താണ്.... ❤️
sir in your previous video you have mentioned it as article 19-1(A-F).But in this video you have mentioned G instead of F.which is crct ??
f deleted
9 months ago
ok thanks sir
Noufal Armi
9 months ago
Praveen Jose
9 months ago
Ok thanks sir
Super class thanks sir
OOps somthing went wrong ennu ezhuthi kanikkunnu
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions By Mansoorali

  2. Question41:-Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the provisions as to State emergency? A:-Article 356 B:-Article 352 C:-Article 354 D:-Article 360 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question42:-The Directive Principles of State Policy isin A:-Mandatory B:-Challengeable C:-Right D:-Directory Correct Answer:- Option-D Question43:-Part IV of the Indian Constitution deals with A:-Union and its Territory B:-Citizenship C:-Directive Principles of State Policy D:-Fundamental Rights Correct Answer:- Option-C Question44:-Article 19(1)(c) of the Indian Constitution deals with A:-to freedom of speech and expression B:-to assemble peaceably and without arms C:-to form associations or unions D:-to move freely throughout the territory of India Correct Answer: Option-C Question45:-The tem "Secular" was added to the preamble of Indian Constitution by the Amendment. A- 42 (nd) amendment B:- 43 (rd) amendment C:- 44(th)' amendment D-45 (th) amendment Correct Answer:- Option-A

  3. Question46-The power to amend the Indian Constitution rests with A:-The Parliament B:-The President C:-The Prime Minister D:-Governor Correct Answer:- Option-A Question47:-On the Constitution of India came into force. A:-22-6-1948 B:-17-2-1956 C:-25-6-1947 D:-26-1-1950 Correct Answer:- Option-D Question48:-The age of retirement of a Supreme Court judge is years A:-65 B:-68 C-60 D:-62 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question49: person. an order from a court to free a person who had been illegally detained by the police or any oth A:-Quo-Warranto B:-Prohibition C:-Mandamus D:-Habeas Corpus Correct Answer:-Option-D Question50:-Which trial court can award capital punishment? A:-Munsiff court B:-Sessions court C.-Sub Court D:-Magistrate Court Correct Answer:-Option-B