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(19-10-2018)GK from Junior Instructor Exam (in Malayalam)
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GK from Junior Instructor Exam (part 2)

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
Sir you told when p=+ve, arrow towards +ve x axis.But the answer of question no. 2 says different thing.
Sunil Arora thanneyalle. 23th chief election commissioner
Mubarish Subaidali
3 months ago
yes...ith kurach munne ulla class aan
16. sunil arora alle
Shabeeb C
9 months ago
ക്ലാസ്സ്‌ post ചെയ്തപ്പോൾ op rawat ആയിരുന്നു
Shabeeb C
9 months ago
ഇപ്പൊ arora
sir Mudra bank hq mumbai alle ?
Shabeeb C
9 months ago
Sangeeth Simon
7 months ago
mudra:Mumbai mahila bank:Delhi
Razina Rasi
3 months ago
sir h.q of mudra bank Mumbai alle??
Shabeeb C
9 months ago
Yes bro
sir present CEC sunil arora alle
Resmi b
a year ago
yes.... sir etu upload cheytatu a tiny munpapa.. if any change after that we should update it.... sir already told it to us
  1. Recently Asked GK Questions Mansoorali

  2. 11. The social reformer of Kerala, who is known as Vidyadhiraja (A) Vaikunda Swamikal (C) Chattampi Swamikal (B) (D) K.P. Kesava Menon Mannath Padmanabhan 12. Which of the following person translated the autobiography of Karl Marx into Malayalam? (A) Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai (B) E.M.S. Namboodiripad (C) A.K. Gopalan (D) E. . Nayanar 13. The social reformer who is known as 'Bharatha Kesari' is (A) . . Madhavan (C) K. Kelappan (B) Mannath Padmanabhan (D) P. Krishnapillai 14. After, which of the following consecration of Lord Shiva, Sree Narayana Guru replied, "I consecrated the Ezhava Shiva and not the Brahmin Shiva"? (A) Sivagiri (C) Thalassery (B) Aruvippuram (D) Aluva 15. The Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham was founded under the leadership of (A) Ayyankali (C) Vagbhadananda Gurukkal (B) Dr. Palpu (D) Sahodaran Ayyappan

  3. 16. The present Chief Election Commissioner of India is (A) (C) Umesh Sinha Om Prakash Rawat (B) Ashok Lavosa (D) Sunil Arora 17. The Head Quarters of I.S.R.O. is at (A) Bangalore (C) Delhi (B) Mumbai (D) Sriharikotta 18. The Australian cricketer who lost captaincy due to ball tampering scandal recently (A) David Warner (C) Cameron Bancroft (B) Steve Smith (D) Mitchel Starc 19. The first Nigerian actor to play a leading role in an Indian Film is (A) (C) Samuel Abiola Robinson Yemi Ajibade (B) Femi Adebayo (D) Ken Erics 20. The popular Science book on cosmology A Brief History of Time, is the work of (A) Issac Newton (C) Stephen Hawking (B) Charles Darwin (D) Albert Einstein