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1-8 GK from civil excise officer Exam ( Malayalam)
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1-8 questions from civil excise officer exam held on 31st January 2019

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
Thank you madam for your sharings. Please can you explain more on "only voluntary actions are moral",by Aristotle and how he supports his idea. Many times moral ideas are high to get voluntary support?
Sanjana .
3 years ago
Voluntary actions are those which are done by an individual by his/her freewill and they are not forced to perform that action. For example: you are forced to tell the truth, although the action of telling the truth is moral but you are "forced" to do so and its not according to your freewill. Therefore, you cannot be judged on this action as it was not because of your freewill that you did it. Freewill is necessary in voluntary actions and only those actions done in accordance to it can be judged as moral or immoral.
sir ithezhuthiyappol enik 84.34 marks kitty athu njan photo eduthayachu sir nu santhosham kond but pinne pedichitang delete cheythu anganokke ayakaavonnoru pedi fresh aayitoru exam ezhuthumbol above 80 kittunnath aadhyanu it's only because of your class and motivation only I got two negative
Reema babu
a year ago
Reema babu
a year ago
ഇതിന്റെ Credit full mansoor sir നു ആണോ
Jennifer S
a year ago
yes but+ njan kurach topics, current affairs ente reethiyil nokunnund athum sir mumb paranjirunnu angane cheyyanamennu athrem cheythullu eniku thanne ingane kittumenkil bakiyullavark 90 above kittum sure
Good.........sir nte class kudathe rankfile padikunnundo
Jennifer S
a year ago
yes kurachokke point aayit important ennu thonnunnava mathram ,
a year ago
a year ago
ingane real examinotu kituvem illa 🤕
Jasheeda ta
a year ago
which rank file are you prefer?
10 months ago
54 right..5 wrong..joined this course on december only...topics completed just now .. Now I have to do the question papers revision one by one...Revision complete ayalae good marks score cheyyan kazhiyu..Still running to reach with your daily timetable!!! Thank you for your massive effort sir..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...
89 question attend cheythu. 3 negative. 85 mark. Thank u Sir🙏
Syamili Nair
a year ago
sir nte class mathram depend cheythaano padikkunnath? current affairs okke palathum sirnte classil illarnnallo
Akhila Binu
a year ago
current affairs njan talent facebook page follow cheyyunnundu. Angane ezhuthi eduthanu padikkunnathu.
Syamili Nair
a year ago
thanks for your reply
Akhila Binu
a year ago
Atom bomb question Openheimer alle ennu doubt thonni... optionil openheimer undarunel athu thanne select cheythene.. thankyou for clearing tht sir.
70... attended..6 negative.... enikk.. exam tough aayirunnu...😥 especially current affairs...
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  4. THANK YOU Mansoorali Kappungal "Dream of Success and Work Hard for it"