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1-10 Gk from Lab Technician(Malayalam)
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GK Questions from Lab technician Exam held on 10-12-2018

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

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Just an off topic observation, your hair has quite the volume!
സർ, ഏറ്റവും തെക്കേ അറ്റത്തെ ഹിൽസ് എന്നു ഇതിൽ പറഞ്ഞത് കാർഡമോം ഹിൽസ് ആണ്.... മറ്റൊരിടത്തു പറഞ്ഞത് പൊന്മുടി ഹിൽസ് ഇല്ലെങ്കിൽ ആണ് കാർഡമോം ഹിൽസ് എന്നാണ്... ഏതാണ് ശരി
Sabu Kc
8 months ago
u r right.sir reply thannillalo.
Shabeeb C
7 months ago
ലേറ്റസ്റ്റ് വീഡിയോ നോക്ക്
sir...sirnte Capsules mathram follow cheythal mathiyo? Atho Koode previous guide koodenooka o...plzz reply
Sir ഞാൻ ee qp ansr ചെയ്തു ..One negtve വന്നു and one not ansred. cardmon hills negatve vannu,migration qstn not answered...
sir,ravile ith cheytirunu..17mark und..3ennam not attended.thsnk you sir
cheythu nokiyayirunnu.2 negative.cardomom hills &parliament of russia
  1. Recently Asked Gk YES U CAN... I AM WITH U unacademy Mansoorali Kappungal

  2. 1. The first meeting of Indian National Congress was held in Bombay in December 1885 under the leadership of A) Dadabhai Naoroji C) W.C. Banerjee B) Sir C. Sankaran Nair D) Badaruddin Tyabji 2. Who among the following was the author of the book 'Anand Math'? B) Ravindranath Tagore D) Bal Gangadhara Tilak A) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee C) Rajaram Mohan Roy 3. Identify the Governor General who introduced the Vernacular Press Act. A) Sir Ashely Eden C) Lord Lytton B) Warren Hastings D) Lord Stanely 4. Which among the following book was authorised by Mahatma Gandhi? A) My Truth C) Discovery of India B) Hindu View of Life D) Hindu Swaraj 5. On which among the following dates Jallianwala Bagh' Massacre took place? A) April 16, 1919 C) April 3, 1919 B) April 13, 1919 D) April 14, 1919

  3. 6. Which of the following part of India ever-green forest are found? A) Assanm B) Rajastan C) Odisha D) Uttar Pradesh 7. Which is the Southern most hills in India ? A) Anamudi hills C) Cardomom hills B) Nilgiri hills D) Ponmudi hills 8. Where is Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary is located? A) Kerala C) Tamil Nadu B) Andhra Pradesh D) Karnataka 9. What is 'Sex Ratio' A) Number of females per thousand males B) Number of females per hundred males C) Difference between birth rate and death rate D) Study of population growth 10. Which of the following migration of population does not change the size of the population? A) External migration C) International migration B) Internal migration D) National migration

  4. Palkonda Hill:s echachalam Hills Nilgiri Hills Dodda Betta Nagari Hills Javadi Hills Shevaroy Hills Panchaimalai Hills Sirumali Hills Anaimalai Hills Palani Hills Varushnad Hills Annal Mud Cardamom Hill

  5. 11. The Southern most part of Peninsular India, that is Kanyakumari is in A) North of Tropic of Cancer B) South of Equator C) South of Capricon D) North of Equator 12. The first Railway Line was opened from Bombay to Thana in 1853. Identify the Governor General who introduced it A) Lord Curzon C) Lord Ripon B) Lord Dalhousie D) Lord Wellesley 13. Who started "Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha"? A) Kumaranasan B) Poykayil Yohannan C) K.P. Kesava Menon D) Vaikunda Swamikal 14. Which social reformer of Kerala was honoured with the title of "Bharata Kesari"? A) Mannathu Padmanabhan B) Karuppan C) V.T. Bhattathirippadu D) Swami Sivayogi 15. Who has been hailed as the "Father of Modern Kerala Renaissance"? A) Vakkom Abdul Khadar Maulavi B) Ali Musaliyar C) Sree Narayana Guru D) Ayyankali

  6. 16. Which Maharaja of Travancore issued the Temple Entry Proclamation in 1936? B) Sree Moolam Thirunal D) Sree Chithra Thirunal 17. Who submitted "Ezhava Memorial" to Travancore Maharaja in 1896? A) Ayilyam Thirunal C) Utram Thirunal A) Dr. Palpu B) G.P. Pillai C) Muhammed Abdul Rahiman D) Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishnapilla 18. Identify the present Secretary General of U.N.O A) Ban Ki Moon B) Antonio Gutteres C) Kofi Annan D) Javier Perez de Cuellar 19. The Parliament of Russia is called A) Diet B) Duma C) Majlis D) National Assembly 20. Name the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. A) Venkatachellaya B) Sadasivam C) Ranjan Gogoi D) Justice Chelameswar

  7. THANK YOU Mansoorali Kappungal "Dream of Success and Work Hard for it"