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(15-07-2018)Recently Asked Gk Questions(In Malayalam)
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Gk Question from Perfusionist Exam held on 4-07-2018(frst part)

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
അൻഷു ജാനെസ്ബ അരുണാചൽ അല്ലെ
Shabeeb C
a month ago
superb class.....thank u so much sir😊
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions By Mansoorali

  2. Questionl:-The Social reformer Mannath Padmanabhan delivered the 'Muthukulam Speech' in the year of A:-1946 B:-1947 C:-1948 D:-1949 Correct Answer:- Option-B Question2:-Who was considered as the first Martyr of Kerala Renaissance? A:-Arattupuzha Veleyudha Paniker B:-Subhananda Gurudevan C:-Kuruban Daivathan D-Vagbadanandan Correct Answer:- Option-A Question3:-On the Background of Malabar Rebellion 1921 Kumaranasan wrote the poem A:-Veenapoovu B:-Prarodhanam C:-Pushpavadi D:-Duravastha Correct Answer:- Option-D Question4:-The Silent Ambassador of a Country is A:-Currency B:-Press C:-Postal Stamp D:-People Correct Answe: Option-C Question5:-Name the Indian State where GST is firstly implemented A:-Assam B:-Kerala C:-Tamil Nadu D:-Maharashtra Correct Answe:-Option-A

  3. Question6:-Town Farooq was built by A:-Hidar Ali B:-Zamorine of Calicut C:-Kunhali Marakkar D:-Tippu Sulthan Correct Answer:- Option-D Question7:-The Island is situated in the South of Lakshadweep A:-Kavarathi B:-Amini C:-Minikoy D:-Anthroth Correct Answer:- Option-C Question8:-Kochi as the Queen of Arabian sea' is firstly called by A:-Raja Kesavadas B:-Divan R. K. Shanmukan Shetti C:-Veluthambi Dalava D:-Col. Mantro Correct Answer:- Option-B Question9:-The name of the cyclone 'Ochi' is given by A:-Oman B:-Pakistan C:-Sri Lanka D:-Bangladesh Correct Answer:- Option-D Question10:-The Back Bone of Himalaya is A:-Himachal B:-Sivalic C:-Himadri D:-Everest Correct Answer:- Option-C