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(22-07-2018)Recently Asked GK Questions(In Malayalam)
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Gk Questions from Police Constable Exam held on 22-07-2018(1 to 10)

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what is the role of gdp on economic growth??
Shraddha Ratra
2 years ago
GDP is a tool to measure economic growth. (Make sure there is a difference between economic growth and economic Development)
Mani Vardha
2 years ago
beasl Rana Pratap ano maha Rana Pratap aano . Nik Rana Pratap aanennu sir thanne paranjitullath poleyororma
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions By Mansoorali

  2. 1. Who was given the title of Kavithilakam' by Maharaja of Cochi? (A) Vagbhadananda (C) Kumara Guru (B) Pandit Karuppan (D) Kumaranasarn The book 'Moksha Pradeepam' is authored by Brahmananda Sivayogi Sree Narayana Guru 2. (A) (C) (B) Vaikunta Swamikal (D) Vagbhadananda 3. Where is the first branch of Brahma Samaj' started in Kerala? (A) Kochi (C) Kannur (B) Palakkad (D) Kozhikode 4. The only one district in Kerala produce tobacco (A) Wayanad (C) Kasargod (B) Idukki (D) Kannur 5 On which of the following rivers is Ukai dam located? (A) Ravi (C) Beas (B) Narmada (D) Tapti

  3. Chutak Hydro-Electric project being constructed by NHPC in Kargil is on the river (A) Suru (C) Kunar (B) Jhelum (D) Ravi 7. Considering sea transport, GPS stands for (A) (C) Greenwich Placement Systems German Placement Systems (B) (D) Global Positioning Systems Global Placement Systems 8. Anshi National Park is situated in the state of (A) Andhra Pradesh (C) Karnataka (B) Tripura (D) Tamil Nadu Which was the first Indian Private Airline to launch . Which was the first Indian Private Airline to launch lights to China? China? (A) Sahara Airlines (C) Kingfisher Airlines (B) Indigo (D) Jet Airways 10. National Research Centre for Banana is located at (A) Thiruvananthapuram (C) Bangalore (B) Trichy (D) Tirupur