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(26-06-2018)Recently Asked GK Questions(In Malayalam)
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Recently asked questions with answers

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

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It is a very useful and good tutorial to understand software testing from initial level. any fresher can start from this tutorial to start software testing.
Ashutosh Shukla
2 years ago
thanks ekta
പാലരുവി എക്സ്പ്രസ് തിരുനെൽവേലി മുതൽ പാലക്കാട് വരെ ആയിട്ടുണ്ട്...
2019 ile examin. 2017 ile. Current a. Nokkano. Sir
palaruvi express ippol Tirunelveli - Palakkad aayo?
10 months ago
Sir, World leprosy day--January 31 or Last Sunday allae? Athonne confirm cheyyamo sir?
good class sir IT seperate kitiyal nanayirunu
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions. Part 10 By Mansoorali

  2. 1. Name the programme introduced by Government of Kerala for differentially abled persons for rehabilitation in 2017. A) Kaithang B) Athijeevanam C) Kaivalya D) Ardram 2. The Japanese writer who gets Noble prize for literature? A) Yokio Mishima C) Kisho Kurokawa B) Sawako Ariyoshi D) Kazuolshiguro 3. Which among the following is known as first political drama of Malayalam? A) Pattabakki C) Mooladhanam B) Koottukrishi D) Ningalenne Communistakki 4. In India which one among the following formulates the Fiscal Policy? B) Ministry of Finance D) Finance Commission C) Planning Commission 5. Name the Indian state formed on 1st December 1963. A) Sikkim C) Nagaland B) Arunachal Pradesh D) Manipur

  3. 6. The day on which Right to Information Act came into force on is B) 15th August 2005 D) 26h January 2005 A) 12th October 2005 C) 10th January 2005 7. 'Palaruvi Express' travels betweern A) Punaloor Trivandrum C) Punaloor - Shornur B) Punaloor Palakkad D) Punaloor Kollam 8. Name the socio-reformer who led Thali Road Samaram A) T. K. Madhavan C) T. V. Krishnan B) Vakbhatananda D) C. Krishnan 9. International Day of Non-violence' is observes on A) 30h January B) 6h August c) 2nd October D) 16" November 10. Name the film which gets Suvarna Chakoram for the best film in IFFK 2017 A) Candelaria C) Malila B) Waijib D I sl hide to smoke