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(17-10-2018)GK from Junior Instructor Exam (in Malayalam)
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GK questions from junior instructor held on 15 October 2018

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
PSC Thriller In Facebook, You Tube & Telegram. 6 Years of Teaching experience in Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
bahut shandar explanation sir thanks
Pavan Choudhary
2 years ago
Thanku sir,, Sir Transportation, Telecommunications, Education, Astronomy ee Topicil class cheyyamo sir, Please..
ethellam currentaffairsil matram nokiamathy
NH 44 qn vannathu current affairs section il allallo sir.. Transportationil ninnalle.. athu pole degree level allatha examukalkk postal system, Roads, railway, Ports, Astronomy, Education commissions, policy, okke current affairs allathe qns vararundalo... Rank fileil okke orupad und. aavashyamullathinekkal ആവശ്യം ഇല്ലാത്തത്.. Sir nte class aakumbo ആവശ്യം ഉള്ളതു maathram kitumalo. athaa classinu vendi request cheythath
a year ago
nh 44 facts about india il parayundalo
a year ago
nh 44 facts about india il parayundalo
NH 44 India's basic factil clasedthathanu
sorry.. aa class ketirunila..
avashyamullathoke njn tharum
Sir...... chauri chaura incident ne alle Himalayan blunder ennu Gandhiji paranjathu
kazinja week PSC question After which incident Mahatma Gandhi had called Non-Cooperation Movement as his 'Himalayan Blunder'? 
Jayasree V
a year ago
Thank u sir..
Jayasree V
a year ago
Thank u sir..
Jayasree V
a year ago
Thank u sir..
Alza Jo
a year ago
without teaching nonviolence, organising people against British rule,Gandhi found ,his own non cooperation movement as a Himalayan blunder.......chauri chaura incident made Gandhiji to say so.....
Razina Rasi
4 months ago
@alza jo 👌
sir, psc,ssc exam notifications sir telegram channeliloode areekumo..anganeyengil valare useful aavum sir. pls reply...
thank you sir... prvs qstn paperile Englishum maths um koode ithu pole ulpeduthane..
sir english and maths inte class kodii plz
Shabeeb C
a year ago
പോലീസ് 🤗👌
  1. Recently Asked GK Questions Mansoorali

  2. 1. The borderline between India and China is (A) Radcliffe Line (C) Durand Line (B) McMahon Line (D) Palk Strait 2. The largest Union Territory of India is (A) (C) Puducherry The Andaman & Nicobar Islands (B) The Lakshadweep (D) Daman & Diu 3. The National River of India is (A) The Ganga (C) The Yamuna (B) The Sindhu (D) The Brahmaputra 4. First Chairman of the Planning Board in India is (A) Dadabhai Naoroji (C) Jawaharlal Nehru (B) V.K.R.V. Rao (D) M.N. Roy 5. Which of the following Indian Prime Minister introduced the Twenty Point Programme (A) Indira Gandhi (C) Narasimha Rao (B) Manmohan Sing (D) Jawaharlal Nehru

  3. 6. Who introduced the Subsidiary Alliance System in India? (A) Lord Dalhousie (C) Lord Canning (B) Lord Wellesley (D) Lord Cornwallis 7. First Martyr of the Revolt of 1857 is (A) Nana Saheb (C) Mangal Pandey (B) Jhansi Rani (D) Tantia Tope 8.The first President of Indian National Congress is (A) A.O. Hume (C) W.C. Bannerjee (B) (D) Dadabhai Naoroji C. Sankaran Nair 9. Which of the following strike is NOT led by Mahatma Gandhi? (A) (C) Non-Co-operation Movement Quit India Movement (B) (D) Civil Disobedience Movement Home Rule Movement 10. Who composed the 'Mushakavamsakavya? (A) Banabhatta (C) Kautilya (B) Atula (D) Kalhana