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(17-07 2018)Recently asked GK Questions(In Malayalam)
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GK questions from Specialist Manasika exam held on 11-07-2018(first part)

Mansoorali Kappungal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mansoorali Kappungal
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Unacademy user
Content wise very good.very simple most importantly it's in hindi so a common man can understand green revolution and it's effects 👍
വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും കേൾക്കുമ്പോൾ നന്നായി ഉറപ്പാകുന്നുണ്ട്. താങ്ക്യൂ സർ
sir, coconut ne affect chyunna disease(koombu cheeyal, mahali), englishil enganna parayunney...
മഹാളി കവുങ്ങിന് ലെ ബാധിക്കുക
Fazil Firoz C
8 months ago
classil paranjittund
Paul mathew
6 months ago
കേരളത്തിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ സാമൂഹിക പരിഷ്‌കർത്താവ് എന്നു ചോദിച്ചാൽ വൈകുണ്ടർ ആണോ അതോ തൈക്കാട് അയ്യ ആണോ ഉത്തരം?
Shabeeb C
6 months ago
വൈകുണ്ഠ സ്വാമി
Paul mathew
6 months ago
thanks bro
voting 69 amendment alle
a year ago
ok..61 clear
a year ago
delhik nct status 69
  1. Recently Asked PSC GK Questions By Mansoorali

  2. Questionl1:-What is known as 'Fromology'? A-Study of butter B:-Study of truth C:-Study of fruits D:-Study of flags Correct Answer:-Option-A Question2:-Which blood group is without antibodies? A:-O B:-A C:-AB D:-B Correct Answer:- Option-C Question3:-What is the colour of the universe ? A:-Blue B:-Black C:-White D:-Red Correct Answer: Option-B Question4-Which tree affects pink disease? A:-Coconut B:-Rubber C:-Teak D:-Sal Corect Answer:- Option-B Question5:-'Kunthipuzha' is the tributary of A:-Bharathapuzha B:-Kabani C:-Pampar D:-Bhavani Correct Answer:- Option-A

  3. Question6:-Who wrote the book "Christumatha Chethanam"? A:-Chattampi Swami B:-St. Chavara C:-Poikayil Yohannam D:-Vivekandan Correct Answer:- Option-A Question7:-The article 360 related to A:-State emergency B:-National emergency C:-Financial emergency D:-Fundamental duties Correct Answer:- Option-C Question8:-The constitutional amendment 101 is related to A:-G.S.T. bill B:-Right to Information Act C:-Voting age D:-Mini Constitution Correct Answer:- Option-A Question9:-Who founded the temple "Nizhal Tangal"? A:-Ayyankali B:-Dr. Palpu C:-Vaikunda Swamikkal D:-Thaikattu Ayya Correct Answer:- Option-C Question10:-Who founded the religion "Ayyavazhi" ? A:-Vaikunda Swamikkal B:-Thaikkattu Ayya C:-Chattampi Swami D:-Ayyankali Correct Answer: Option-A