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9th June 2018 Part-3: Daily News Analysis
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Sumant sir.... Need ur email... Plzz.... I'm in big confusion..... I won't take ur huge time just need a confusion killer..... Plzz provide ur email or if u can't plzz msg me on Plzzzz plzzzz....
Sumant Kumar
2 years ago
I think you should concentrate on your mains and leave DNA Better for everyone
in the light of recent attempts of india and its powerful neighbours like china to use indian ocean for militarization and setting up naval bases, can we really expect indo-pacific region to stay peaceful and calm in the near future?
I don't understand one thing.. why does US rush to every issue. Be it our Solar plants, or any other procurement, what gives US the authority to interfere?
I have enrolled in Integrated Indian Economy and Polity and governance courses but now dates are constantly being pushed so will the course start ?
Might be better for u n probably for jatin's performance in mains, but not for many of us.
  1. want te be starti Page-10: U.S. wants India out of S-400 deal th The United States is trying to discourage India from buying large defence systems from Russia, an action that may attract sanctions, according to a senior official of the State Department. Countering America's Adversaries through Sanction Act (CAATSA), a 2017 law, requires that countries that have significant defence cooperation with Russia be sanctioned by America. 2 . India is planning to buy five S-400 Triumf air defence systems for around S4.5 billion from Russia. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs of U.S., who returned from India recently, said: "We've discussed CAATSA with the Govt of India just as we have discussed it with a number of others who might be potentially contemplating purchases of large defence systems from the Russians. We want to work with all of our partners to help them identify and avoid engaging in any potentially sanctionable activity The Donald Trump administration has publicly expressed its desire to protect India from CAATSA, m considering the U.S.-India strategic ties. . .Defence Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have urged lawmakers to make ay changes in the law so that partners like India are not punished. But efforts in this direction are being strongly resisted by Democratic lawmakers who want to put the administration on the mat on Russia relations.

  2. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE Ms. Kaidanow hoped the U.S. could make progress with India in concludingthe pending foundational defence agreements. "I think we can hopefully make some progress in that relatively soon," she said. "If we want that defence relationship to be everything it can be, if we want to realise that full 2 ph potential, then those foundational agreements are important and we are going to need . The official said the U.S. had given India new options to address concerns raised by . Indian officials familiar with the negotiations said India was not comfortable with some to find that way forward." India about some of these agreements. provisions in the standard agreements that the U.S did with treaty allies like Japan. heg 1 3

  3. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-11: Delhi charts new line on IndoPacific area a India's Ambassador to Russia Panka Saran said that New Delhi does not consider the newly re-established quadrilateral format of U.S.-Japan-India-Australia a part of its "Indo-Pacific" region policy. y hav phc. The senior diplomat, instead, suggested that India would like to engage more closely he with Russia in the Indo-Pacific region as well reve layer The comments come a day a meeting of officials of the four countries- called the "Quad" ended in Singapore and indicate that India's maritime partnerships would not be restricted to the Quad formation with the U.S. and its allies. or us hink h cause h erent Mr. Saran will soon take charge as Deputy National Security Adviser in the Prime Minister's Office, making his remarks particularly significant, as is the timing, just ahead of Mr. Modi's visit to Qingdao in China to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, where he will have meetings with Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin. a pu rk and t sta ch

  4. PM Modi's concept bat th In an interview to the Russian TASS news agency-made available by the Indian Embassy Mr. Saran said, The Quadrilateral format of U.S.-Japan-lndia-Australia is one of the many multilateral y hav phe dialogues in the region, and not directed against any country. It is not part of the Indo- eg Pacific region concept outlined by Prime Minister Modi in Shangri La. reve It is important that the Indo-Pacific Region (IPR) and Quad format are not confused with each other. The Indian view of IPR is positive this is an open and inclusive arrangement, which is not directed against any country nor intended to contain any country," he added, referring to the general belief that the Quad arrangement came together in November 2017 in an effort to contain China's aggressive actions in the South China Sea, and forays in India's neighbourhood. slay . ope an or us hink h causel erent a pur However, given improved relations with China in the last few months, and the Wuhan t sta Summit, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled to China for an informal meeting with President Xi Jinping, the government has been seen as less active in promoting the Quad, also declining a requestfrom Australia to join the ongoing Malabar naval exercises with the other three Quad members. ich that

  5. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE At the end of the second Quad meeting, attended by joint secretary level officials, all four countries issued separate but similar statements. Devil lies in details Amongst the divergences were lines committing the Quad to "safeguarding and y hav p strengthening" the Indo-Pacific region that were issued by U.S., Australia and Japan, reve while the phrase was absent in the Indian statement. India also spoke of its Indo-Pacific policy in plurilateral formats", which the others did not. he layer .Referring to Prime Minister Modi's speech at the Shangri-La dialogue June 1 as well as what he called the "historic" informal summit with President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, ink i Mr. Saran said, "expanding (the) partnership with Russia is an integral part of our Indo-Pacific policy. Prime Minister (Modi) also noted that the maturity of India's special and privileged strategic partnership with Russia was a measure of India's strategic autonomy." causel erent a pu . rk and t sta

  6. want te be starti . Shangri La: June 1.2018 at th PM Modi rebalanced India's relations with the US, Russia and China. In sum, India will not identify with the American containment strategies against Russia and China; nor wl India get entangled in the big-power rivalries in regional politics. India eschews any bloc mentality. Modi acknowledged India's affinities in terms of its values, but rejected the America First doctrine of the US administration and stated India's commitment to globalisation and free re he trade Modi reserved some stunning remarks regarding the concept Indo-Pacific. For a start, Modi hewed the American mantra of "free and open Indo-Pacific" of its rough edges and chose to call it an "open, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific." Incredibly enough, Modi called Indo-Pacific a "natura region"-a "geographical definition". He never once mentioned the "Quad" and, instead, stressed inclusiveness and openness in regional processes nk h . He underscored India's faith in regionalism and multilateralism and clarified that "our friendships pun are not alliances of containment". Modi cautioned against an "Asia of rivalry" and any attempts "forcing new divisions" in the region. All in all, India attributes centrality to the ASEAN in its Indo-Pacific strategy and Act East policies, locke t stay .

  7. Page-12 World News: Trump calls for Russia to be readmitted into the G7 bloc 0 Donald Trump made a shock call on Friday for Russia to be readmitted into the G7 as he headed for a showdown with America's closest allies at a summit set to be dominated by a roilingtrade dispute. Mr. Trump was to be the last Group of Seven leader to arrive in Canada for the two-day he summit, and on Saturday, he will probably be the first to leave, in a hurry to move on to his nuclear summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un in Singapore. But battle-lines were drawn even before he arrived, in a series of duellingtweets and statements between Mr. Trump and his former friend President Emmanuel Macron of France over Washington's imposition of tariffs on imports from U.S. allies. And Mr. Trump caused more eyebrows to be raised by tellingreporters that he wanted Russia-which was expelled from the group of the world's most industrialised nationsn after annexing Crimea to be brought back into the fold "They threw Russia out. They should let Russia come back" 7 0 . 2 They threw Russia out. They should let Russia come back in because we should have Russia at the negotiating table," he said before boarding Air Force One.

  8. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE bhat th With unmistakable symbolism, the fractious Western democracies were meeting on the same day that China's President Xi Jinping welcomed his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to Beijing and awarded him a friendship medal Three decades after the end of the Cold War, the G7 nations are split over trade, climate and y hav phe multilateral engagements such as the Iran nuclear deal, and the U.S. President seems more at home with autocrats than with Washington's traditional allies reve The 'America First' President's broadsides before leaving Washington reinforced predictions that the G7 summit in Quebec might be the first such get-together to end without an agreed joint statement. "All of these countries have been taking advantage of the United States on trade," he said before flying out. layer or us hink h cause h erent a pu rk and t sta

  9. want to te starting to Page-12 World News: Indonesia wins UNSC vote it th The Maldives on Friday failed to get elected to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member. Maldives and Indonesia had contested for a seat in the UNSC, but in the plenary session of Friday held at the UN headquarters in New York, Indonesia won the seat after securing 144 votes p against 46 for the Maldives. The Ministry of External Affairs maintained a studied silence on whether India voted against the Maldives . An official source said, "We rarely make public announcement on this kind of issues *190 members participate: In the election, 190 members participated, and the winning members e ar k h ent had to get more than two-thirds majority or 127 votes. Indonesia is likely to take up the seat on January 1, 2019 with other newly elected non- permanent members Germany, Belgium, Dominican Republic and South Africa. India's relation with the Maldives has nosedived in recent months with Delhi expressing dissatisfaction on the law and order situation as well as on the imposition of a state of emergency by the Abdullah Yameen government. Earlier in the week, a prominent member of Mr. Yameen's party was not allowed to enter India and was sent back from the airport in Chennai ksa by

  10. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE buat th In comparison, India's ties with Indonesia have witnessed an upswing with the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the country In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Maldives said it will continue to champion its priorities at the UN, despite not winning the seat at the Security Council. phc "The Maldives extends congratulationsto Indonesia. The Maldives also reiterates its he solidarity and commitment to work closely with Indonesia, and all the newly elected reve slay members." or us hink h rk and

  11. want te be starti .In 2015, Mr. Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in jail following conviction on a terrorism charges that critics of President Yameen termed politically motivated. Mr. Nasheed has since been in exile, mostly in London and now in Colombo, and is reaching out to potential supporters in the island nation via Skype. .While the UN Human Rights Council, in April, urged authorities in Male to allow convicted p Opposition leaders to contest elections, President Yameen has ignored the call, in an apparent he attempt to retain power without a contest. A coalition of Opposition forces earlier vowed to rew challenge Mr. Yameen, but that might not resolve the problem, according to Mr. Nasheed. He accused the Election Commission of being "hopelessly politicised", a charge that government authorities have denied in the past. e an k h ent The announcement on election comes months after the Maldives experienced political unrest, sparked by a shock Supreme Court ruling in February, which overturned criminal convictions of nine dissident leaders, including Mr. Nasheed. . Soon after, President Yameen imposed a 45-day Emergency, jailed the Chief Justice and another judge, as well as former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The other judges overturned the Supreme Court's February order, in effect leaving the political situation back at square one ksa by

  12. nss oir ep2b hees hoo Inn r. ab cae nna aas oeae ihaq ctce tsofer sn es ea s' 0 rst srnen ccBter annsvphr -, r se eahhit ygh stta naeto0a stden enhier httei fi ora cea OS cs\it eroe och-, n ost htyiu neanno ntte annh tri-r cuaa dsrh tdno fi n cri un bils gceo th eeR_ s clibten

  13. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page 13 Business: 'FDI rose to S61.96 billion in 2017-18 . Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India increased by about 3% to $61.96 billion in 2017- 18 on account of steps taken by the government to improve business climate and liberalised policy norms. y hav pheFDI inflows stood at $60 billion in the previous fiscal. The figure includes equity inflows, he reinvested earnings and other capital. reve layer Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Secretary Ramesh Abhishek said during the four years of the NDA government, foreign inflows jumped to $222.75 billion from $152 billion in the previous four-year period. In the last four years, the government has liberalised FDI norms in sectors such as defence, medical devices, construction development, retail and aviation. . or us hink h cause h erent a pu rk and

  14. .dI 8196 11:56 Thank you Jatin Verma 155k Followers Follow Ratings & Reviews Roman Saini A great course by Jatin Verma where he has literally covered all the important news from The Hindu. Must watch. Mohit Rai If i achieve my aim, my first salary will go to this great individual making this great informative and well-researched videos. I should take this opportunity to thanlk and congratulate him for the wonderful work he is doing for all the aspirants. He is meticulous and almost perfect in his approach and understanding. Please keep making such videos as a single 26k Enrollments Enroll