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26th June 2018 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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Metro projects and indeginisation

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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option c is correct ?
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yes you are right
Thank you sir, please can you provide the part 3 as well would be a great help.
Pllss can someone give detailed syllabus of upsc.... Pllss...
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a year ago
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For NEW Metro Rail Policy 2017, Watch August 17, 2017 DNA
thank you sir but 3rd part for 26 june remaining
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  1. want to he start Page 1: FinMin nod for Delhi Metro Phase IV . The Finance Ministry has given in-principle approval for Phase IV of Delhi Metro besides new projects in Agra, Kanpur, Meerut, Bhopal and Indore The Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System has also got the nod. The Public Investment Board will have to give its consent before these proposals are sent to the i Union Cabinet for final approval. Page 1: In-principle nod for metro in Agra, Kanpur, Meerut, Bhopal and Indore h The timeline of Metro proposals for Uttar Pradesh cities is also fraught, as detailed project reports (DPRs) for Agra and Kanpur had reportedly been rejected by the Centre in 2017 in the light of the new Metro Rail policy and sent back to the State for re-evaluation. . In January 2018, however, the UP govt announced its decision to start metro services in Agra, "" Kanpur and Meerut by 2024 at a total estimated cost of Rs. 43,800 crore. In February 2018, the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation had invited tenders for the first phase of the Kanpur Metro project at an approximate proposed cost of Rs. 734 crore, saying the work would be financed through equity participation of the Centre and state govt and other appropriate means. ay .

  2. want to he start . Meanwhile, the government is also taking steps to standardise and indigenise metro rail systems across the country. o A committee has been constituted to make suggestions and is expected to submit its report within 3 months p Some of the areas for which indigenous standards are needed are: re he The layout of metro stations, platforms, signage and displays Size of tunnels - Fire protection systems Disaster management systems Environment friendly and waste management systems - Standards for solar panels at stations. These indigenous standards will incentivise manufacturers to plan for long-term investments in the country and thus bring down the cost of the metro rail constructions and operation. The average budget outlay of the Central govt is likely to increase to about Rs. 25,000 crore annually, apart from investments envisaged by the State governments, private partners and urban un ay local bodies (ULBs)

  3. want to he start Page 1: Use of force inevitable, in S M men's encounter: panel . A judicial panel has justified as "reasonable" and "nevitable" the use of force by police that resulted in the death of eight members of the banned SIMI after they escaped from the central jail in 2016. The judicial commission concluded in its report tabled in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly that the under the prevailing circumstances re heuse of force, resulting in the death of the escaped persons, was quite inevitable and reasonable The State government had appointed a single member judicial commission to probe the jailbreak and the subsequent alleged encounter killings . The report said that action of the police was in consonance of the provision of law under sections 41 and 46 (2)(3) of the CrPC. The sections deal with arrest of persons by the police. ur Security measures The commission also advised the govt. to impart an effective training to its officers and staff on the lines of Punjab to deal with such situations. The panel said the State government should appoint a committee, to examine the security measures to stop repetition of incidents of absconding/escaping of persons from jails. .

  4. want to he start Page 5 East News: 'State govt. to end drug menace in Tripura The law enforcement agencies in the State have been keeping a "close eye" on a drug trafficking route that originates in Myanmar and enters Damcherra, a remote village in North Tripura district, through Mizoram p The govt. and law enforcement agencies are on the move to block the drug smuggling route as it he poses a threat to the younger generation at Damcherra area, adjacent to Mizoram. . A drive initiated by the State govt against illegal drugs - banned cough syrups, ganja, heroine and brown sugar - has yielded positive result in the past 100 days. Crackdown to continue . The Chief Minister said that this crackdown will continue till Tripura becomes a drug-free State. Apart from seizure of contraband items, 97 people have been recently arrested for their involvement in smuggling the items. ay

  5. want to he start Page 5 South News: Karipur airport: Kerala govt. steps up land acquisition . Kerala govt has taken steps to expedite the acquisition of 485.3 acres of land for the extension of the runway to accommodate jumbo aircraft at Calicut International Airport, Karipur. . The existing runway length of 2,850 metres would be extended to 3,400m to allow the operation of bigger aircraft. It would also require expansion of the runway strip to 300m and the construction of . The required land, he said, would be handed over to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) after the * The govt. was stepping up pressure on the Centre to permit the operation of bigger aircraft from the he a parallel taxiway and runway end safety area of 240 m. acquisition process Karipur airport to benefit Haj pilgrims also. Kochi Metro ur 2nd phase of the first leg of Kochi Metro running upto Pettah would be completed by June 2019. Procedures had been initiated for the work on the stretch from Pettah to Thripunithura. The revised project report for the 2nd line of the metro from the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kaloor, via Kakkanad to Infopark was under the consideration of the State govt. ay

  6. want to he start Page 5 South News: Hilly regions in Kozhikode to get community rescue volunteers .Fed up with the usual long wait for the arrival of rescue teams when disasters strike, panchayats in the hilly regions of the district are planning to form their own Community Rescue Volunteer (CRV) teams to swing into action during natural calamities. pSupported by the Revenue Department and the District Disaster Management Authority, the teams he are likely to be a reality in various grama panchayats under Koduvally, Perambra, Kunnummal and re Balussery blocks within two months. . The local bodies came up with the initiative as similar squads earlier formed in various taluks hacd been found successful in attending to critical situations and efficiently coordinating with other rescue squads. The recent Karinchola landslip that claimed 14 lives is among the incidents that prompted the local bodies to consider forming a rescue team for instant help. The panchayat has already conducted the 1st phase of training in various rescue activities under the leadership of an expert agency comprising doctors and emergency medical technicians . The presence of CRV teams during calamities will be a huge relief to local residents til the arrival of bigger forces.

  7. want to he start . The 20-member CRV teams are likely to be formed in Kodenchery, Kattippara, Koorachundu, Thiruvambadi, Koodaranhi, Chakkittappara and Kavilumpara panchayats. The required field training and technical support will be extended to the team members by Fire and Rescue Services personnel from various regional units. Revenue Department officials from various taluks too will support the initiative. he In Kozhikode district, Kakkodi was the first grama panchayat to form a CRV team. The group was formed by selecting 5 members from each from 21 wards in the panchayat. They were also trained by professional rescue teams. Another district-level CRV group, comprising 300 members, was launched by the Fire and Rescue - Services Department. ay

  8. want to he start Page 7 Nation News: JEE (Advanced) evaluation as per pre-exam instructions The Registrar of IIT Kanpur has informed the Madras High Court that online answer scripts of JEE (Advanced) 2018, were evaluated strictly in accordance with instructions issued to candidates p The judge had ordered that seats should not be allotted to students if the evaluation had been carried IIT-Madras Chairman claimed that the writ petition had been filed on the basis of an incorrect . The counter-affidavit read that the results of the JEE (Advanced) 2018, have been published on before the examinations. the out on the basis of the post examination clarification. premise that there had been a post examination change in the manner of evaluation of answers. June 10, 2018 and the evaluation has been done on the basis of the instructions given to the candidates prior to the examination Numerical valu<e ur It said the clarification was issued to allay fears among students that the evaluation could be done on the basis of string of characters and not on the basis of exact numerical values entered by them. ay

  9. want to he start Page 10 News: Army steps up J&K operations * Security forces are fast changing the rules of engagement on the ground to step up the offensive against militants and protesters in the Valley The police data since June 20, shows a sudden upward jump in area domination exercise carried out pby security forces in dense residential areas of south Kashmir. re e. The pockets in south Kashmir that harbour militants and provide logistics, will see a relentless offensive to flush them out and strike hard at the support structure Stone-pelting incidents The police admit, the new post-Ramzan 'cease ops' offensive is "yet to contain locals' participation in stone-pelting in and around the encounter sites." Since Governor's rule was imposed, 24 incidents of heavy stone-pelting and rioting, left three civilians dead and over 50 injured In comparison, the entire month of Ramzan saw just 50 incidents of stone-pelting However, 20 militants, mainly infiltrators, were killed. Of 55 persons injured in grenade attacks and ay stone-pelting, 27 were security personnel The security forces have also adopted a strict standard operating procedure (SOP) towards streets protests

  10. want to he start Page 11 News: Centre cannot guarantee power supply to all villages, savs official . Power Ministry has indicated that the actual supply is the responsibility of the power distribution companies in each State, Centre can only connect villages and households to the grid. The Centre has claimed 100% electrification of all villages and 83% of all households across the country. It has said that all households will be electrified by the year end. re Discrepancies in claims he In some cases, the electrification infrastructure such as cables and transformers were stolen days after they were installed, leaving the target village unelectrified in reality but connected on paper. In other cases, electricity was supplied for just a few hours a day. reels under power cuts, especially during peak summer. they incur in the transmission far outweighing revenue Despite the government pegging India as a power surplus nation, almost every State in the country This, according to power sector analysts, is because discoms are still very inefficient, with the costs Government data show discoms across the country, on an average, lose Rs.0.22 a unit of ay electricity supplied. However, the Power Ministry has claimed that this situation is improving rapidly under the Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY) Power Minister has recently said that discom losses have drastically reduced to Rs. 17,352 crore in 2017-18 from Rs. 51,096 crore in the previous year.

  11. want to he start More to achieve Sector specialists however, say that while the performance of discoms is improving, they are still not at the performance level to supply electricity 24x7. The only hope of the utilities is, continued assistance from the State governments. Many of the discoms right now are not ready to provide 24x7 power, for two reasons: . The first is their financial health. Most of them are not financially capable to do this. Secondly, only some of the discoms have the infrastructure to supply good quality power on a sustained basis re he Uiwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY) Launched: 20th Nov 2015 It is a scheme for financial and operational turnaround of Power Distribution Companies It aims to provide permanent solution to legacy of debts of approximately Rs.4.3 lakh crores and ad dress potential future losses. - The scheme also envisages reform measures in all sectors generation, transmission, distribution, ay coal, and energy efficiency -27 States and 4 UTs have joined UDAY scheme till date

  12. want to he start Page 12 World News: India voices concern over housing project India has voiced concern to Sri Lankan authorities over a housing project in the island's Tamil- majority north and east, to be executed by a Chinese company, citing the Resettlement Ministry's . Indian officials have questioned the government's decision to award a huge contract, to build In May, Sri Lanka's Resettlement Ministry obtained Cabinet clearance for the project, which . The top officials had flagged the issue for the "opaque" manner in which the Ministry finalised the India's owner-driven scheme of 46,000 homes across the north and east is nearly complete. "lack of transparency" in choosing the builder. 40,000 homes, to a Chinese company, reportedly without a fair tendering process involves China Railway Beijing Engineering Group Co. Ltd and its local representative project, apparently "excluding" experienced companies from India that would have been interested. Additionally, it is building 14,000 houses in the central highlands. The projects are being executed re he with a grant totalling nearly S400 million. The Cabinet-cleared project came with a 100% financing option from the company, and was ay likely to be completed fast, in two years. The project, will be funded through private commercial loans at a base price of LKR 1.28 million per house. As many as 1,65,000 houses are required in the north and east. Locals have sought brick-and- mortar housing that are suitable for their warm climatic conditions, and have been pushing for initiatives that will generate local employment.

  13. want to he start Page 13 Business News: Oil blocks: lndia to bid with UAE firms . On the sidelines of the MoU signing ceremony with Saudi Aramco and ADNOC for their investment in the Ratnagiri refinery, the Petroleum Minister said that India is considering jointly bidding for oil blocks in the UAE with some Middle Eastern nation companies like Mubadala [Investment Company] re he Leasing strategic reserve . The Minister also said that India would consider leasing a part of its 3rd strategic reserve in Padur if Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was interested. It had already leased a part of the strategic reserve in Mangalore to ADNOC. . The MoU signed by Saudi Aramco and ADNOC was to jointly develop and build an integrated refinery and petrochemicals complex at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The project would be implemented by Ratnagiri Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. (RRPCL). overseas investment in the Indian refining sector. symbolised by the MoU. It brings together crude supply, resources, technologies, experience and * The investment by Saudi Aramco and ADNOC in the $44 billion project will be the highest ever . The significance lies in strategic partnership between India, Saudi Arabia and UAE which is expertise of the multiple oil companies with an established commercial presence around the world.

  14. want to he start Page 13 Business News: 'Anchor bank for PSB consolidation put on hold' The concept of having 5-6 anchor banks and merging weaker banks with them to drive consolidation among public sector banks (PSBs) has been put on the back-burner. suggestions made to the Finance Ministry is classifying banks into three categories: > The second includes national retail banks that would focus only on retail lending. . The major hurdle comes in the form of culture when it comes to integration. Instead, one of the reOne is a universal bank which does all kinds of banking, including corporate lending. The third includes Regional retail banks. Th e Canara Bank Chairman said * Finance Minister was keen on the concept of a 'bad" bank and if it went through, it would help public sector banks to start afresh. Contrary to public perception that bad loans are due to wilful defaulters and indiscriminate lending, u it is only a small segment. . . The real issue is commercial banks lending to big infrastructure projects, which got into problems. Federal Bank MD & CEO said that the phase of recognition of bad loans was over and now, the focus was on recovery

  15. want to he start Page 14 Business News: Oil India again discovers hydrocarbons in KG Basin l India Limited (OIL), one of India's largest public sector oil exploration and production companies, has made its second hydrocarbon discovery in the onland KG Basin NELP VI Block. . The well Thanelanka-1 is the first high pressure-high temperature well drilled by OIL and has p encountered multiple sands in Gollapalli Formation of late Jurassic-early Cretaceous and one zone he in Raghavapuram Formation of intra Cretaceous, the company said in a statement adding that on testing, the HP-HT zone in the depth range 4,912-5,159 m in Golapalli Formation produced gas at re 300 scmd through 16/64" bean choke. The size of the discovery can only be ascertained after further testing of the wells. . OIL is the operator of the the block with 90% participating interest while the balance 10% is held by Geo Global Resources. Earlier, the company made a gas discovery at Dangeru- well in the ur block. In 2017-18, OIl produced 3,39mmt o cenudeoil and 2.93 billion cubie meters (BcM)of gas Participating interest ay . Besides having a pan-India presence, OIL has participating interest in blocks in more than nine countries overseas- Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, Yemen, Venezuela, USA, Mozambique, Russia and Bangladesh that P

  16. want to he start Page 14 Business News: Jio to raise S1 bn debt to pay Korean vendors . Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) has signed a $1 billion equivalent term loan facility covered by Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (KSURE). . The facility will be used to finance goods and services procured primarily from Samsung p Electronics and Ace Technologies Corp. The facility had door-to-door tenor of 10.75 years. he Fourth facility re This transaction marks the fourth KSURE-covered facility for the Reliance Group in the last five . The facility was arranged by ANZ Banking Group Limited and The Hongkong and Shanghai . It also saw participation from BNP Paribas, Commerzbank AG, Citibank . ., ING Bank," years and the second KSURE- covered facility for RJIL in the last three years Banking Corporation Limited. JPMorgan Chase Bank, Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, Ltd. and Banco Santander, S.A, the company added ay that P

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