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6th June 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Article 35A decoded

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  1. for Monday'ganw forward to reWARMING look forward toit GLOBAL Wakort has top start sea ar stacea Daily News Analysis thi Parliamentary Committees ris DealTHE HINDU, pho even Judicial Over-reach po Indian express, Tol, Livemint for 6th June, 2018 as CAG Slams Govt. e ga Act olicy ayIut hadhe . Oliver &for nanded by many a es that Kha also a puralso Legislative Adventurism Daily News Analysis been no witact Troim .austrial Productio that it ha witten toor o months receveh financial crisis t lac i p Meltdown China's Belt & Road Is there a need for Stimulus By Jatin Verma

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  3. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but thh Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 1: Army will abide by govt. peace plan Page 1: Centre not to file counter-affidavit on Article 35A y hav pPage 1: It will be a war on single-use plastic he * Page 5 South News: Kerala to remain on public health emergency alert reve Page 5 South News: Saudi bans Kerala's produce Page 7 Nation News: Farmers want response from govt. by June 1 Page 7 Nation News: Fortified rice likely through PDS: Paswan Page 7 Nation News: Promotions in govt. offices should go ahead, says SC Page 7 Nation News: Travel light to avoid fine on trains Page 7 Nation News: Malkangiri's former Maoists switch from guns to pens Page 7 Nation News: 'Permits key to claim insurance' Page 10 News: Assam divided over Bill: Mukhi Page 10 News: China seeks to deepen anti -graft ties Page 10 News: Centre seeks update on SIMI activities Page 11 News: Environment Day bouquet: 539 species discovered in India in 2017 hink h causeb ferent et t a pu OLIse rk and t stay is ed

  4. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but thh Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 11 News: Nitrogen emissions going up: study Page 11 News: India's per capita plastic use among lowest: Modi y has p Page 13 Business News: HUL to integrate foods and refreshment units in India he * Page 13 Business News: '5 lakh crore loans turned bad in FY18" reve Page 13 Business News: Services PMI contracts in May Page 13 Business News: Cross-holding norms issued for rating firms Page 13 Business News: Will achieve 175 GW renewable energy target before 2022 Page 13 Business News: Trade war a 'lose-lose' situation, says Rajan hink h causeb ferent et t a pu OLIse rk and t stay leksa ch ed

  5. Data Point Plastic Planet The number of new regulations at at thh A look at the rise in number of regulations NUMBER OF NEW REGULATIONS 18 16 14 12 10 the national level of using Single-use re plastic product, such as coffee cups Examples of regulations include banning certain categories of plastic completely or imposing evies on consumers who use plastic bags and water bottles has been on the rise Globally (over 25 countries) This is a small positive, given that the Planet Had generated an estimated 2 6.3bn tonnes of plastic wastes, as of 2015. 1990 1994 2003 2010 2017 2 Source: UN, BBC tis that

  6. to Page 1: It will be a war on single-use plastic . As the global host nation for the 2018 World Environment Day (June 5), and as a country that at thh generates over 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, India led the charge against plastic, with programmes in different parts of the country focussed on the theme of 'Beat Plastic Pollution PM highlighted the need for effective plastic waste management, and said that "an unclean environment hurts the poor and the vulnerable the most". > President put out a tweet urging people to work for a "cleaner and sustainable planet". re . In the national capital, the Delegation of the European Union (EU) and embassies of the member states adopted a 'Green Pledge', under which the 28 EU member-states made a commitment to green their embassies. e ar k h ent It has been undertaken to discontinue the use of harmful plastics including plastic straws, stirrers, cups, water bottles in their embassies and residences" and "switch to eco-friendly materials." . Meanwhile, the Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL), has decided to switch from imposing fines on those who litter, to witty signage aimed at raising environmental awareness The signs will primarily be in the garden area of Terminal 2 Tamil Nadu Government said it would ban the manufacturing, storage, and use of plastic products (except packing material for milk, curd, oil and medical products) from January 1, 2019. tis

  7. to Page 1: Army will abide by govt. peace plan at thh Defence Minister said that the decision to suspend military operations in Jammu and Kashmir during the month of Ramzan was a govt decision and would be respected by all. * The Home Ministry had announced the suspension of operations against militants during Ramzan, starting May 17 However, Ms. Sitharaman said that there was room for retaliation, if attacked. However, there has been a sharp rise in ceasefire violations along the LoC p . re Directors-General of Military Operations of India and Pakistan agreed last week, to implement 2003 ceasefire agreement in "letter and spirit." Yet, there were violations over the weekend. S-400 buy to go ahead e ar k h ent . As for the purchase of the S-400 Triumf long-range air defence system from Russia, in the backdrop of U.S. pressure, she indicated that India would go ahead with the purchase. India and Russia have concluded the contract negotiations for the purchase of five S-400 systems u worth over S5.5 billion. The deal is expected to be signed later this year Answering questions on shortage of ammunition and funds for military modernisation, she said there was no shortage of funds now. She said some procurements had not been made since 2004, so the services were asked to prioritise requirements. Vice-Chief of Army Lt. Gen. told the standing committee that budgetary allocation for this year had "dashed" their hopes and it barely accounted for inflation and did not even cater for taxes. tis

  8. to Page 1: Centre not to file counter-affidavit on Article 35A at thh Centre has decided not to file any "counter-affidavit" on Article 35A, which has been challenged in the SC through a PIL petition. Article 35A was incorporated into the Constitution by an order of the then President Rajendra Prasad on the advice ofthe Jawaharlal Nehru Cabinet in 1954. p It grants a special status to Jammu and Kashmir. It was included in the Constitution by a re he Presidential Order Article 35A allows the Jammu and Kashmir legislature to: > Decide the "permanent residents" of the State, Prohibit a non-State resident from buying property in the State. Ensure reservation in employment for residents. e ar k h ent CM Mehbooba Mufti & former CM, Omar Abdullah, had objected to any tinkering with provision. Court order:_A senior official explained that Attorney-General K.K. Venugopal informed the court ,u, last year of Centre's decision not to file any counter-affidavit. The SC gave an order stating the same. . The Centre would stick to the order, though it was an interim one. On July 17, 2017, the court recorded: "Learned Attorney General, representing the Union of India, states that a conscious decision has been taken not to file any counter-affidavit in this case because the issues, which are raised for adjudication, are pure questions of law." State govt. has filed an affidavit opposing any such move. tis

  9. Home Minister is expected to visit Srinagar and Jammu on June 7 and 8. The visit comes amid the Centre's decision to suspend security at th Centre not to file counter-affidavit on Article 35A PIL plea against provision for J&K operations during the month of Ramzan During his last v to the Valley in pSeptember, Mr. Singh was non-committal on he the Centre's stand on filing any affidavit. The Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order followed the 1952Delhi Agreement between Nehru and the then PM of Jammu and Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah, which extended Indian citizenship to the 'State The genesis A look at Article 35A, whose constitutional validity has been challenged in the Supreme Court Article 35A was incorporated into the Article 35A bars Constitution by a presidential order ona non-J&K resident the advice of the Cabinet in 1954 e ar k h ent from buying property in . The order of 1954 followed the 1952 Delhi Agreement between Jawaharlal Nehru and the then J&K Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah, which extended Indian citizenship to the State subjects' of J&K the State and subiects' of Jammu and Kashmir ensures j reservation State decides tis that en thec

  10. Recent issue surrounding Article 35 A Background: Article 35A is a provision incorporated in the Constitution giving the Jammu and Kashmir Legislature a carte blanche to decide who all are 'permanent residents' of the State and confer on them special rights and privileges in: [i] public sector jobs, i acquisition of property in the State, [iil scholarships and other public aid and welfare. .The Presidential Order was issued under Article 370 (D(d)of the Constitution. This provision allows the President to make certain "exceptions and modifications" to the Constitution for the benefit of 'State subjects' of Jammu and Kashmir The provision mandates that no act of the legislature coming under it can be challenged for violating the Constitution or any other law ofthe land Article 35A was incorporated into the Constitution in 1954 by an order of the then President Rajendra Prasad on the advice of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cabinet. The controversial Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order of 1954 extended Indian citizenship to the 'State subjects' of Jammu and Kashmir

  11. Why does it matter now? The parliamentary route of lawmaking was bypassed when the President incorporated Article 35A into the Constitution. Article 368 (i) of the Constitution empowers only Parliament to amend the Constitution. So did the President act outside his jurisdiction? >Is Article 35A void because the Nehru government did not place it before Parliament for . discussion? A five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court in its March 1961 judgment in Puranlal Lakhanpal vs. The President of India discusses the President's powers under Article 370 to 'modify' the Constitution. Though the court observes that the President may modify an existing provision in the Constitution under Article 370, the judgment is silent as to whether the President can, without the Parliament's knowledge, introduce a new Article. This question remains open. 2017 Jatin Verma. All Rights Reserved.

  12. A writ petition filed by NGO We the Citizens challenges the validity of both Article 35A and Article 370. .It argues that four representatives from Kashmir were part of the Constituent Assembly involved in the drafting of the Constitution and the State of Jammu and Kashmir was never accorded any special status in the Constitution. .Article 370 was only a 'temporary provision' to help bring normality in Jammu and Kashmir and strengthen democracy in that State. .The Constitution-makers did not intend Article 370 to be a tool to bring permanent amendments, like Article 35A, in the Constitution. Attorney-General has called for a debate in the Supreme Court on the sensitive subject. The court has indicated that the validity of Articles 35A and 370 may ultimately be decided by a Constitution Bench. weeks. O 2017 Jatin Verma. All Rights Reserved

  13. to Page 5 South News: Kerala to remain on public health emergency alert at thh Health Minister reassured the Assembly that no new Nipah cases were reported so far in the much Nipah has an incubation period of 21 days and State would continue to remain on the public re Patients tested positive for Nipah only when the infection peaked and doctors have factored it in to dreaded "second wave" of the viral flare-up in north Kerala health emergency alert at least until the end of June. eteir treatment protocol. The government has imported anti-Nipah drugs from Australia Currently, no patient required the administration of the untested medicine. However, the government has stored it in -80 C cold chamber for use if needed e ar k h > It has also supplied anti-contamination suits, masks, and gloves to caregivers and medical personnel who run the highest risk of contracting the infection. tis that en thec

  14. to At a standstill' at th . Additional Solicitor-General Maninder Singh said promotions had come to a "standstill" because e Justice Goel observed that the Union of India is not debarred from making promotions in * Mr. Singh said the petition before the Bench was the Centre's challenge to the Delhi High Court's of the status quo order passed by the court in 2015 after the HCs gave orders at cross-purposes. accordance with law, subject to further orders, pending further consideration of the matter. verdict of August 23 last, quashing the govt order extending reservation in promotion to employees of the SC and the ST beyond 5 years from November 16, 1992 > He argued that the SC's 2006 judgement in the M. Nagaraj case was applicable to reservation k h in promotion. ent Page 7 Nation News: Travel light to avoid fine on trains Following complaints regarding excess baggage being towed into compartments, the Indian ur Railways has decided to enforce baggage allowance rules, which will see passengers paying up to 6 times the stipulated amount as penalty, if caught travelling with overweight luggage. . A sleeper class and a second class passenger can carry luggage weighing 40 kg and 35 kg respectively, without paying any extra money, and a maximum of 80 kg and 70 kg respectively by paying for the excess luggage at the parcel office. tis

  15. want te be startin to Page 10 News: Assam divided over Bill: Mukhi at th Amid growing protests in Assam over the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Governor Jagdish Mukhi said the State was divided over the matter. The Governor said Assam is divided over the issue: Brahmaputra valley has a different view and Barak valley has a different one. p re Not only political parties, but social, cultural, literary organisations have taken their respective stands. The State govt is seized of the matter. Background . Assam has been witnessing resistance to the Centre's move to bring the Citizenship e ar (Amendment) Bill 2016 that seeks to grant citizenship to religious minorities (Hindus, Sikhs) from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who sought refuge in India due to religious persecution Governor made it clear that as the Constitutional head of the State, he will not comment on political issues but tried playing down fears of a law and order problem due to the ongoing updating of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) He said commendable work was being done to "prepare an error-free list of genuine Indians living in the State tis that

  16. want to be starti Barak Vallev Brahmaputra River National Waterway No. II River ihang Riv or Siang or Sikang INDIA ASSAM CHINA TIBET ohit R nSubunsiriR. Saikhoa Burhi Dihing R. Bhutan Disapgmuk Nearat sikki ri Ghat MYANMAR N.C.HILLS ansiri Mukh MEGHALAYA Manas, R West Bengal Assam og Ighop eGuwahati 1.2 e ar k h 1,2 Meghalaya 1.2 1,2,1,3 1,2 1.3,4 Manipur Map not to Scale BANGLADESH National Waterway No. 1,2.4 Tripura) Mizoram 1.2,4 MIZORAM TRIPURA OCCURRENCE OF TURTLES 1-57 MAJOR RIVERS & STREAMS. * . MAP-1 SKETCH MAP OF BARAK VALLEY

  17. want te be starting sa to Page 10 News: China seeks to deepen anti-graft ties at th 6-member delegation of senior Chinese officials wil meet their counterparts in Indian agencies to deepen cooperation between the two countries on people wanted for corruption and asset recovery. . During the 5-day vist, the delegation will hold meetings with the CBI Director and chiefs of the he The meetings are also aimed at sharing experience pertaining to various anti-corruption measures . During the Chinese presidency of G20 in 2016, "High Level Principles on Cooperation on Persons CVC and the Department of Personnel and Training. re and better coordination on the issue within G20 and BRICS. Sought for Corruption and Asset Recovery" was initiated to address the issue of persons accused of corruption fleeing the country and transferring the proceeds of crime overseas to evade the law. India has supported the initiative in principle. The document envisaged greater international cooperation in detection and investigations, besides other aspects of anti-corruption initiatives. ent * It is believed that those accused have been taking advantage of the investment-based immigration offered by several countries to get passports and even citizenship. tis that

  18. to Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI It was established on April 25, 1977, in U.P.'s Aligarh, and the organisation's allegedly agenda is at th to liberate India by converting it into an Islamic country. Described as a terrorist organisation, the SIMI was first declared an outlawed outfit in 2001 Since then, it has been declared a banned group under the relevant law p The last time it was declared a banned outfit was under the UAPA on February 1, 2014, for a he period of 5 years re The ban was then confirmed by a tribunal on July 30, 2014 Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA * The Act came after the 16th CAA, 1963 which placed reasonable restrictions on [Ar.19(1) e ar [Ar. 192)], Ar193)] Crime under the Act: ent Supporting any secessionist movement -> Threatening the nation's economic security > Supporting a foreign power's claim over Indian territories Member of terrorist gang or unlawful associations or terrorist organisation Raising funds for terrorist activities (including the production and circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) tis that

  19. to Page 11 News: Environment Day bouquet: 539 species discovered in India in 2017 at thh As many as 539 new species of plants and animals were discovered by scientists and taxonomists in the country in 2017, as suggested by Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) and the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) Animal Discoveries 2017: from the ZSI lists 300 newly discovered species of fauna. 241 invertebrates 27 species of fish re he 18 of amphibians 12 ofreptiles Plant Discoveries 2017: lists as many as 239 newly found flora species. e ar k h > Besides this, the biodiversity recorded 263 species (174 new animals and 89 plants found). New fossils The highlight of the animal discoveries is a new fossil reptilian species: Shringasaurus indicus The important discoveries include: I. A frog species, Nasikabatrachus bhupathi, with snout-shaped nose like a pig and named afte Indian herpetologist S. Bhupathy. II. A snake, Rhabdops aquaticus, discovered from the northern Western Ghats and deriving its name from the Latin word for water in reference to its presence in freshwater bodies. lis par een tho

  20. . In terms of animal discoveries, over 18% of the new species were discovered from both the eastern i and western Himalayas. Kerala's record * Among the States, Kerala recorded the highest number of discoveries: 66 species, subspecies sol oi.ants and 52 seis ninals 24species, ubspecies and varieties rded 27 and varieties of plants and 52 species of animals p Tamil Nadu recorded 31 new species of animals and 24 species, subspecies and varieties of plants. he West Bengal, which has the distinction of having both Himalayan and coastal ecosystems, recorded 27 discoveries in categories of plants and 45 discoveries of animal species e ar k h ent lis par een tho

  21. Agricultural soils contributed to over 70% of N2O emissions from India in 2010, followed by not Wastewater (12%) and residential and commercial activities (6%) Since 2002, N20 has replaced methane as the 2nd largest Greenhouse Gas from Indian agriculture. Chemical fertilizers (over 82% of it is urea) account for over 77% of all agricultural N20 emissions in India, while manure, compost and so on make up the rest Most of the fertilizers consumed over 70%) go into the production of cereals, especially rice. and wheat, which accounts for the bulk of N2O emissions from India. re he Cattle emissions Cattle account for 80% of the ammonia production, though their annual growth rate is 1%, due to a stable population. India is globally the biggest source of ammonia, nearly double that of NOx emissions. But at the current rate of growth, NOx emissions will exceed ammonia emissions and touch 8.8 tonnes bv 2055 e ar k h ent >> Poultry industry, with an annual growth rate of 6%, recorded an excretion of reactive- nitrogen compounds of 0.415 tonnes in 2016. That is anticipated to increaseto 1.089 tonnes by 2030 It is suggested that nutrient recovery/recycling from waste water for agriculture could cut down N2O emissions from sewage and waste water by up to 40%. lis

  22. to Page 11 News: India's per capita plastic use among lowest: Modi at thh At the World Environment Day, PM Modi said that India has among the lowest per capita consumption of plastic in the world, "much lower" than that of many developed countries. He said India was committed to reducing the use of plastic and would join the Clean Seas programme, a re. Plastic threatens to be a menace to humanity. It is already having a deadly impact on the marine The issues include: declining fish catches, warming oceans, vanishing habitats and the major He said that as part of Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), India was committed to As per CPCB, India generates about 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, of which about 40% Sweden-led initiative to reduce littering of marine ecosvstems. ecosystem transboundary problem of micro-plastics. e ar k h reducing 33-35% of emission intensity of its GDP during 2005-2030 remains uncollected. About 70% of the plastic packaging products become "waste" in a short span of time. > While plastics have a wide variety of applications, the global rally is against the so-called "single use" or disposable plastic, used in bottles, cups, wrapping paper and bags. > Together, they account for over half the plastic produced lis

  23. . The Environment Ministry, two years ago, notified plastic waste management rules that sought to . However, several States and city corporations have been unable to effectively enforce the rules, Page 13 Business News: HUL to integrate foods and refreshment units in India control the manufacture of the particular kind of plastics. particularly the provision that bans the use of bags less than 50 microns thick. FMCG major HUL will integrate its foods and refreshment categories in India with effect from r heJuly 1 in alignment with the structure of Unilever globally. It will help in better serving the local consumers while harnessing the advantage of global scale. . The Foods and Refreshment (F&R) business has delivered consistent growth in India. It lends e ar significant scale to Unilever in the region and will continue to be a strategic priority for the business, HUL said, adding that the company believed this integration would help drive synergies become more agile and more consumer-centric ent Page 13 Business News: 5 lakh crore loans turned bad in FY18, Crisil has observed that, "while loans worth 5 lakh crore timed non-performing in 2017-8 fresh slippages are moderating, indicating the tide is turning 1/5th of the bad loans last fiscal, were due to withdrawal of the various restructuring schemes. Gross NPAs increased to 10.3 lakh crore, which is 11.2% of the gross advances, as on March 31, 2018, compared to 8 lakh crore, or 9.5% of advances, as on March 31, 2017. stay . lis

  24. LT to CRISIL expects moderation in slippages, better recoveries from NPAs and improved provision at thh coverage to bode well for banks, i.e. in case of SMA-2 advances, the exposures have halved. NCLT referrals e Further, prospects of recovery from stressed accounts referred to the National Company Lavw Tribunal are improving heMore than a quarter of the 3.3 lakh crore worth of cases referred to NCLT for resolution are from the steel sector, which has seen heightened bidding interest due to improving prospects for the sector Page 13 Business News: Services PMI contracts in May e ar k h ent India's services sector activity contracted for the first time in three months in May as new business orders stagnated and cost pressures intensified amid higher fuel prices, according to a monthly survey. However, a "bright spot" was that business sentiment was the strongest since January 2015, rooted in expectations of improvements in demand conditions in the year ahead. . . The seasonally adjusted Nikkei India Services Business Activity Index fell, indicating a marginal contraction in business activity, following a 2-month period of growth. lis

  25. to Page 13 Business News: Will achieve 175 GW renewable energy target before 2022 Power and Renewable Energy Minister R.K. Singh said: . India will reach its target of 175 GW of renewable energy capacity well before the deadline of at thh 2022 Bids for the entire amount will be completed by 2020 itself. . eGovt. would also achieve complete household electrification by the end of this calendar year. he He said, "n the 48 years before 2014, the pace of capacity addition in generation was about 4,800 MW a year. In the 48 months of this government, the pace of capacity addition was 24,000 MW a year. That's 4.8 times . On the govt's household electrification scheme, he said that the govt. is focussing electrification on those households that belong to backward communities, including SC and ST households. ent .On renewable energy target, Mr. Singh said the govt. hoped to touch 225 GW by 2022 lis

  26. Page 13 Business News: Trade war a 'lose-lose' situation, says Rajan Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan expressed concern over escalation of a trade war between the U.S. and China * He said: It would be a "lose-lose" situation if the two economies carried out their threats. He also cautioned that the situation could get 'out of control very quickly', hampering global he growth Biggest risk: He said, the biggest risk is the combination of rising interest rates and some untoward action on trade He observed: e ar k h ent It is the perception that with all the leverage that's out there, interest rates rising are already an issue that we'l have to deal with, but that's out there. "The great uncertainty is what happens with trade, if there is a trade conflagration in the ui next few months that could really hamper the global economy lis par een tho