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28th June 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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UDAN scheme analysed

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has set up a Committee to look into various aspects of Slum Statistics / Census and issues regarding conduct of slum census 2011 under the chairmanship of Pranab Sen. The Pranab Sen Committee has defined Slums as:  "A Slum is a compact settlement of at least 20 households with a collection of poorly built tenements, mostly of temporary nature, crowded together usually with inadequate sanitary and drinking water facilities in unhygienic conditions".  In a bid to address the issue of slums and urban poverty, the Government of India has undertaken several initiatives such as: a) Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY) was launched in December 2001, VAMBAY was a centrally sponsored scheme with an in-built subsidy for undertaking construction of dwelling units for slum dwellers. The scheme was successful in providing affordable houses to the urban poor and with the launch of JNNURM, elements of this scheme were dovetailed into JNNURM. b) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was launched on 3rd December, 2005 with the objectives of augmenting infrastructure facilities in cities and towns along with provision of shelter and basic civic services to slum dwellers/urban poor. JNNURM aims at creating ‘economically productive, efficient, equitable and responsive Cities’ by a strategy of upgrading the social and economic infrastructure in cities, provision of Basic Services to Urban Poor and wide-ranging urban sector reforms to strengthen municipal governance in accordance with the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992. c) Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY)aimed at providing gainful employment to the urban unemployed and under-employed poor, through encouraging the setting up of self employment ventures by the urban poor living below the poverty line, skills training and also through providing wage employment by utilizing their labour for construction of socially and economically useful public assets.           d) Integrated Low Cost Sanitation (ILCS): This scheme envisages the conversion of dry latrines into water seal twin-pit sanitary latrines on a whole town basis. e) Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP):  It seeks to promote various kinds of public-private partnerships -government with the private sector, the cooperative sector, the financial services sector, the state parastatals, urban local bodies, etc-to create affordable housing stock. Under the scheme, the Government provides subsidy at the rate of Rs.50,000 per affordable unit or 25% of the cost of infrastructure(internal and external),whichever is lower. f)  Rajiv Awas Yojana has been launched on 02.06.2011. The Phase I is expected to cover about 250 cities, across the entire country by the end of 12th Plan (2017).The selection of the cities will be done in consultation with the Centre.  The States would be required to include all the mission cities of JNNURM, preferably cities with more than 3 lakh population as per 2001 Census; and other smaller cities, with due consideration to the pace of growth of the city, of slums, predominance of minority population, and areas where property rights are assigned. The scheme will progress at the pace set by the States. Under the Scheme, Fifty percent (50 %) of the cost of provision of basic civic and social infrastructure and amenities and of housing, including rental housing,  and transit housing for in-situ redevelopment – in slums would be borne by the Centre, including operation & maintenance of assets created under this scheme. For the North Eastern and Special Category States the share of the Centre would be 90% including the cost of land acquisition, if required.
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Sir my medium is Hindi m comfortable in both in learning bt essay point of u I prefer Hindi how should I prepare my notes from dna bcoz most of the bills and terms used r in english v confused
army will abide by govt peace plan !! sir by mistake you have incorporated few days back news topic over this 28 june news of no fly list cut down unruly flyers
naxalite areas me bhi idea Vodafone jio a gya sir ab.... I belong to naxalite region
In my 28th June... News paper there is no news of slum and that army news....
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  4. ant teo the to Important News Articles (Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base it th Page 1: No-fly list has cut down unruly flyers Page 11 News: UDAN is transforming lives in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities Page 1: U.S. postpones 2+2 dialogue with Indi:a Page 12 World News: Nepal welcomes '2+1' dialogue mechanisnm re Page 1: Centre may scrap UGC, proposes new regulator he Page 2 North News: Punjab govt. moves to insure MLAs against 'office of Profit' Page 5 East News: 34 years on, compensation for Blue Star detainees Page 5 South News: HAL Su-30 aircraft crashes in Nashik Page 5 South News: ICSSR's new vision: make research relevant to policy Page 7 Nation News: T.N. to soon network CT, MRI machines in govt. hospitals Page 10 News: Human rights record of Army 'above board': Rawat Page 10 News: Haley meets PM, says ties strong Page 11 News: Genuine Indians may be left out Page 12 World News: Indian detainee numbers swell in Seattle Page 12 World News: Tariffs on Indian goods to be lowered lay e an ent LI ck e ind stay Page 12 World News: How a failing port gave China vital foothold Page 13 Business News: Rupee tumbles to 19 month low on oil Ies

  5. Data Point Slum Dwellers In India, about l 7% of the Urban Population Slum dwellers at thh In India, about 17% of the urban population live in slums. Among the major States, while Maharashtra has the largest population of slum dwellers in absolute numbers, Andhra Pradesh has the highest proportion of slum population among its urban residents SLUM POPULATION IN 2011 (IN MILLION) live in the Slums 2 6 8 10 re Among the Major States, while Maharashtra has the Largest Population of Slum dwellers in absolute numbers, Andhra Pradesh has the 30 highest proportion of Slum Population among its Urban residents. O Andhra Pradesh 35 o Chhattisgarh e ar Maharashtra k h 25 Odisha 20 Haryana 151r Punjab. Rajasthan , Karnataka 10 05 Bihar Delhi O Gujarat Manipur e Kerala 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 URBAN POPULATION IN 2011 (IN MILLION) tis that

  6. to Page 1: Army will abide by govt. peace plan at thh Minister of State for Civil Aviation said that the incidents involving unruly passengers have seen a dramatic drop ever since the govt. has announced rules for a national no-fly list. He said Before the no-fly list was brought out, there were a lot of incidents of passengers misbehaving on aircraft. But, the issuance of a whole set of regulations, the number of incidents dropped re he dramatically, People recognise now that if you compromise safety onboard an aircraft, tolerated and the consequences are going to be severe. wl not be New guidelines: e ar k h Last year, the Ministry of Civil Aviation unveiled the first-ever set of guidelines imposing a ban on flying, ranging from 3 months up to a lifetime, on passengers found guilty of misbehaving inside a plane. The Minister informed Parliament last July, over a period of 18 months since 2016 there had been 455 cases of unruly passengers on various Indian airlines. Airlines' appeal The domestic airlines in the country collectively urged the govt. for a no-fly list in the country The Minister also said the govt. was committed to disinvestment of Air India and appropriate steps would be taken depending on the market circumstances and the industry dynamics. tis

  7. want te be starting sa to Page 11 News: UDAN is transforming lives in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities at thh Civil Aviation Minister says the scheme has helped connect Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities sooner; had it * The Minister cited the govt's passenger-friendly announcements, the challenges in implementing p The Ministry has proposed a slew of measures through the draft passenger charter such as tee been left to market forces alone, it would have taken years for this to happen. its regional connectivity scheme and the road ahead for Air India he cancellation of tickets in the first 24 hours. However, the ministry believes that this is not going to result in too much fluctuation and volatility as people having genuine need to do it only will do so The govt. has added several new airports through the regional connectivity scheme (UDAN) Currently, there are 32 unserved and underserved airports added to the domestic network. It is transforming lives in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. However, there are certain challenges: k h ent . When there are airlines that start from scratch such as Air Odisha and Air Deccan, they have to start from getting planes, putting the crew, getting all the certification and all these take time d that is why they have taken longer to start operations. Additionally, there are helicopter operations under UDAN-2 most of which were awarded to Pawan Hans, which has to get the helicopters and pilots and start the routes stay . There is also tremendous demand to fly to Delhi and Mumbai, which has slot-constraint. tis

  8. to . The process of disinvestment that the govt embarked upon for Air India, didn't yield any interest among private players. However, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs is committed to Air India's disinvestment. As of now, the Air India Specific Alternative Mechanism is evaluating all possible alternatives and the best way to move forward. Appropriate steps will be taken, depending upon the market circumstances and the industry dynamics . p re he The govt, is committed to ensuring that Air India remains very competitive and that it continues to be India's leading long-haul carrier. It will strive to strengthen the airline's management, to improve its operating position and add more destinations. * Zipping through airports with a mere iris or finger scan has undergone trials. It is very close to e ar k h implementation. The govt is in consultation with the UIDAI, to ensure the consistency with respect to privacy. tis that en thec

  9. want te be starting sa UDAN(Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) is the Government's initiative to make air travel to India's tier II The idea is to put smaller cities and remote regions on the aviation map, by getting domestic airlines to Under the scheme, the Government offers incentives to airlines to flag off new flights to neglected re Arlines are required to bid for exclusive rights to fly on the regional routes opened up under the They must sell a specific number of seats on each flight at a fixed fare of 2500 for one hour of flying. and tier III cities affordable to the aam aadmi. ply more regional routes smaller cities and towns by providing Viability Gap Funding to make these operations profitable. scheme. he In the case of helicopter operations, allowed for the first time now, fares are capped at 2,500 for a 30- minute flight Central Government would provide concessions in the form of reduced excise duty, service tax, - k h ent permission to trade ASKMs for Non-RCS (UDAN) Seats and flexibility of code sharing at the RCS . State govemments will have to lower the VAT on ATF to 1% or less, besides providing security and A Regional Connectivity Fund would be created to meet the viability gap funding requirements under (UDAN) airports. fire services free of cost and electricity, water and other utilities at substantially concessional rates the scheme. The RCF levy per departure will be applied to certain domestic flights se. stay The partner State Governments (other than North Eastern States and Union Territories where contribution will be 10 %) would contribute a 20% share to this fund. tis

  10. to Page 1: U.S. postpones 2+2 dialogue with India i The much anticipated dialogue, between the defence and foreign ministers of India and the US at thh scheduled for July, has been postponed MEA said the message of postponing the talks came from the U.S. Secretary of State, even as p * MEA & U.S. Secretary of State agreed to identify new mutually convenient dates to hold the U.S. 2+2 dialogue with India, were expected to boost bilateral ease of ties in the backdrop of * The high-level dialogue was designed to address bilateral issues following a summit-level meeting Defence Minister and External Affairs Minister meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defence was Trump's ambassador to the UN, met PM Modi. he dialogues at the earliest in India or the US. growing disagreement over the Iran nuclear deal and the brewing tariff war between the two sides. between Trump and PM Modi in 2017. ent previously scheduled for April. However, the latest postponement which is also being considered ur as cancellation by some quarters comes in the backdrop of growing differences between India and the U.S, over the Iran nuclear deal stay Last week, India & France agreed to "maintain" the Iran nuclear deal that allows for global trading with Tehran The latest reports suggest that the U.S. has given a November deadline to Indian and Chinese companies that continue to trade with Iran disregarding U.S. Treasury's sanctions. tis

  11. to Page 1: Centre may scrap University Grants Commission, proposes new regulator at thh * Setting the ball rolling for major reforms in higher education, the Centre has placed in the public domain a draft Bill for a Higher Education Commission of India-aimed at replacing the UGC-for eliciting suggestions from educationists. . The draft Higher Education Commission of India (Repeal of UGC Act) Act, 2018, takes away funding powers from the proposed regulator and provides the powers to ensure academic quality re he and even close down bogus institutions There is no plan to merge all higher education regulators, as was proposed through a planned agency called HEERA, which was supposed to be put in place as a super regulator. . The present proposal, said e ar k h ent Secretary (higher education) is to replace the UGC Once this is done after the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) Bill is passed by Parliament, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the National Council u, for Teacher Education (NCTE) will also be reformed on similar lines. The new regime separates the academic and funding aspects of higher education While HECI will be in charge of ensuring academic quality in universities and colleges, the MHRD-or another mechanism that will be put in place later-will be responsible for funding universities and colleges. The Regulator will have powers to enforce compliance to the academic quality standards. tis

  12. ante "O show the boss what Moreover, non-compliance could result in fines or even a jail sentence at thh * Till now, the UGC had no such powers. All it could do was to release a list of bogus institutions and not recognise their degrees HECI is tasked with the mandate of: - Improving academic standards with specific focus on learning outcomes Evaluation of academic performance by institutions . Mentoring of institutions Training of teachers re he Promote use of educational technology, etc.+ Benefits e ar k h ent It will develop norms for setting standards for opening and closure of institutions It will provide for greater flexibility and autonomy to institutions. It would lay standards for appointments to critical leadership positions at the institutional level irrespective of university started under any law (including state list) * UGC staff would be retrained to adapt to the HECI regime stit hting es that par een

  13. to Stringent punishment at thh The minimum punishment for the offence of rape of a girl child under 16 years of age has been fixed at life imprisonment, as against the earlier provision of 20 years of rigorous imprisonment, extendable to imprisonment for the rest of the convict's life. The ordinance for fugitive economic offenders, empowers the authorities to attach and confiscate p properties and assets of economic offenders, such as loan defaulters, who flee the country he PSU disinvestment re . In another decision aimed at bridging revenue and fiscal deficits and raising funds for the cash- crunched State exchequer, the Cabinet approved disinvestment of three ailing public sector undertakings e ar k h ent Punjab Communications Limited >Punjab Finance Corporation mao of ofier to be set up under the Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation The disinvestment will be carried out by a core group of officers to be set up under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary along with a transaction adviser tis that

  14. to Page 5 South News: ICSSR's new vision: make research relevant to polioc at thh In an attempt at making research projects awarded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) move from "pure ideological research" to one that is in sync with policy* imperatives, the ICSSR has formulated a blueprint of key areas for future research A vision document: IMPRESS (Impactful Policy Research in Social Sciences), is sent to the govt. re It has also made a tentative list of themes on which it would like to support research he It is believed that social science research should focus on areas that can link research to pressing policy needs of the time. Social science is close to society and research in it would contribute to solving the problems being faced, Indian Council Of Historical Research (ICHR), awards doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships. . It also awards minor and major projects. e ar k h In future, proposals that are related to the thrust areas are more likely to pass muster, though * other proposals also can The document shared with the government identifies many thrust areas, such as: Research proposals on public private partnerships > Food security Make In India (a key policy initiative of the present government) Federalism, regionalism and its implications, eto. tis that

  15. to * Installing a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in every machine is necessary to at thh store and share images with other hospitals. > PACS has already been installed in 50 machines in the State and they are now being networked. * As part of networking the machines, a tower for dedicated connectivity has been set up at each re hospital to share the images with a central server. he * The dedicated connectivity between hospitals and the central server will be through a 2 MBPS Internet leased line. Each radiologist will be provided with a laptop with 4G connectivity to enable immediate reporting of images. ent Incentive to doctors: To incentivise doctors to report scans uploaded from other hospitals, they will be paid a certain amount, which is yet to be finalised. tis that

  16. to Page 10 News: Human rights record of Army 'above board': Rawat at thh . The Chief of the Army Staff has rejected the report by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Kashmir and said that the reports are "motivated" He also claimed that the human rights record of the Army was "above board." . PEarlier this month, in its first report on the human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the he OHCHR alleged widespread rights abuse on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC), and called . The 49-page report focussed on the situation in the State between January 2016 and April 2018 in . India rejected the report as "fallacious", and said it was overtly prejudiced and sought to build a for an international investigation into such instances which there was major escalation in violence. e ar k h ent false narrative tis that en thec

  17. want te be starting sa to Page 10 News: Haley meets PM, says ties strong . U.S. Ambassador to the UN, described meeting with PM Modi as representing two democracies. She said that the friendship of both the nation is strong, being the world's oldest and largest* at thh democracies The discussions were related to the trade, defence, regional security, and strengthening the re he partnership. The Ambassador said The freedom of religion is as important as freedom of rights and freedom of people. e ar The statement is being interpreted as a crucial part of her visit as India has drawn criticism from the U.S. for repeated instances of violence against minority communities over the past ent few years The ambassador is expected to outline the main features of India-US. ties under the Trump " administration during her tour. From the Indian side, the visit provides an opportunity to discuss issues such as the Iran nuclear deal from which the US withdrew earlier this year The ambassador has been a strong conservative voice and has drawn criticism from the liberal U.S on Palestine and Israel and other international issues. tis that

  18. Page 12 World News: Tariffs on Indian goods to be lowered at thh According to the Ministry of Finance, China will reduce or cut to zero tariffs on a total of 8,549 types of goods originating in India and four other Asian countries from July 1 The adjustment, covering products made in India, Bangladesh, Laos, South Korea and Sri Lanka, was part of the tariff concession arrangement reached under the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement. The goods include chemicals, agricultural and medical products, clothing, steel and aluminium products. re he The items from the five Asian countries will have a new tariff rate, e ar k h ent tis that en thec

  19. to Equities too fell, to a three-week low, due to losses in energy, PSU bank, media, infrastructure, in realty and metal stocks amid signs of an escalating trade war between the U.S. and other world economies Traders also opted for caution before the June expiry of derivative contracts Sector-wise: ) . Energy dropped by 2.46% p re he PSU banks fell 2.43% Media shed 2.12% Infra lost 2.04% >-Realty retreated 1.79%. Other industry groups that fell include metal 1.26%, autos 1.25%, financial services 0.86% and private banks 0.83%. e ar k h tis that en thec