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30th June 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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yes Mam please continue this course up 19 💐
CEMS work on TRIBOFLOW principle The Triboflow principle is an impact principle where a Sensor is placed in the path of the emissions which are to be monitored. As the emission particles come in contact with the Sensor, a Triboflow signal is generated which is proportional to the emissions. This principle works only for Solid particles. Since this principle is not affected by Liquid or Gas particles, it is particularly suitable for emission or stack monitoring.
Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (OCEMS) developed by Nevco Engineers Private Limited and using spectroscopy (DOAS) methodology
Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (OCEMS) is developed NEVCO ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED ,New delhi. then it is further used by central pollution control board. Principle:Utilizing open path differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) methodology, it is known for rendering ease in regulation of industrial air pollutants like NO2, SO2, ozone etc.
Online Continous Emission Monitoring System developed by CPCB.
what is CPCB
I got it . Thank you.
Central pollution control board (CPCB) developed OCEMS.
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  2. To access Searching for "jatin verma" - Daily Editorials EDUCATORS DNA - PIB Summary MCQs You can follow me Jatin Verma Mahesh Verma on Unacademy Facebook ID: jatinverma0509 unacader

  3. ant teo the LT to Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base it th Page 1: Not all Swiss bank money illegal: govt. Page 1: Monsoon covers entire country 15 days in advance Page 2 East News: Odisha signs MoU for early warning system re Page 5 Nation News: Recalcitrant industries face closure Page 8 News: Iran not just an energy supplier: Ansari Page 8 News: We want best healthcare at the lowest cost: Modi Page 9 News: Now, it's PM's word on kharif MSP Page 9 News: Arunachal may lift anti-conversion law Page 9 News: Start home delivery of rations to curb deaths Page 9 News: FATF hands 10-point plan to Pak. Page 9 News: Gadkari meets top banks to seek credit for projects Page 11 Business News: Gadkari meets top banks to seek credit for projects lay e an ent LI ck e ind stay 4 Page 11 Business News: India 'waiting and watching' Iran issue unfold before taking a decision: Pradhan Page 12 Business News: 'Need 10 Lakh cr. to raise steel output Ies

  4. to Page 1: Not all Swiss bank monev illegal: govt. at thh Finance Minister has said that the reported 50% rise in deposits by Indians in Swiss banks could not be presumed to be a case of black money parked abroad. The govt. would start getting details on bank accounts of Indians in Switzerland from next year under a bilateral tax treaty, and strong action would be instituted against anyone found guilty. p Background he The money parked by Indians in Swiss banks rose to CHF (Swiss Franc)1.01 billion (Rs. 7,000 re crore) in 2017. > The surge reversed a declining trend over 3 years amid a "clampdown" on suspected black * money stashed overseas e ar k h In comparison, the total funds held by all foreign clients of Swiss banks rose only about 3%, to CHF 1.46 trillion, about Rs. 100 lakh crore in the same period, according to data released by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) The minister stated that 40% of the deposits was the result of the liberalised remittance scheme introduced by former govt. As per the scheme, an individual could remit up to $2,50,000 per year. Almost exactly a year ago, in an address to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Mr. Modi had highlighted a record 45% drop in deposits by Indians in Swiss banks. Reacting to the reports, the Congress and other Opposition parties targeted PM Modi over his claims of retrieving black money stashed abroad. tis

  5. at thh How are you assuming this is To assume that all deposits are tax black money? Ifsomeone is found guilty, the government will take strong action against them PIYUSH GOYAL Finance Minister evaded money or that Switzerland is what it was decades ago, is to start on a shaky presumption ARUN JAITLEY Union Minister re he Modi govt. writes Major success of Finance Secy. Adhia. e ar k h ent off lakhs of crores of unpaid loans; businessmen Secret Swiss Bank accounts flee India after looting public money...this data is no surprise SITARAM YECHURY CPI(M) general secretary deposits from global | sources rose by 3% in last 12 months. Indians grew 50% SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY BJP Rajya Sabha MP tis that

  6. to Page 1: Monsoon covers entire country 15 days in advance at thh IMD said that the monsoon has covered the entire country, reaching Sriganganagar in western Rajasthan, its last outpost, a fortnight ahead of schedule. The normal date for monsoon onset in Sriganganagar is July 15. Southwest monsoon has further advanced into the remaining parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan and north Arabian Sea. The southwest monsoon has covered the entire country However, the IMD's Chief Forecaster in Pune, said the monsoon's journey across the country before time was not unusual he However, there's no linkage relationship between the speed with which the monsoon spreads out . While 2013 recorded a 6% excess rain than normal, 2015 saw a 14% rainfall deficit. The monsoon The relief from the soaring heat in north India, however, may be short-lived as monsoon activity is u, The 4-month monsoon season normally begins from June 1 and ends on September 30. across the country and the overall quantum of rainfall deficiency, which until early this week was 10%, fell to 4% expected to shift back to the Konkan coast and the Himalayan foothills. e ar k h This year, the monsoon touched down at Kerala on May 29, three days ahead of its normal onset date. It later stalled for over a week near Gujarat but made a steady advance later The bulk of the rain has been in the southern peninsula, with Kerala, Karnataka and Goa pooling in 20% more rain than normal. East and Northeast India are experiencing a 26% deficit. tis

  7. want to be startin Advance of SW Monsoon 2018 ActualNormal 15 July 29 Jun re he Delhi Jyne 10 June 15 July 29 Jun 1-2 Jun 1 July June---- e ar k h l June 25 May 20 May 10 June Arabian Sea Baty of Bengdl 5 June 29 May --es, 20 May Source: India Meteorological Deptt GRAPHICS June, 25 May tis that where few

  8. to Page 2 East News: Odisha signs MoU for early warning system at thh The Odisha govt has entered into a collaboration with the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES), a body of 48 members and collaborating countries, aimed at automating risk management, advisory generation and dissemination. kinds of disasters like flood, drought, heat wave, lightning and road accidents. > The MoU would bring a shift from 'what weather will be' to 'what weather will do' The collaborative effort would enhance early warning system for effective management of all re le . Software platforms: > Using weather and climate information, sourced from the IMD, efforts will be made to create e ar open-source software platforms and public domain data sets. > Initially, the agreement will be in force for 5 years with a cost involvement of about Rs. 8 k h crore The State govt. also signed 3 MoUs for empowering farmers . The MoU on doubling farmers' income intends to assist 2 lakh small and marginal farmers during the next three years in 9 districts. New technologies: Similarly, the State govt has also made an attempt to restore common lands and water bodies through village institutions and local federation in all districts. Another MoU intends to trigger competition among farmers to innovate new technologies to reduce drudgery tis

  9. want te be starting sa to > The CM said that all these programmes will at thh . Promote ecologically sound agricultural practices and water management. Reduce cost of production . Enhance productivity and price realisation. Promote grassroots-level innovation re he e ar k h ent tis that en thec

  10. e want tor he starti NE Hanted to show the boss what i Page-3: East: Disaster Management> Disaster Preparedness w Odisha signs MoU for early warning systemm Collaborative effort with RIMES to enhance effective management of all kinds of disasters RISK MANAGEMENT Subbiah for RIMES weathe signed an MoU in the pre weathe The Odisha government sence of Chief Minister Na mation on Friday entered into a veen Patnaik here collaboration with the Re he collaborative effort Preparedness partm gional Integrated Mult d enhance early b Hazard Early Warning Sys warning system for effec open-s tem (RIMES), a body of 48 tive management of platfor members and collaborat kinds of disasters lk main d Prediction and early warning ing countries, aimed atau flood, drought, heat wave Initialprevention Disaster tomating risk manage- ment, advisory generation and dissemination. lightning and road acci. dents, said Mr. Sethi. Protection Bishnupada Sethi, Od Software platforms isha State Disaster Man He said the MoU would ment agement Authority m bring a shift from what said Mi naging director, and A.R. Recovery weather will be' to 'what The Reconstruction assessment Recovery Response CRISIS MANAGEMENT wh ink . still lighting

  11. want te be starting sa . In a letter issued in April, the CPCB directs SPCB/PCC (pollution control committee) to issue closure directions under the Water and Air pollution control Acts, to industries falling under 17 category of industries, if found operating without OCEMS . The industries that require OCEMS include: Distilleries (including fermentation industry) re he Fertiliser Pulp& paper (paper manufacturing with or without pulping) > Pharmaceuticals Dyes and dye-intermediates Pesticides e ar k h ent > Tanneries Thermal power plants Iron and steel, zinc, copper and aluminium smelters. tis that en thec