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13th june 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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Jatin Verma
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Sir your analysis is very good. But, please try to do DNA in english or else use english more so that I can understand more effectively.
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  1. for Monday-game forward chester United So Gn look forward to it reWARMING GLOBAL Daily News Analysis from THE HINDU Indian express, Tol Livemint for 13th June, 2018 Walcott hs top start sea Ba he sit Parliamentary Committees i Paris Deal Judicial Over-re pho reven CAG Slams Govt s t vo months e ga day, but had be Act East Policy sanded thy many also a purp also Legislative Adventurism ateDaily News Analysis been no stact austrial Productiol that it hax witten to for o months receinch ance n financial crisis a pu Meldown Is there a need for Stimulus China's Belt & Road By Jatin Verma

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  4. Important News Articles (Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base) th Page 1: Trump-Kim meet ends with promise Page 1: T.N. Transplant Authority is transparent: Minister Page 12 News: Transplant Authority is transparent' te Page 1: RBI blames PNB board for fraud Page 12 News: RBI blames PNB board for fraud Page 9 Nation: Monsoon to take a break Page 9 Nation: Curb cash donation to parties to 22,000 a person annually Page 12 News: Low recoveries of NPAs: RBI data Page 12 News: Sushma stopped PM from signing pact in U.K. Page 12 News: Aircel-Maxis: ED questions Chidambaram Page 13 News: Age well: attitudes matter in a greying world Page 13 News: India's BRI stand lost in translation Page 14 World: Trump's vow to end war drills with Seoul stuns region Page 14 World: U.K. told to release Blue Star papers lag ay rigtht. ar eve

  5. Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e th Page 15 Business: CPI inflation quickens to 4-month high Page 15 Business: RBI finds no evidence of destocking by companies despite note ban, GST Page 15 Business: SEBI panel to study option of direct overseas listings Page 15 Business: April industrial output expands at 4.86% pace Page 16 Business: India set to miss key target for Japan-backed bullet train project lag nt ay rigtht. ar eve

  6. want to be starting Page 1: Trump-Kim meet ends with promise . U.S. President said North Korean leader pledged at summit to move towards complete at th denuclearisation, while the U.S. promised its old foe security guarantees .The start of negotiations, aimed at banishing what U.S. described as North Korea's "very substantial" nuclear arsenal, could have far-reaching ramifications for the region, and in one of the et surprises of the day, U.S. said they would stop military exercises with old ally South Korea. he No specifics las Both the countries gave few other specifics in a joint statement signed at the end of their summit in Singapore, and several analysts cast doubt on how effective the agreement would prove to be in the long run at getting North Korea to give up its cherished nuclear weapons k h se ent U.S. President committed to provide security guarantees to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Chairman reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula . U.S. Secretary of State and North Korean officials would hold follow-up negotiations at the earliest ind stay possible date Despite North Korea was destroying a major missile engine-testing site, U.S. sanctions on North Korea would stay in place for now es that

  7. want to be starting Page 1: T.N. Transplant Authority is transparent: Minister at th . Denying any foul play in transplant of hearts and lungs from cadavers in foreign patients in Tamil Nadu, Health Minister informed the Assembly that heart transplants were offered by hospitals to foreigners only after going through the wait list of all Indian patients registered in the system. Concern in Assemblv e Minister's response came after Opposition legislators raised the issue of protocols being re hesubverted in organ transplants. las The report highlighted that the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) had raised concerms about organs being given to foreigners, bypassing Indian patients on the wait list. .Minister assured that even the slightest accusation will be inquired into. The Transplant Authority se ent of Tamil Nadu is very transparent. They are working on ways to improve the transparency Earlier the decision was taken to do away with the 'supra-urgent' category that is a red alert issued in case a patient is in need of a heart transplant in two to three days. They have ensured that all organ transplants are done as per seniority on the wait list as claimed by Minister ind . The Director of Medical Services (DMS) would (examine and) "understand" the circumstances in which Indian patients could not get hearts for transplantation in certain cases in private hospitals. Small sample The conclusion cannot be drawn from a very small clutch that is mentioned in the report. At every stage, it goes for a self-corrective measure under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act.

  8. want to be starting Page 12 News: Transplant Authority is transparent . When an organ was donated, many medical factors had to be taken into account. at th The age, size of the heart, blood group, blood group compatibility are important for transplantation. . Transplantation of heart should be done within six hours of harvesting it. Else it will be wasted If "decline' messages for the organs from the respective doctors is recieved within the State followed by regional-level and national-level due to non-compatibility, foreign patients will be hechecked for suitability While 90% to 93% of donated kidneys and livers are utilised, only 37% of hearts and 25% of lungs are utilised. The remaining are discarded due to various medical reasons Denying that the wealth of patients determined the organ allocation process, the Minister said 45 poor patients had received aid under the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme for transplants e an k h se ent Salem incident The DMS and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Transplantation of Human Organs Act, were conducting an inquiry into allegations that organs were retrieved from an accident victim without the consent of the family from Kerala at a private hospital in Salem ind es that

  9. want to be starting Page 1: RBI blames PNB board for fraud at th Blaming the board of directors of the Punjab National Bank for the embezzlement of over 213,000 crore by jeweller Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, the Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday, in a written reply to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, said all "three lines of defence" built in the banking system failed in this case. RBI Governor deposed in front of the panel re he Adequately warned las The central bank said all financial institutions were adequatelv warned about dealing with Letters of Undertaking (LoUs), the primary tool of embezzlement by Nirav Modi. .The RBI said it was the primary responsibility of the PNB board to understand the risks in issue of k h LoUs without collateral and to manage them through controls ent Each bank should have three lines of defence: V First, the officer sanctioning the loan V Second, at the managerial level; and V Third, the internal audit In the case of PNB, there seems to have been failure of all the three lines of defence. ind stay es that

  10. want to be starting Page 12 News: RBI blames PNB board for fraud . The RBI told the panel that its supervisory process does not constitute an audit of banks. at th With the number of commercial bank branches being more than 1,16,000 in the country it would be impossible to cover each and every branch under the RBI's supervisory process. PNB is accused of submitting a factually incorrect compliance report with regard to LoUs RBI does not have regulatory powers over public sector banks (PSBs) which have the greater share he of non-performing assets. As on December 31 last year PSBs had NPAs worth 7,77,280 crore las while the private sector banks had NPAs worth 21,07,796 crore .The main constraint was that public sector banks are "corporations" and not a "banking company" e an so they do not come directly under the ambit of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 The central bank has asked for nine additional powers with regard to the public sector banks including the ability to "remove the Chairman and Managing Director and appoint them. k h se ent . It also wants powers to grant and impose conditions on licences . The RBI wants a say in appointment of managerial positions, including the power to supersede the ind Board of Directors and make application for winding up the errant banks. Parliamentarians questioned RBI Governor on the recent reports of ATMs running low on cash and the big question of exactly how much currency returned to the banking system after demonetisatiorn. RBI Govemor insisted that steps taken to bring down the non-performing assets are bearing fruit and the NPAs are going down.

  11. want to be starting : Page 9 Nation: Curb cash donation to parties to 2,000 a person annually. at th A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to direct the government to take appropriate steps to restrict cash donations to political parties and candidates to 22,000 a person annually. . The petitioner has asked the court to direct the Election Commission of India to "de-register political parties which do not contest elections or which accept donation in cash of more than 72,000 per person a year, or accept total donation of either more than 10 crore or more than 10% heof total donation in cash, whichever is less, by using its plenary constitutional power. las The petition contended that the injury caused to the public because of election finance and political funding is unregulated ngenious Ways k h ."Hence, excess use of cash, particularly black money, damages both the equal playing field in the ent spirit of Article 14 (right to equality) and democratic ideal of free and fair elections in the spirit of Articles 19 and 324 of the Constitution," the petition said . It said candidates and political parties have devised ingenious ways to disguise the illegitimate sources and expenditure of money by holding community feasts, organising birthday parties and weddings, giving costly gifts, or even "topping-up mobile phones "Money is sometimes transferred through cash packets slipped in newspapers, through rural moneylenders and pawnbrokers or by organising 'fake aartis'," the petition said

  12. want to be starting Page 12 News: Sushma stopped PM from signing pact in U.K. .A last-minute intervention by External Affairs Minister was responsible for ensuring that Prime at th Minister did not sign a key agreement on taking back illegal immigrants when he visited the U.K. .The decision by the government to pull out of the agreement just three months after Minister of State for Home had signed a memorandum of understanding on the return of illegal immigrants has ? e led to growing tensions between Britain and India. eThe pending issue was raised by U.K. officials during the Home Affairs dialogue, said a statement las by the British High Commission, and was also raised by visiting British Minister On May 30, UK and Indian government officials held constructive talks on a range of home affairs issues, including returms. e an k h se ent .They continue to discuss finalising an MoU on returns and hope that this will be ratified and implemented as soon as possible . The agreement would "pave the way for a quicker and more efficient process for documenting and u returning Indian nationals who are in the U.K. illegally" The MoU was signed in January by Minister of State for Home after due approval from the Union Cabinet and going back on the "sovereign assurance" had put India in an embarrassing position. Ahead of P.M.'s visit to the U.K. (April 17-20), an Extenal Affairs Ministry had flagged the returns agreements as a key outcome. However on April 18, the agreement was not among the 25 MoUs and agreements signed after the meeting between Indian PM and his counterpart. ind .

  13. want to be starting Page 12 News: Aircel-Maxis: ED questions Chidambaram at th . The Enforcement Directorate again questioned former Finance Minister in connection with the money laundering probe into the Aircel-Maxis deal Former Finance Minister reached the directorate's office. His statement was recorded under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act on issues related to the clearance given to foreign investments In Aircel p he las k h ent ind stay esthat

  14. want to be starting Page 13 News: Age well: attitudes matter in a greving world at th A growing body of research and global data collected and analysed that shows a strong connection between how we view old age and how well we age. Individuals with a positive attitude towards old * age are likely to live longer and in better health than those with a negative attitude. Older people in countries with low levels of respect for the elderly are at risk for worse mental and re physical health and higher levels of poverty compared with others in their country. A shift in heattitude, the research shows, could improve a lot. las Healthy ageing is increasingly important: countries everywhere outside Africa are rapidly growing older e an .If population trends continue, by 2050 nearly one out of five people in the world will be over 65, k h se ent and close to half a billion will be older than 80. Smaller, young populations will have to care for large, older populations with increasingly expensive health care needs A World Health Organization analysis found that 60% of people surveyed across 57 countries had negative views of old age. Older people are often viewed as less competent and less able than younger people. They are considered a burden on society and their families, rather than being recognised for their valuable knowledge, wisdom and experience. Orb Media compiled data from over 1,50,000 people in 101 countries to learn about their levels of respect for older people. Pakistan was among the countries that scored the highest ind stay

  15. want to be starting The attitude towards ageing is a much healthier embrace of the ageing process, rather than having * t th all of your notions of well-being and attractiveness and self-worth being tied so closely to youth . Japan, with the world's longest lifespans and low birth rates, is at the leading edge of this global demographic shift. There Orb found low levels of respect for the elderly Japanese people are starting to realise that elderly people need support so they all go through it, so p should support each other. re he Broad implications las It turns out that one's attitude towards ageing has broad implications. A Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health in the United States, has been fascinated by the power of age stereotypes for decades. She started her work in the 1990s with a hunch. If older people are respected in society, perhaps that improves their self-image k h ent . That may in turn actually influence their physiology and that may influence their health .Those with positive views about old age live longer and age better. They are less likely to be depressed or anxious, and they show increased well-being and recover more quickly from disability. . They also are less likely to develop dementia and the markers of Alzheimer's disease ind stay In one study, it was found that Americans with more positive views on ageing who were tracked sover decades lived 7.5 vears longer than those with negative views. Studies in Germany and Australia have found similar results

  16. want to be starting Page 13 News: India's BRI stand lost in translation (contd.) at th Ministry had contacted the SCO and had the faulty version of the document deleted from the website It was an unofficial translation that should not have been there in the first place The SCO secretariat did not clarify when it might upload the corrected version Uil Tuesday evening, the MEA website, which records all bilateral and multilateral documents hesigned by the government, had not uploaded any version of the SCO Qingdao declaration k h esthat t is e ne the

  17. want to be starting Page 14 World: Trump's vow to end war drills with S eoul stuns region (contd, at th U.S. forces in South Korea said it has "received no updated guidance on the execution or cessation of training exercises" and will continue to coordinate with South Korean partners and maintain the current posture until it receives an updated guidance from the Department of Defense or the Indo- Pacific Command North Korea regularly calls the military exercises provocative preparations for a northward tie invasion, and many of the scariest standoffs in recent years on the Korean Peninsula have happened las when the drills were being staged North Korea also insists that the U.S. troop presence in the South, as well as its nuclear "umbrella" over allies Seoul and Tokyo, are part of America's "hostile" policy toward the North U.S. will be stopping the war games, which will save tremendous amount of money unless and until they see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. k h ind stay es that t is e ne the

  18. want to be starting Page 14 World: U.K. told to release Blue Star papers at th .The British government has a month to appeal a decision by a U.K. information tribunal requiring it to declassify a number of documents relating to British involvement in the run-up to the 1984 Operation Blue Star Campaigners in Britain said they hoped the judgment would strengthen calls from the U.K. Sikh e community for a public inquiry into the U.K.'s role in the operation he judgment upheld an appeal by a freedom of information campaigner relating to three of four files which the U.K. government has resisted declassifying, requiring these to be published by July 2018 las .The Cabinet Office is obliged under Section 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to disclose certain parts of the files, the judgment said. It rejected the government's use of exemptions relating to national security, international relations and personal information ent . Judge acknowledged the ongoing "sensitivities" on the issue of Operation Blue Star, and how the un activities of Sikh separatists continue to represent a "potential existential threat to the State of India" as well as the "continuing reverence with which the Gandhi family are seen by many". He also acknowledged the "importance of India in the world and of our relationship with it". However, he noted how documents that were released in error in 2014 had not triggered an adverse reaction from India, rejecting the British government's contention that the release of information would damage bilateral relations

  19. want to be starting Page 15 Business: RBI finds no evidence of destocking by companies despite note ban, GST t th Despite demonetisation and implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), there was no evidence that listed private sector manufacturing firms have de-stocked or liquidated their inventories, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said In the report, analysing the performance of listed non-government, non-financial firms the RBI said these firms posted a turnaround in 2016-17 mainly due to the improved performance of the re the manufacturing sector, even as losses incurred by the companies in the services sector (other than in las information technology) operated as a drag on the aggregate performance. The turnaround has extended into 2017-18. While the first quarter of the previous financial year saw contraction in operating profits for the corporate sector due to moderation in sales growth coupled with increase in expenditure, performance revived in the second quarter due to moderatiorn n input costs k h ent Demand pick-up . Demand conditions in the manufacturing sector further picked up in Q3:2017-18 as evidenced from the sales growth and this improvement was not attributable to favourable base effects. In spite of the transitory shocks imposed by demonetisation and GST, there was no evidence of de- stocking and liquidation of inventory by the listed manufacturing companies .

  20. want to be starting : Page 15 Business: April industrial output expands at 4.86% pace t th Industrial activity expanded by 4.86% in April, driven in large part due by a surge in the manufacturing and mining sectors . The growth in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) in April followed March's 4.58% reading k: The mining and quarrying sector saw growth quicken to 5.06%, fom 3.05% in March, while the manufacturing sector's growth accelerated to 5.2%, from 4.67% in the month of may It is the manufacturing growth that shows promise and if it is backed by some investment growth, particularly from the private sector, then this could be sustainable Capital goods growth, which could be seen as an indirect indicator of private sector investment, grew 13%. If this picks up, then the growth in the IIP could be more sustainable. re las k h Base effect ent The current reading is stronger" due to a favourable base effect . While the infrastructure construction sector saw growth slowing to 7.51%, from 8.92% in March, the consumer goods category saw a more drastic slowdown: growth eased to 5.75%, from March's 8.86% ind stay es that

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