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19th June 2018 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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Massnnesting of Olive Ridley Turtles

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1:d, 2:c, 3:b, 4:a solution of h.w. 1.
The Panchsheel are a set of principles to govern relations between states. Their first formal codification in treaty form was in an agreement between China and India in 1954. They were enunciated in the preamble to the "Agreement (with exchange of notes) on trade and intercourse between Tibet Region of China and India", which was signed at Peking on 28 April 1954. This agreement stated the five principles as: Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty. Mutual non-aggression. Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Equality and cooperation for mutual benefit. Peaceful co-existence. The contemporary 5-C approach (Communication, Cooperation, Contacts, Coordination, and Control) for bettering India-China ties does not differ much in spirit, when compared to the traditional approach. However, in view of a new realities of current times, it places greater emphasis on 'communication' and use of 'contacts' while resolving differences, while underlying tenet still being mutual coordination and cooperation.
Chilka lake at the mouth of the Daya River flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Rushikulya River - left tributaries- Baghua, Dhanei, Badanadi right tributaries- Ghodahada Gahirmatha beach - dhamra river mouth in the North and Brahmani river in the south
“Five Principles of Peaceful Existence” or The Panchsheel is a joint statement issued Between the chinese premier Zohu enlai and Indian Prime minister jawahar lal nehru in the year 1954. Panchsheel is a framework of basic tenets of engagement between the two sovereign countries. The five principles are as follows: Mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Mutual non-aggression. Mutual non-interference in internal matters. Equality and mutual benefit Peaceful co-existence The contemporary 5-C approach (Communication, Cooperation, Contacts, Coordination, and Control) is not very much different from the traditional approach. But due to changing geo-politics the relation between china and India can be improved by better coordination and cooperation with regular meeting among its leaders at different levels so that interest of both the neighbours can be maintained easily.
Principles of Panchsheel agreement- Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty. Mutual non-aggression. Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Equality and cooperation for mutual benefit. Peaceful co-existence.
Rushikulya right bank tributary-Ghodahada Left bank tributaries-Baghua,Dhanei,Badanadi
  1. Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base tth Data Point Page 1: HC questions AAP's sit-in at L-G's office Page 1: Chinese envoy for trilateral with India, Pak. re Page 2: PM's role sought for settling food account Page 6 Nation: Second-phase nesting leaves a stench at Rushikulya Page 7 Nation: Paper setters to receive training Page 7 Nation: Flood warning: govt. teams up with Google Page 7 Nation: Visva-Bharati to set up yoga village Page 10 News: Anti-terror ops resume in Kashmir Page 11 News: Arab group wants India on board in Yemen Page 11 News: Road map laid for India-U.S. meet Page 11 News: India, Italy agree to revitalise bilateral ties Page 11 News: Mallya diverted *3,700 cr. to F1, IPL Page 11 News: Envoy lists steps to boost ties Page 12 World: Exclusion of Indian students from visa reform amounts to self-harm Page 12 world: Singapore financier acted as a conduit for U.S.-N, Korea talks lag nt ay

  2. Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base tth Page 12 World: Trump defends policy Page 13 Business: Jaitley against cut in tax on fuels Page 13 Business: Govt. to set up fifth national data centre re Page 13 Business: RBI alters 'relative' definition to check outward remittances Page 13 Business: Bank credit rises 3.4% in December quarter Page 14 Business: Mills cut sugar exports as local prices rally lag nt ay

  3. want teo he starting Page 1: HC questions AAP's sit-in at L-G's office at thh The Delhi High Court questioned Chief Minister whether his sit-in or 'dharna' at the Lieutenant Governor's office was authorised by the L-G, saying such a strike could not be inside someone's office or residence. "If it is a strike or dharna, it has to be somewhere else. This can't be called a strike. You cannot go p inside someone's office or house and hold a strike," a Vacation Bench remarked he The Bench was dealing with three different petitions: V One seeking to declare the sit-in by CM and his Cabinet colleagues unconstitutional and illegal, V The other to end the alleged 'informal strike' by IAS officers, and v another by opposition leader against the Delhi government's sit-in. . The Bench did not pass any direction but made party in the case members of the IAS Officers e ar k h ent Association of the AGMUT (also known as Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram and Union Territories) cadre who said that they were not on strike The leaders were not preventing or blocking any official work inside the L-G's office, and IAS officers accepted that they are not attending meetings called by the Ministers The Central government claimed that the IAS officers were not on strike and urged the Bench to direct AAP leaders to vacate the Lieutenant-Governor's office tis en thec

  4. want teo he starting Page 1: Chinese envov for trilateral with India, Pak. . The Chinese Ambassador to India said that India should join a "trilateral" mechanism with China at thh and Pakistan, suggesting the idea for a trilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) . Security cooperation is one of the three pillars of the SCO. China, India and Pakistan have trilateral cooperation under the SCO he.The Ministry of External Affairs dismissed the startling statement, calling it his personal opinion. MEA said that matters related to India-Pakistan relations are purely bilateral in nature and have no scope for involvement of any third country Envoy lists steps to boost ties: "5 C" approach China's Ambassador to India suggested a "5 C" approach to bettering India-China ties with more "communication, cooperation, contacts, coordination, and control (and management of differences)" Reducing Trade Deficit: There are challenges involved in reducing the $50 billion plus trade deficit, given the low interest by Indian companies in doing business in China Only four Indian companies had registered to take part in the upcoming China International Import Expo in Shanghai. e ar k h ent tis

  5. want teo he starting at thh Page 11 News: More sugar rice imports . As a result of PM's visit to Wuhan to meet with Chinese President, the two sides had taken steps to reduce the trade deficit China will import more sugar, non-Basmati rice and high-quality medicines from India to reduce . trade imbalance. he A new bilateral target has been set for S100 billion by 2022. India agreed to facilitate the re establishment of Bank of China branch in Mumbai China had proposed that India should join a "trilateral" mechanism with China and Pakistan, on the e ar k h ent sidelines of the SCO. Indian policy is to resolve its problems with Pakistan in a bilateral format, one must see that China would not be an unbiased partner in such a dialogue given its ties with Pakistan pun tis that

  6. want teo he starting Page 2: PM's role sought for settling food account at thh Punab Chief Minister sought the intervention of Prime Minister in the settlement of 31,000 crore food account for procurement of wheat and paddy, which he said was wrongly taken over by the previous government instead of being adjusted between the State and the Union governments. 31,000 crore The R3 1,000 crore included 12,000 crore principal and 19,000 crore interest amount," the CM said, pointing out that the sum was on account of non-adjustment of accounts for procurement done by the State agencies for the Food Corporation of India from 2003-2004 onwards. The State was already facing an annual interest payment liability of Rs.324 crore and the total pay- * off might touch 565,000 crore, which was totally untenable for the State le. he e ar k h ent Special package . The Chief Minister also raised the demand for a special package for the development of the border areas of Puniab in view of the fact that the State has an active International Border with several thickly populated areas located close to it Debt waiver Raising the problems being faced by farmers in the State, CM presented a request for a national debt waiver scheme, besides making the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana 100% centrally funded tis

  7. want teo he starting Page 6 Nation: Second-phase nesting leaves a stench at Rushikulya at thh Remnants of eggs from second-phase mass nesting of olive ridleys at Odisha's Rushikulya rookery has made the coast a stinking, polluted place. Fishermen are facing the stench problem this year because of the unique recurrence of mass nesting of olive ridleys. Thousands of decomposing remnants of turtle eggs can be seen strewn on the coast between Podampeta and Gokharkuda, the region where mass nesting had recurred. Olive ridley eggs incubate on their own by the heat of the sand under which they are buried. Hatchlings come out in 45 to 50 days and the covering of the eggs decompose and mix with sand. he . Vagaries of nature .This year, the olive ridleys nested twice at Rushikulya coast - the first time in February when it e ar k h ent the regular mass nesting period, and the second time in April from 18th to 22nd. .In the second phase, around 37,000 mother olive ridleys laid eggs at the beach. This untimely u second-phase mass nesting faced vagaries of nature like eroding sea waves which could not be stopped by using sand bags. A large number of olive ridley nests were exposed and damaged by the waves. These eggs have started to decompose now and the stench emanating is driving tourists away from the beach. . The summer sun and saline water of the sea will gradually decompose the remnants of the eggs and the beach will become free from the debris which will mix up with the sand. tis

  8. want teo he starting waHanted to sho WEST BENGA L INDIA re ORISSA Srass Gahirmatha Beach e ar k h Chilika Konark Devi River Mouth Puri Rushikulva River Mouth Physical Altitude Scale 1350 m 900 600 300 150 0 sea level 75 300 ANDHRA PRADESH m meters tis that where fe

  9. want teo he starting -to Page 7 Nation: Paper setters to receive training .The National Testing Agency, which is being set up to relieve the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of the burden of conducting multiple examinations, will also train paper setters to set better question papers and provide better model answers. There is no system for paper-setter training till now; HRD ministry will introduce it as part of the National Testing Agency's mandate . t" NTA to conduct exams: The agency's mandate as envisaged by the Ministry of Human Resource Development is to put in place a robust system for the conduct of examinations The National Testing Agency is expected to conduct some of the examinations that the CBSE has been conducting till now Eventually, the new body will take over all examinations from the CBSE, except the 10th and 12th nt board examinations Among the examinations that will be transferred to the NTA are the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to engineering colleges like the IITs and NITs and the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to all medical colleges in the country, except AlIMS and JIPMER, Puducherry LI nd .The creation of NTA was approved by the Union Cabinet chaired by the PM in November 2 After a one-time grant of 25 crore to the NTA, it is supposed to become financially self- sustainable

  10. tth Back to Plus GS Mains Paper-3 through 250 expected Questions & Answers rc lag Jatin Verma 251k followers nt In this course, Jatin Verma will comprehensively cover entire topics of General Studies-11. The objective of this course is to enable learners for handling questions on any topic in GS Mains Paper- 3 through Questions-Answer based approach. The course will be conducted in English and the notes will also be provided in English ay

  11. want teo he starting Page 7 Nation: Flood warning: govt. teams up with Google[GSM-3: Technology & Disaster Mgtl at thh With the monsoon under way, Union Water Resources Ministry has teamed up with Google to If there are signs of an imminent flood, a Google Maps user will be able to see what regions are PCurrently, the Central Water Commission (CWC) warns of floods based on the rising water generate flood warnings. likely to see water logging first and if their neighbourhood is under threat. re helevels in reservoirs and if these are nearing a dam's 'danger marks.' Last year, it began a trial programme to give 3-day flood forecasts. The India Meteorological Department now provides inputs to the CWC on whether heavy rainfall is likely and if this could translate into large amounts of rain water overflowing from river banks or catchments. Provide visul alisation e ar ent .Google will provide a visualisation Via Google Maps, we will now be able to see water levels build u up in a region CWC and Google will share technical expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, geospatial mapping and analysis of hydrological observation data to improve flood prediction systems, provide location-targeted, actionable flood warnings and Google Earth Engine will help to visualise and improve flood management and initiate a cultural project to build online exhibitions on the "Rivers of India". tis

  12. want teo he starting Page 7 Nation: Flood warning: govt. teams up with Google (contd.) Free of cost . An experimental version of the exercise will likely begin this monsoon and will be offered "free of cost" as part of the company's "Corporate Social Responsibility." The collaborative arrangement is likely to result in savings of crores of rupees. e ar k h that

  13. want teo he starting LT at thh Page 10 News: Anti-terror ops resume in Kashmir |GSM-3: Securit . The Chief of the Army Staff, landed in Kashmir to review the security situation, a day after the Union government called off the month-long ceasefire. As full-fledged operations resumed, Army sources said that they expected progress in the coming davs as information started flowing in. re he.Now information will start flowing in as people are available. Police will also start getting inputs. Army is expecting good operations in the coming days Sacrifice not in vain' . The Chief of the Army Staff visited the valley and forward areas, and also visited slain rifleman's e ar k h ent ,village. Union Home Minister announced that the government had decided not to extend the suspension ofBU operations in J&K and operations against terrorists would resume . The ceasefire was announced for a month from May 17 to coincide with the holy month of Ramzan. One of the first operations since the ceasefire was called off was in Bandipora district. The Army had started an operation in the area on June 9 but had suspended it subsequently. Two terrorists were killed in the operation. tis that en thec

  14. want teo he starting The Ambassador pointed out that the UAE was not yet offering a military role to India in the at thh ongoing operatiorn India can help by extending diplomatic support to the Hodeidah operation on the international platforms. The campaign is in accordance with the resolutions of the UN and invitation from the legitimate government of Yemen. Context: Yemen's port of Hodeidah was under the control of the Houthi rebels who are hebelieved to be drawing support from Iran. The Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, claims that the Iranian military has used the port to supply the Houthis with weapons and ammunition Houthis have been supporting pirates in the western Indian Ocean region The campaign will ultimately help Indian maritime goals as the Houthis used the port for facilitating the piracy network in the western Indian Ocean region that is vital for India's energy security The Arab coalition has already sent a large amount of relief material, including rice and food parcels sourced from India, and that the countries remains open to allowing it a broader role in resolving the regional conflict. India's diplomatic support solicited: The Arab coalition also includes non-Arab partners and we have remained open to granting a role to India to support in diplomacy for peace in the Gulf. . e ar k h ent . tis

  15. want teo he starting Page 11 News: Road map laid for India-U.S. meet (contd. at thh COMCASA and BECA are the two foundational agreements that India is yet to sign. It has already: signed the General Security Of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) and the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). The most significant of them is LEMOA, which gives both nations access to each other's military facilities. But it does not make it automatic or obligatory he. The U.S. has been engaging India since 2002 on the foundational agreements, but successive governments have been wary of giving in to the U.S. demands. Sale of drones e ar The COMCASA will facilitate transfer of encrypted communications systems. The agreements are a key requirement by Washington for sharing high-tech military hardware, especially armed drones which the U.S. is willing to supply to India. . Sale of armed drones is high on the agenda of the 2+2 dialogue. .New Delhi has shed its traditional reluctance and has been open to COMCASA, with both sides holding several rounds of discussions in recent times. There have been widespread expectations that a broad understanding could be reached ahead of the 2+2 dialogue. However, India had concerns on some of the clauses and the language, which both sides would attempt to address in the discussions. tis

  16. want teo he starting LT 3 As part of improving high tech cooperation, India and the U.S. announced the ambitious Defence t Technology and Trade Initiative and India was designated a major defence partner. But it has not made any progress he e ar k h that en thec

  17. want teo he starting Page 11 News: India, Italy agree to revitalise bilateral ties. IGSM -2: International Relations] at thh India and Italy agreed to boost cooperation in counter-terrorism and cybersecurity as External Affairs Minister met the top Italian leadership and discussed steps to revitalise bilateral ties In the engagement of the day External Affairs Minister called on Italian Prime Minister and their discussions were focussed on forging bilateral cooperation across sectors. I as the first major political exchange between the two countries. External Affairs Minister "conveyed felicitations of the Government of India to the newly elected Government of Italy, and reiterated India's desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Italy. Both the countries exchanged their views on regional and global issues of mutual interest. Recognising the need to sustain the momentum generated by the visit of former Italian Prime Minister, the Ministers emphasised the importance of promoting regular high-level contacts and bilateral dialogue mechanisms. he . e ar k h ent JCEC meet in India To augment collaboration in areas of mutual benefit, the Ministers agreed to hold the next meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation (JCEC) in India. Italy's participation is welcomed as a partner country at the Tech Summit in India in November 2018 which would boost cooperation in technology and innovation. The year also marks the 70th year of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries tis

  18. want teo he starting Page 12 World: Exclusion of Indian students from visa reform amounts to self-harm' at thh Britain's decision to exclude India from reform of its international student visa application process has been widely condemned in Britain, including by the Labour Party. It an "act of self-harm" that threatened to push even more Indian students away from British universities The Home Office decision to exclude Indian students from the new immigration rules was a missed opportunity. There is a sharp decline in Indian student numbers from 60,322 in September 2010 to 14,081 in 2017. This was a period during which the number of Indian students studying in America and Canada rose re he e ar k h ent India Week' summit . The controversy comes ahead of an 'India Week' summit, which senior politicians from both countries as well as industry figures are expected to attend . The summit is expected to focus on post-Brexit opportunities to build the bilateral relationship as Britain prepares to leave the EU customs union British Home Secretary announced that doctors and nurses would no longer be included in an annual cap on Tier 2 (general) visas, in what was seen as a positive move for bilateral relations, as many Indian doctors had been previously caught up in visa restrictions. tis

  19. want teo he starting Page 12 World: Exclusion of Indian students from visa reform amounts to self-harm (contd. India Week' summit * Relaxation was formally presented to Parliament, the government also announced the extension of a at thh programme under which students from certain countries could provide reduced documentation when applying for Tier 4 student visas. The list of countries included China, Bahrain, Indonesia, and the Maldives, but not India re There are some parts of government that want to be outward looking in the Brexit process and there is the Home Office that is discharged with ensuring a restrictive visa regime. he. e ar k h ent tis that

  20. tsn ran reut ll so 9 grc nia n t t dn beo tih efa 2 i ti eni a ndes ra gfs ceon eer 5 aie egelk adi is b tt at a phdn e il d t che,a odee ahn fet! ris li n nop el aee aad iao chran der co eo il dou, des , a c r o e h p 2erh I nh e htoue r. c r. rasta dcrn

  21. want teo he starting Page 13 Business: Jaitlev against cut in tax on fuels . Reducing taxes on fuel could push India towards "unmanageable debt" at thh Increased tax compliance could reduce the country's dependence on the revenue earned from taxes on fuel Alluding to former Finance Minister's remark that the government can reduce the tax on petrol by 25 a litre, FM said this was a "trap." heAnother distinguished predecessor of mine had stated that the tax on oil should be cut by 25 per litre. This is a 'trap' suggestion. It is intended to push India into an unmanageable debt. The economy and the markets reward structural reforms, fiscal prudence and macro-economic e ar k h ent stability. Tax compliance is still a problem in India, Mr. Jaitley added, saying better compliance would reduce the dependence on tax collections from petroleum products. The tragedy of the honest taxpayer is that he not only pays his own share of taxes but also has to our compensate for the evader," FM said FM's earnest appeal to political leaders and opinion makers is that the full and complete suggestion would be that evasion in the non-oil tax category must be stopped and, if people pay their taxes honestly, the high dependence on oil products for taxation eventually comes down tis that

  22. want teo he starting Page 13 Business: Jaitlev against cut in tax on fuels (contd. States earn more' FM also pointed out that States charged ad valorem taxes on oil, and so, if oil prices rise, the States at th earned more As far as the non-oil taxes are concerned, we are still far from being a tax-complaint society. Salaried employees is one category of tax-compliant assessees. Most other sections still have to he improve their track record. The effort for the next few years has to be to replicate the last four years and improve India's tax-to- GDP ratio by another 1.5% The increase must come from the non-oil segment since there is scope for improvement. On employment, FM said several job-creating sectors such as construction, infrastructure and rural projects had started growing strongly. An analysis of the data released clearly shows that the construction sector is expanding by double our digits. e ar k h ent . It is a job-creating sector. Investment is increasing. Domestic investment is also increasing. The FDI is at an unprecedented level. We are spending huge amounts on infrastructure creation. tis that

  23. want teo he starting Page 13 Business: Govt. to set up fifth national data centre . The Centre will set up the country's biggest data centre in Bhopal with a capacity to host five lakh at thh virtual servers The data centre, which will take about two years to come up, will be set up by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MetY) . rEThis will be the fifth National Data Centre after the ones at Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Hyderabad and ePne. These National Data Centres host government websites, services and applications. India's digital ecosystem has got a momentum of its own and this process is going to be irreversible. As far as data privacy is concerned, the data must be protected, and India should become a good centre of data analysis. Any attempt to influence India's elections in a covert or overt manner by abuse of data will not be tolerated. People can campaign on social networking sites, but misuse and abuse of data is not acceptable e ar k h ent .The government planned to expand its BPO promotion scheme to one lakh seats from the "current 48,000 seats." stay .Under the initiative, which had an outlay of 493 crore, 91 BPOs had been set up in small towns and rural areas till novw tis

  24. want teo he starting LT Page 13 Business: Govt. to set up fifth national data centre (contd.) 121 cr. Aadhaar issued .On Aadhaar, the Minister said that while only 61 crore Aadhaar numbers had been generated up to at thh 2014. The numbers had jumped to more than 121 crore as on June 2018. Asked about the government's action plan in case the Supreme Court's decision was not in favour . e of Aadhaar, the Minister said, he.The question is hypothetical, the judgment [in the case] is reserved but I believe our Aadhaar team lawyers have argued it with proof, and Aadhaar has already established its benefits for the public e ar k h ent tis that

  25. want teo he starting Page 13 Business: RBI alters 'relative' definition to check outward remittances at thh RBI has introduced a system for daily reporting of individual transactions under the LRS by banks Relatively stricter Funds under the 'close relatives' category can now be sent only to kin such as parents, spouses, children and their spouses. Earlier, the term had multifarious interpretations This enables banks to view he remittances already made by an Outward Maintenance of remittances* close relatives Year individual during the fiscal, thus improving monitoring and FY14 e ar k h ent ensuring compliance. Since the system uses the Permanent Account Number of the remitter to aggregate remitter-wise data, the central bank has made furnishing of PAN mandatory for such transactions 1,093.9 FY151,325.8 FY164,642.6 FY17 8,170.7 FY18 11,333.6 173.9 174.4 1,372.1 2,169.5 2,937.4 ind stay All figures in Smillion Source: RB * Under LRS that

  26. want teo he starting Page 13 Business: Bank credit rises 3.4% in December quarter .. Bank credit grew 3.4% on a sequential basis in the December 2017 quarter, helped by better at thh performance by private sector banks and an uptick in industrial credit after two successive quarters of declines, according to the Reserve Bank data. At the end of the December quarter, bank credit stood at 780.62 trillion compared with 77.95 re lion in the September 2017 quarter as per the RBI data he Industrial credit Significantly, industrial credit growth turned positive after moderating for two successive quarters the data showed. . The growth was broad-based across all population groups and for all major occupations, the RBlI e ar k h ent said Among bank groups, private sector banks continued to maintain double-digit annual expansion in their loan portfolio and led the overall credit growth. Private banks, credit offtake grew 4.88% in the reporting quarter, while public sector banks' loans- rose much lower by 2.96% Credit to the household sector recorded sustained growth and its share in total credit stood at 47.3%. . . The weighted average lending rate moderated by 18 bps during the quarter and stood at 10.44% at end December. tis that en thec