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23rd June 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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Plastics and Common citizens' duty

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In  February 2017, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched the Clean Seas campaign in Indonesia with the aim of engaging governments, the public, and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic litter. The campaign seeks to address the root causes of marine plastic litter through a three-phased strategy over five years (2017-2021). The campaign’s key assets are its global reach; its unified voice, which can bring national movements under a single umbrella; and its collection of engaging materials, which are available in multiple languages. Objectives: The Clean Seas campaign aims to ban single-use plastics and microbeads within five years. It will do this by working with Governments to support action, with the private sector to change their business practices, and with citizens to call for action on this issue. Extent of problem: Each year, people around the world produce nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic and a similar amount of plastic waste. Of that, as much as 13 million tonnes find its way into our oceans. The flow of pollution means detritus such as drinks bottles and flip-flops -- as well as tiny plastic fragments, including microbeads used in cosmetics -- are concentrating in the oceans and washing up on the most remote shorelines, from deserted Pacific islets to the Arctic Circle. Studies say humans have already dumped billions of tonnes of plastic, and are adding it to the ocean at a rate of eight million tonnes a year. Harmful effects: The plastic wreaks havoc on our fisheries, marine ecosystems and economies, costing up to $13 billion per year in environmental damage. As well as endangering fish, birds and other creatures who mistake it for food or become entangled in it, plastic waste has also entered the human food chain with health consequences  Current development: In a major collaboration to make the oceans litter-free, four more countries -- Chile, Oman, Sri Lanka and South Africa -- joined UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign by committing measures that include plastic bag bans, new marine reserves and drives to increase recycling. Forty countries are now part of the campaign.  
The UN Clean Seas campaign was launched in February 2017. The campaign aims to engage governments, the general public, civil society , private sector in the fight against marine plastic by reducing the use of non-recoverable and single-use plastics. It addresses the root-cause of marine litter. thank you sir
The Clean Seas Campaign was launched in January 2017. It aims to increase global awareness of the need to reduce marine litter. The need for measures differs in different parts of the world. Proper waste management infrastructure is lacking in some areas, while in others the challenge involves the general public's awareness of the impact litter has on the environment
Sir, I am very thankful for your great Videos that had helped me to do well in my UPSC prelims exam. You were always a great motivator and definitely an amazing teacher. I wish all good in your UPSC exam and thereafter your career. As a loyal student of you from Kerala, I would like to request you to please do your videos in English as you were doing them earlier. As I am from South India, I have difficulties in understanding Hindi well and it takes me a lot of time to understand your teachings and thereafter make notes. Sir, please consider people like me who had depended immensely on your teachings and explanations but are not fluent in Hindi. Hopefully, I make this request. Always thankful to you Sir. All my prayers and wishes. Many Thanks, Aashish.
Jatin Verma
a year ago
i will surely try to do english DNA in July
UNEP launched the 'Clean Seas' programme in February 2017 to fight marine plastic litter with the help of governments, civil society and citizens. According to the Clean Seas campaign at least 8 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean each year. This has had a severe impact on aquatic life, found to be literally dying due to ingestion. The environment ministry's focus during this year's event was on curbing single-use plastic that is used on a daily basis across the country. According to official data, about 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every year in India and of this, only 60 per cent is recycled.
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  3. helo Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base) tth Page 1+8: 42 more Indians detained in U.S Page 1+8: Vohra urges parties to ensure peace in Kashmir Page 5 Nation: States' claim on fighting plastic only strong on paper Page 5 Nation: ED seeks fugitive tag for Vijay Mallya he " Page 5 Nation: Kharif crop sowing slows down as monsoon stalls lag Page 5 Nation: Cannot share Aadhaar data for crime probe Page 8 News: No mercy for stone throwers Page 9 News: Seychelles stalls project for Indian naval base Page 9 News: South Korean President to visit India in July Page 9 News: Air India goes upmarket with its premium classes Page 9 News: Probe dealings of bank linked to Shah Page 9 News: Italy won't deport Agusta 'middleman' Page 10 World: EU slaps retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products Page 11 Business: SAT to SEBI: reappraise RIL's NW18 buy Page 11 Business: Oil rises after OPEC agrees to lift output Page 11 Business: Current bond yield level not justified Page 11 Business: Genuine decisions being questioned: IBA nt ay

  4. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-5 Nation: States' claim on fighting plastic only strong on paper. .While Maharashtra may be gearing up for a stringent ban on plastic, experience from across the country suggests that States' claims on reigning in plastic are stronger on paper than on the ground According to the Centre's Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, all States have to y hav pho e nually apprise the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on the steps taken to reign in plastic use, whether a ban is in force, and the strength and performance of a recycler and waste- processing network. The latest such report - as of July 2016-notes that only 24 States and Union Territories have complied with these directions. Most States, while claiming a ban, qualify it by saying that the ban is imposed in specific towns or cities. Or that it is focussed on particular categories of plastic. For eg. Assam's performance report states that while there is a "complete ban" on plastic carry bags in Kamrup, Sonitpur, Nalbari, Dibrugarh, it allows the import of substandard plastic carry bags layer or us hink h causel erent a pu rk and t sta

  5. want te be starti .In Gujarat, the estimated plastic waste generation is approximately 2,69,294 tonnes per annum and there are nearly 689 plastic waste recyclers, all of them registered. But only Gandhinagar the capital city but with less than 4% of neighbouring Ahmedabad's population-has an "explicit" ban on the use of plastic carry bags. Delhi, which reportedly generates the largest quantity of plastic waste in the country, has not provided information on its plastic management initiatives to the CPCB. The law requires that all plastic waste recyclers register themselves but there were around ' re he 312 unregistered plastic manufacturing/recycling units in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jammu & . It is observed that most of the States/UTs have not set-up proper monitoring system for use of .It has been observed that those States/UTs, who have imposed complete ban on use and sale of ' Besides, substandard carry bags (<50 micron) are used widely in other States/UTs, violating Kashmir, Jharkhand, Manipur, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. carry bags as per the specified guidelines. plastic carry bags, the plastic bags are stocked, sold and used indiscriminately e an ent un PWM Rules, 2016. India generates an estimated 32 million metric tonnes of packaging waste each year, of which plastic waste constitutes 16%. But only 60% of the collected plastic waste is recycled. ksa

  6. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Single-use plastics Around 43% ofmanufactured plastics are used for packaging, most of it "single-use". plastic. .The manpower requirements and enforcement challenges are enormous. Kerala and Sikkim are the States with the most creditable plastic waste management policies. Sikkim has a system ofbuying back plastic from consumers . y hav pho So far, not a single one of the 24 States that e report their plastic waste management reve performance have plans in place to tackle single use plastics. Independent experts say that while Maharashtra's initiative is laudable, it still hinges on extremely efficient enforcement. "Maharashtra has increased its collection centres in the last three months but the problem remains_what alternatives exist to single use plastics?" said Swati Sambyal who works on waste management policy at slay You can help PREVENT THIS! or us hink h erent a pur rk and the Centre for Science and Environment.

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  8. anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Efforts: India hosted the World Environment Day with the theme 'Beat Plastic Pollution In connection with this globally observed day, many nations have pledged to ban the use of single-use plastics, from straws to earbuds India alone generates about 4354 tonnes of plastic waste every day. The country announced that the country will phase out single-use plastics by 2022. Prime Minister Modi signed on to the UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign. The UN General Assembly has designated June 5 as the World Environment Day to commemorate the opening of the Stockholm Conference on Human Development. Annual celebrations on World Environment Day began in 1974. y hav phe ne g reve layer n hink h cause h erent a pu rk and

  9. want teo he starting -to Page 5 Nation: ED seeks fugitive tag for Vijay Mallya The Enforcement Directorate (ED) filed an application with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court to declare Vijay Mallya a fugitive economic offender and sought orders to confiscate all his properties, estimated to be worth about R 12,500 crore. Fresh warrants This is the first case under the newly promulgated Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance. The I agency filed two separate complaints registered under the PMLA for investigation of money lag laundering against Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. (KAL), United Breweries Holdings Ltd. and others .The court has taken cognisance of both cases and issued fresh non-bailable warrants against Mallya. . The ED said in a release, "The extradition hearings against Mr. Mallya conducted before the nt bo Westminster Court, London, are almost complete." The release added that instances were noticed where in Mr. Mallya alienated his assets by disposing of properties held in the name of companies indirectly controlled by him, and also by receiving funds outside India in a deal with Diageo Plc (an MNC manufacturing liquor) " nd Intentionally withhelo The details were intentionally withheld from the banks, and later, some assets were alienated. Attempts were made to obfuscate banks from enforcing guarantees. The fraudulent activities were undertaken from the start of the loan being availed.

  10. want teo he starting Page 5 Nation: ED seeks fugitive tag for Vijay Mallya (contd.) at thh .There was a conspiracy by Mallya and the officials of KAL and others to project and have 'Brand Value' accepted as collateral security in spite of it being a "hypothetical asset" and suffering from deficiencies They also deliberately avoided s g the valuation report by another brand valuer. The ED has identified and attached properties held by Mallya through a maze of companies he indirectly controlled by him via his employees and ex-employees, and "dummy directors". Several instances of siphoning and diversion of funds by KAL were noted. The agency also stated that, initially, properties worth 807.82 crore (having a market value of . e ar k h ent 1,411 crore at the time of attachment) were provisionally attached. This was confirmed by the adjudicating authority. Another provisional attachment order was issued for attaching properties worth 4,234 crore, which had a market value of 6,629 crore at the time of their attachment. oun tis that

  11. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th imp Figures indicate the percentage deviation of rainfall from its normal levels between 1 June and 14 July for each meteorological subdivision in the country Jarmmu and y hav Himachal Pradesh 3 Assam and Arunachal Pradesh Haryana ChandigarhPub pho he g layer Sub-Himalayan West Bengal reve West 48 Raasthan East 10 East Uttar Pradesh 25 Bhar East 35 Nagaland Mizoram regionMahya Pradest -52 Saurashtra ONH Kutch Diu Manipurar or us hink h cause h Tripura idatha Chhattisgarh Odisha Bay of Bengal Central Maharashtra 25 Tekrgana thou Konkan region Goa North interior Karnat ka 32 28 a pur Coastal Karnataka 10 South Andhra Pradesh Arabian Seaintece Karnataka2 rk and t sta Puduchemy Adamin and Lakshadweep Kerada Islands DNH.Dadra and Nagar Have IMD follows a Thursday-Wednesday cycle for its weekly monsoon updates ch esthat

  12. anted to show the boss whatcE imp s bnat th y hav pho reve he g layer or us hink h cause h a pu rk and