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29th June 2018 Part-4: Daily News Analysis
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MSP delay and Kharif season

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Jatin Verma
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sir in last example iota is present in form of i^0 =1 and we can write e^-π/2 x i^0 then why it's not eular form ? :/
sir, please if possible try to do DNA in English.
Sir plzz again explain KHARIF SOWING ON.??
  1. to Page 13 Business News: Engineering goods exporters hit by rupee vovo at thh Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) chairman said that the import intensity in engineering exports is increasing and hence the fluctuation of the rupee in a very short period, creates pricing complications for engineering goods exporters. Engineering exports, which account for more than 25% of the country's total merchandise export, stood at $76.20 bn in 2017-18 against S65.23 bn in 2016-17. re >The U.S. is among the biggest markets for Indian engineering exports. . Engineering Export Promotion Council stated that: There should be stability in rupee movements so that it is possible for exporters to price their contracts with some amount of certainty e ar k h ent Engineering exporters work on long term contracts and MSMEs do not have the wherewithal for forward contracts. Analysts believe that the increasing crude oil prices and heightening trade tensions between the u U.S. and China are the main reasons behind the rupee weakening. A major sell-off in the domestic equity and debt markets has also added downward pressure on the Indian currency Mitigating forex risk: > Meanwhile, the volatile rupee is spelling doom for the automotive and auto components . sectors too. tis that

  2. want te be starting sa Analysts further state that the Prices of products for the domestic market needs to be revised from time to time to mitigate forex risk. At the same time, the exports will fetch more money, but the exports are a small part of the overall business. A stable and stronger rupee is more important. It is believed that auto component players with significant exports, should see improvement in 8 their margins if they have not hedged their receivables and the import density is not high. he e ar k h that en thec

  3. want te be startin to Page 2 East News: Mizoram Assembly opposes Bill at thh . The Mizoram Assembly has unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The Bll, introduced in the Lok Sabha to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955, proposes to make p illegal migrants of six communities, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, eligible te for Indian citizenship after six years of residence in the country The resolution, moved by State Home Minister, impressed upon the Centre that the Bill, if enacted, would be harmful to States like Mizoram where a large number of illegal Buddhist migrants fromS Bangladesh reside >He said the Bill, seeking to make illegal immigrants eligible for Indian citizenship on the basis . e ar k h ent of religion, was against the principles of secularism and "amounted to patronage of some religions tis that

  4. to Page 7 Nation News: Rising temperature to cut living standards . As per the World Bank, 600 million Indians could see a dip in living standards by 2050, if at thh temperatures continue to rise at their current pace. As per the World Bank Report . 7 out of the 10 severest/most vulnerable 'hotspots' in India would be located in Maharashtra. reThe rest would be in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. the absence of a major climate mitigation, nearly 148 million Indians will be living in these severe hotspots in 2050. States in the central, northern and northwestern parts of India emerge as the most vulnerable. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, which are predicted to experience a decline in living standards of more than 9%, are the top two 'hot spot' States in India, followed by Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra e ar un . India's average annual temperatures are expected to rise by 1 C to 2oC by 2050, even if preventive measures are taken along the lines of those recommended by the Paris climate change stay agreement of 2015 . If no measures are taken, average temperatures in India are predicted to increase by 1.5 C to 3 C tis that

  5. to . Economists at the World Bank correlated these climate projections with household consumption at thh data (a proxy for living standards) in Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and extrapolated it to 2050. Using publicly available climate models that project how rising temperatures will affect rainfall and seasons, the researchers concluded that if emissions continued at the current pace, India could see a 1.5% decline in its GDP by 2030 re he . However, were some corrective actions to be takenlike India concertedly implementing its National Action Plan on Climate Change and States implementing their domestic climate change mitigation plans-this uld be halted to 1.3%. e ar k h ent tis that

  6. want te be starting sa to Page 10 News: Parliament must overturn SC ruling at thh The National Scheduled Castes Alliance (NSCA) of Punjab has urged the Central govt. to overturn the recent decision of the Supreme Court to ban automatic arrest and registration of criminal cases in complaints under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 . reThe alliance has also asked the Union govt to call for a special session of Parliament regarding the issue NSCA president said that a memorandum with regard to this demand has been forwarded to PM. >There is a tense atmosphere in the Scheduled Caste community at the moment. e ar k h ent People are losing their confidence in the government. >NSCA president said that the SC/ST Act, 1989, should be inducted into the 9th Schedule of ou the Constitution to prevent further dilutions of the Act. tis that

  7. Page 10 News: Floods delay release of NRC draft at thh National Register of Citizens (NRC) State coordinator has said that the final draft of Assam's NRC will not be released on June 30 as scheduled, owing to the heavy floods in the Barak Valley . A petion was filed in the Supreme Court, seeking more time to prepare the draft. The apex court has fixed the date of hearing on July 2 The NRC is being updated under the Supreme Court supervision to weed out illegal he immigrants . Meanwhile, security across the State has been stepped up ahead of the publication of the draft to prevent any untoward incident. e ar . Chief Minister said that the names of all "genuine Indians" would be incorporated in the list. The 1st NRC draft was released on January 1, in which the names of 1.9 crore of the 3.29 crore k h applicants were included. * Assam, which faced an influx of people from Bangladesh since the early 20th century, is the onlyu State with an NRC, which was first prepared in 1951 tis that

  8. to Page 11 News: Old Vs. New: How Different is the proposed Higher Education Commision from UGC? Financial and academic powers Action on bogus institutions Disputes UGC HECI UGC can be terminated for contravention of shut down sub-standard institutions to universities for violations of its UGC: It disburses grants to Central institutions out of its Affiliations of colleges to universities funds wl be empowered to penalise oseo any dispute between foademict ucc is mandated its regulations. It can withhold grants without affecting students interests. If the Centre promote and coordinate the management of the institution does and the UGC university education and t determine and maintn regulations. It occasionally publishes not comply with the penalties, they can on policy, standards of teaching, examination and research ists of bogus institutions HECI: No power to give grants Academic: It will specify standards for grant of authorisation to a university Has a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and the Centre prevails HECI The Centre prevails land in jail for up to three years Composition UGC HECI It shall comprise a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and 12 members to ent Regular staff UGC or higher educational bo 10 members appointed by the Central government, some ex-officio membersbe appointed by the Centre, including The UGC and some from academia, industry. Chairman's retirement age is 65 years industry institution to commence its academic operations Inspection UGC educationists and a member of the appoints its own staff. . Chairman's retirement age is The present To assess financiahineis on term 5 years, two terms permitted 70, will hold office for five years staff will be re-trained to work on fully dards of teaching in an term 5 years, two terms permitted institution, UGC conducts periodic inspections HECI HECI The HECI will digital mode have its ownwithout regular staff physical files No inspections. HECI will prescribe norms on academic performance by higher educational institutions at HECI

  9. want te be startin to Page 11 News: Kharif sowing on, but no word on MSPs at th The monsoon has arrived in northern India and is expected to cover the whole country in the next few days, but farmers are still waiting for the announcement of the minimum support prices (MSP) for major crops. p The govt had promised that this year the MSPs would be set at least 50% higher than production. re s, but without a clear announcement on actual prices ahead of the monsoon, agrarian experts say farmers have been left in the lurch > As of June 22,115.9 lakh hectares had already been sown. e ar . Onus on States: The govt. is also considering 3 NITI Aayog proposals which could shift some of ent the burden of enforcing MSPs to the States and even private agencies. Despite widespread expectations within and outside the government, MSPs were not on the * Several States have expressed reservations about the viability of the proposals. NITI Aayog was MSPs for 23 major crops are announced at the beginning of sowing season, which for the kharif agenda of the Union Cabinet. still holding consultations with a group of farmers on the possibility of procurement by traders (summer) season is signalled by the onset of the monsoon. Accordingly, the announcement is usually made in the first two weeks of June tis that

  10. want te be startin Farmers disadvantage d: Political parties and agricultural experts say the delay could prove costly for farmers * Farmers tend to shift to crops that come with higher MSPs to ensure their sustenance * Noting that while farmers have been producing bumper crops, they have been unable to get MSP rates. re he The President of the Swarai Abhiyan said: . The government is facing political difficulties as it has promised an MSP hike without any substantial increase in budget outflow. e ar k h ent . The crops like cotton and ragi were likely to see a major hike in MSP, while even a modest increase in paddy MSP could result in large outflows. tis that en thec

  11. to Page 12 World News: U.K. defends use of controversial rule at thh Britain's Home Office has defended its treatment of highly skilled workers-many from India who were denied the right to settle in Britain because of changes made to their tax submissions, using a controversial anti-terror rule Britain had concluded the first stage of a review of the use of 322 (5), used to deny settlement re rts to those deemed a criminal or a security risk, following a public campaign by highly skilled* workers from across the subcontinent. Paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules is one of the "general grounds for refusal". It states that applications for leave to remain should normally be refused where it would be undesirable for a e ar k h ent person to remain in the UK in light of their conduct, character or associations. * Cruel tactics: During a debate in Parliament earlier this month, MPs accused the govt of using "cruel", "inappropriate", and "heavy handed" tactics over its use of Immigration rule 322 (5) to" prevent over 1,000 highly skilled migrantsincluding doctors, lawyers, IT technicians, and engineers, many from India - from settling in the U.K., and threatening them with deportation . However, in her letter, Ms. Nokes insisted that in the cases reviewed to date, the applicants had not been refused on the grounds that they had made errors in their tax returns. She said the refusal was because the applicants had either reported "exaggerated" earnings to the Home Office or because tis they under-reported their earnings totax authorities to evade" dues. 13