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Types of Evaluation l (in Hindi)
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done and nice lession mam
sir aapne ye phle b bhut aache se krvaea huea h...hume aate b h...or notes b bna rhke h......and again thank you so much sir👍👍👍👍
thank you sir keep it up your doing a great job for us really,may god bless you every thing
formative evaluation or formative assessment hai ye plz clear kariye
sir previous years se questions ayega kya please bataye
sir iske mcqs bhi de dijiye kis type se puche ja rhe h

  2. Process of Evaluation (9 Steps) Step 1. Define Purpose & Scope Step 2. Specify Evaluation Question Step 3. Specify Evaluation Design Step 4. Create Data Collection Action Plan Planning Step 5. Data Collectionn Step 6. Data analysis Implementation Step 7. Finding data Inference Siep Diseisate Information Step dhck for improeme Feedback

  3. PURPOSE OF EVALUATION Swanson state seven purposes for evaluation: >To assess a set of goals, a programme plan, or a design prior to implementation To determine whether and how l goals or performance expectation are being fulfilled > To determine specific reasons for success and failure. To uncover principles underlying a successful programme To explore technique for increasing programme effectiveness To established a foundation of further research on the reason for the relative success of alternative technique and To improve the means employed for attaining objectives or to redefine sub goals or goals in view of research findings


  5. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Regular and ContinuousMental, emotional and physical aspects of the student's progress i.e. all round development activities conducted throughout the year to achieve all round Variety of tools and techniques are used to assess and evaluate the student's progress of the student development

  6. FORMATIVE EVALUATION . Definition: Evaluation taken at varying interval throughout a course to provide information and feedback that will help improve the quality of student learning and the quality of the course itself. Goal: To monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning Example: Asking students to submit i or 2 sentences identifying the main point of a lecture.

  7. Characteristics of Formative evaluation It is an integral part of learning process. It occurs frequently during the course of instruction Its results are made immediately known to the learners. It may sometimes take teacher's observation only It reinforces learning of the students.

  8. DEFINITION Summative evaluation Determining the extent to which a student has achieved the course objectives end of instructiorn most traditional ways of evaluating student - Can occur during a term as well as at the Summative assessment methods are the work.

  9. Summative Evaluation Phases Determine Goals Select Orientation Select Design Design/Select Evaluation Measure Collect Data Analyze Data Report Results

  10. Formative - Assessment FOR Learnin Summative - Assessment OF Learning Measures a few things frequently Measures many things infrequently Identifies which students have learned a skill and which have not so that those who have not can be given additional instruction Attempts to determine if students have learned and met intended standards by a specified deadline Provides students with input on how to improve Provides useful information regarding strengths and weaknesses of curricula and programs in a district or school Can inform teachers individually and collectively of the effectiveness of their practice Promotes institutional accountability