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Research Aptitude Practice Session 5 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

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hr vedio ki starting me itna kuj extra mtt boliye sir plz itna time nhi hota h......AK motivational vedio alg se bna dijiye na
stupendous sirji. ......5/5....
sir lessons mei bhaut background noise h disturbance....please check
  1. 1. Which of the following is not an important step in the test construction? Estimation of reliability Estimation of validity . Development of norms . Coefficient of Variability

  2. 2. Which of the following statement is not true? . A. A research proposal is a document that presents a plan for a project . B. A research proposal shows that the researcher is capable of successfully conducting the proposed research project unplanned project report and written before the research project . C. A research proposal is an unorganized and . D. A research proposal is just like a research

  3. 3. A list of questions which is handed over to the respondent, who reads the questions and records the answers himself is known as the: Schedule . Questionnaire . Interview guide . All of the given options

  4. 4. After identifying the important variables and establishing the logical reasoning in theoretical framework, the next step in the research process IS A. To conduct surveys . B. To generate the hypothesis . . To focus group discussions . D. To use experiments in an investigation

  5. 5. Which is the odd one out? In-depth interviews place a lot of responsibility on " ensuring that all the issues are covered in great ' preventing the participant from drifting onto dealing with the emotions of the participant. the interviewer in terms of: detail, other topics. the questioning process.