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Teaching Aptitude Practice Session 9 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

Unacademy user
nice sirji.......6/7......
helpful in revision... thanks a lot
repeated question
Akamsha Gangwal
a year ago
dear sir revise kara rahe h repeat tho honge taki hume yad rahe
  1. 1. The best reason because of which a teacher can command respect from his students is if . (A) He follows innovative practices in the . (B) He dictates notes to the class . (D) He does not give home assignment class (C) He reads and explains the text-book

  2. 2. In order to develop a good rapport with students, a teacher should (select the most important activity)- (A) Love his students . (B) Be friendly with all . (C) Pay individual attention (D) Communicate well

  3. 3. Which of the following statements is not true? (A) Acquisition of 'life-skills' is part of maturation (B) Acquisition of 'life-skills' is part of social proces . (C) 'Life-skills' are directly moulded (D) 'Life-skills' are learnt

  4. 4. How would you prefer to address a student who has not completed his home-work? (A) When are you going to complete it? . (B) You did not do it. Try it (C) Why did you not complete it? . (D) You better ignore it now

  5. 5. Schools should be concerned with the development of child, which should include- . (A) Acquisition of knowledge by the child . (B) Acquisition of life-skills by the child (C) Acquisition of skills required by the nation . (D) Acquisition of skills required by a healthy person

  6. 6. The main purpose of 'Parent-Teacher-Association (A) Keep students in check/control . (C) Share understanding of the problems faced by . (D) Involve parents for improvement of school (PTA)' in any school is to- (B) Collect additional funds for remedial teaching school functioning

  7. 7. One basic difference between traditional schools and open learning schools is that- . (A) The former are systematic (B) The latter do not cultivate cultural values (C) The latter use modern gadgets .(D) The former carry personal touch